Trolly Hot Topic – Canada’s governments attacking freedom of expression and conscience.

Ever since Canadians elected Justin Trudeau Prime Minister, things have turned for the worse when it comes if you have a differing opinion than his opinion. Whether it is his Liberal leader counterpart in Ontario, Kathleen Wynne, who has made it illegal to protest abortion near an abortion clinic – an offence so massive that any individual who shows the objection near an abortion clinic can be fined up to $10,000 and face a year in prison. What a fantastic country to live. Oh, and Trudeau backing her up on the abortion front. His recent decision to make the Summer Jobs Grant available to only ‘Pro-choice’ organisations, those pesky Pro-lifers can go up shit’s creek because there will be no federal funding for them. Not to mention how the Liberals and the New Democratic Party refused to allow a Pro-life woman chair the Status of Women committee. In Trudeau’s Canada, you need to belong to the new state religion, Feminism! If you are not an intersectional feminist, following Critical theory, recognising that some groups oppress other groups, especially if you are a white cis-gendered English speaking white male, then you are not a Canadian, especially if you are evil personified, a white heterosexual cis-gendered English speaking man.

Recently Trudeau’s newest group of identitarians that Trudeau loves, Muslims, are calling for tougher Hate Speech laws. It started with M-103, though that was just a declaration and didn’t have any teeth, stating that Muslims are a protected group now. But organisations want to reaffirm Article 13 in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, to prevent hate speech online. Again, we have a Prime Minister who wants to virtue signal so much, that he allows laws that would prevent people from publically being Pro-life and Anti-Abortion, is thinking about re-introducing something that can prevent people from being openly concerned about the Islamic Religion.

A few days ago, at work, I was talking to a new friend while I was making boxes for the sausage line. I told him how the Pew Research Center says that 7 percent of Muslims think terror attacks are either sometimes or often justified, and his eyes bugged out. Yup, as long as I say that not all Muslims are dangerous, I should be fine, and 93 percent of Muslims are probably fine, upstanding citizens. But those evil 7-percents are okay seeing us killed. And those 7 percent would love for Article 13 to be reenacted, to prevent my ‘hate speech’ of stating the obvious, Islam as a religion is dangerous.

So let’s look at how this all could be possible. Cran Campbell is a man who is continually being lied about online about being a Nazi. Of all things, right, something many of us get ridiculed about that for particular political allegiances, like being a regular in the New Right Movement for instance. He’s getting it too. So he would like to have the ability to stop this kind of nonsense because authorities are doing nothing to help him. So, he’s asking the government to reimplement an Internet hate speech that could give him some leverage to bring those idiots to justice – not understanding that the surer we make anything, the more harm it brings to our society as a whole.

I’ve read enough of the Thoughts of Blaise Pascal, and I am going to offer my review of the book sometime this week. On the whole justice thing, we know that we are finite and flawed. Any kind of justice we create is imperfect. So to implement laws that would guarantee protection for someone is always at the expense of innocent people that the ruling shouldn’t apply too. The more we punish the guilty, the more we harm the innocent. And if he has his way, and the government will not do this just for him, but because PM JT has a mission the ladies and for Islam, we will suffer as he takes those hate speech laws to continue to prevent specific speech online. When will he use this rule to say no person can express their opposition of abortion online because that is hate speech against women. Afterall, he made sure you won’t see any money if you oppose abortion if you want to hire some students for summer jobs with the Summer Jobs Grant.

And the fact that Islamic advocates want this law reenacted as well, because ‘hate groups’ are out to get them. I bet Omar Mouallem would consider me a ‘far-right’ Nazi for writing a blog that says that 7 percent of Muslims consider terrorist attacks sometimes or often justified. And JT will all too happy to ‘fight the good fight’ on Omar’s behalf. So in PM JT’s Canada, you must be pro-Islam, or you could see a jail. Are these the actions of a person who believes in liberalism? I can’t express my concerns that those 7 percent should never step foot in Canada, and that we fight this menace with every weapon in our arsenal – both society and militarily, with the inclusion of our friends and armaments against our enemies. This crazy hippy guy named Jesus said to love your neighbour as you love yourself and to sell your cloak and buy a sword – maybe we should listen to all those wise words.

The conversations we need to have in regards to Islam can’t happen if people constantly conflate concern about the 7 percent with racism and bigotry, which the left always does. With people like Anita Sarkeesian continually trying to convince people that Muslim’s aren’t wicked with her cherry-picked examples. She is one of the worst social critics on the Internet, and yet she has managed to make more money in a few drives than I will make in 15 years of working at the plant. She only entertains one argument, and that everything in the west is wrong, because everything is sexist, everything is racist, and everything is homophobic. So we shouldn’t listen to her for international advice, even if she does talk to the UN, complaining that the UN should censor free speech on the Internet because people say she sucks and is wrong. Well, Anita, you may get your wish in Canada after a while. You can have me thrown in prison for saying 7 percent of Muslims are dangerous and you’re a moron.

I can’t believe how much Canada has changed for the worse with Trudeau and Wynne. This country is becoming such a shithole country compared to the US, because the feminist czars are coming out more and more, to reduce our freedoms. With purity tests for Summer Jobs Grants and jail time for protesting abortion clinics, you must be a Feminist or else. I am glad for world leaders like President Trump say he is not a feminist, he is for everybody. But that’s sexist because if you maintain all genders matter, it’s like saying ‘All Lives Matter’, which is racist. I wonder when people are going to go ballistic on him saying that. Well, I agree with President Trump, I’m not a Feminist either, I am for everybody, not just one group of people.

Thanks for reading and have a great day guys.

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Trolly’s Year in Review 2017 – the war against Political Correctness

Last year, there were huge events that transformed my thinking and feelings about our culture. Everything from Islam and it’s fun-filled rampage all over Europe this summer, to James T. Hodgkinson shooting up a Republican baseball practice. Not to mention Liberals trying to prevent anybody with a pro-life stance from expressing their views on anything related to “Women’s issues” or Abortion clinics. All of this while the most outrageous Internet drama was occurring, from Anita Sarkeesian calling Sargon of Akkad human garbage, the #MeToo movement hitting Hollywood and places of power, and the infamous shitshow that is the Google Manifesto which cost James Damore his job. Not to mention how what happened with Lindsay Shepard and Wilfrid Laurier University, and how Feminists tried to prevent The Red Pill from showing in Australia because it ‘promoted rape culture’. 2017 was a fucking awe-inspiring year!

Islam is one of the significant issues facing our culture, it’s one that is almost as controversial as the abortion debate that I thought was over, but last year rose it’s head once again. Within a few weeks of this year, Alexander Bissonette decided to take matters in his own hands and proceeded to attack a mosque in Quebec, murdering six people and seriously wounding five others is a tremendous crime. The fact he was mocking them, shouting out Allah Akkabar as he gunned people down shows his mental state. I’m concerned about Islamic Immigration, but there is a difference between my concerns, and the inherent hatred you see in Alexander. Alexander was lead astray by a media that doesn’t want us to discuss the problems we have with Islam, and that drove him to this conflict that shouldn’t have happened.


But the mere six people Alexander Bissonette killed was nothing compared to what we saw in Europe this year. That summer, almost every other week, I was writing about some new attack. As a chronicler, archivist, researcher, and writer – people murdered, whether it is the six people Alexander killed or the 22 people who were slain by Salman Ramadan Abedi, it becomes a difficult task. I remember that story; it hit hard. When I heard an 8-year old girl named Saffie Rose Roussos, who wanted to see Ariana Grande in concert, was killed in the blast, it hit home. And Abedi was just some confused young man who wondered if going to be accepted into heaven because he thought he was ‘too western’ to be loved by God, so he killed himself and 21 other people ‘ensuring’ God would accept him into heaven. Islam has a long way to go before it can integrate into our culture. I hate covering these events, because of the reactions of people.

And not two weeks later, I was writing about London Bridges. Yes, I did a bit of a parody on that, making fun of Bill Nye’s new ‘science’ show, Bill Nye saves the world, but I also wanted to talk about what happened in London that day. Another eight people were murdered by people who shouted out, This is for Allah after they used a Truck of Peace to charge onto bridges, and they proceeded to cut people down with machetes. But those attacks are part and parcel of living in a big city unless that city is Tokyo.

I can remember 5 Islamic Terror attacks in the news last summer, and according to the Religion of, 2035 Islamic Attacks happened in 61 countries, which killed 15700 people and injured 14302 more IN 2017. Islamic people are so busy, fighting off ‘western oppression’, in the words of politically correct people like Linda Sarsour, trying to purify their culture from our influence, as they murder other Muslims in Islamic Majority countries and also fighting us directly. How do they operate so many attacks? Maybe it’s idiot politicians like Prime Minister JT giving over $40 million to 4 different Muslim men, including Omar Khadr.

Of all the stories that pissed me off about Trudeau last year, it was this. Poor Omar Khadr, who killed an American Soldier with a grenade (though brainwashed leftists think it was the grenade fairy), needed to be paid $10.5 million settlement because he got sent to Gitmo. Not that I agreed with Gitmo – it was a travesty – but a public acknowledgement, and maybe $1-2 million settlement, because of that how much the average person makes during their lifetime, but not $10.5 million. With a sister who defended the 9/11 attack, who may belong to Al Qaeda, who also married Joshua Boyle for a year, oh – Joshua has been accused of 15 crimes, including sexual assault, drugging people against their wills, and unlawful confinement. I feel the Islamic enrichment right now. Daddy was Al Qaeda, Sister was Al Qaeda, and Omar is probably Al Qaeda. Everybody involved in that family seem to be completely messed up. With the other three Muslims men, Abdullah Almalki, Ahmad El Maati and Muayyed Nureddin receiving another $31 million, that’s a total of $41.5 million for four men. What are they going to do with all that money?

I don’t like Islam if you haven’t figured it out yet. It isn’t similar in comparison to anything else in the world. It is far more destructive than even Communism, maybe, because it’s a supremacist movement. Oh, it hasn’t been happening in the West just yet, but the shit they pull. There was one story about Islam that made me quiver, and it reminded me how important it is for parents to check their kid’s online activity regularly. Linda Wenzel was so enamoured by young ISIL warriors fighting against the west and to bring the purity of Islam to the entire world while she talked to one on Facebook, she left Germany and became a wife and mother for the cause. When the allied troops finally started to drive ISIL back, we found her sniping at allied soldiers. Parents, you need to see what your children are doing online.

And why does this happen. I blame people like Linda Sarsour and Anita Sarkeesian for creating a smoke screen around Islam, saying it is racist to be concerned about Islamic Immigration and integration into our cultures. Anita creates the perfect little smoke screen, trying to tell people how to live moral lives while using her ‘GamerGate Victim’ status to convince people to give her hundreds of thousands of sympathy dollars to her cause ‘to bring the patriarchy down’. Hell, she thinks Star Wars is sexist. And that’s what makes her dangerous, she’s an ideologue so convinced of her cause, she gets to speak at the UN, and hundreds of thousands respect her greatly, following her on all of her social media. With that much media presence, it allows the perfect storm to allow people like Linda Wenzel to make hugely wrong decisions that have ruined her life.

Speaking of Sarkeesian, I had the best week of my life the moment I saw the clip of her, at VidCon, telling Sargon of Akkad he was Human Garbage. It was glorious, and I loved it. She had finally exposed herself to the real world, with real people asking her questions, and she crumbles under pressure. At first, I was supportive of Anita. As a Libertarian, I always thought people should be able to do anything they wanted. But more and more, I could see from 2012 and on, there was a disturbing trend online where it was all about ‘one group’s grievances over another’, but I just supported people’s right to choose because we should all have the freedom to choose. So, initially, I was pro-Anita and Anti-GamerGate. And then I watched her videos. Anita and other Marxist feminists are black holes that can’t be satisfied by anything but complete and utter destruction of our culture and society. Everything must go.

Of course, Hank Green and the other organisers of VidCon sided with Anita. Sargon was in the wrong. Just showing up, sitting down to Anita’s panel was an act of violence against her. I couldn’t believe it. The entire events of VidCon show how much systemic power systemic power people like Anita hold. People say women don’t have power in our culture, and those people are feminists who wield statements like that to pressure everybody to quickly agree with them. Hell, Anita put the screws into Patreon so much, that they investigated whether Sargon of Akkad broke their terms of service because she claimed when he quietly sat in the room of ‘her’ panel where was talking was an act of aggression. Sargon never broke any laws, he was never arrested, but she threatened his main source of income because she’s queen Anita and she must be heard. If that is not systemic power over people, I don’t know what is.

Talking about the systemic power of women this year, let’s talk about #MeToo. In the linked page, a woman is pleading with people, to speak to their ‘young boys’ about this ‘watershed’ moment in gender relations. She urges parents to talk to their boys about ‘consent’, to make sure there are no more ‘rapists’ and ‘monsters’ in our midst. I don’t have children yet, but I would never have this talk with my sons. I would talk to them about the basics and show him how to love and respect a woman like I love and respect his mother, my partner. And I would tell him, the best way to avoid destroying your life with sexual assault accusations is to pick just one partner as your sexual partner – period, end of story. If you love and respect someone, and stick only with them – then you will never experience that trouble. Only fools fall into pits because they don’t see them. I am going to teach my children to see all the pitfalls in life that I see and how to avoid them properly.

Of course, the intersectional Marxist feminist media will not see it that way, because saying you should only choose one partner is ‘typical gender roles’, especially for women. Anything that would define a ‘gender role’ is bad, including, The Google Manifesto written by James Damore. Man, that was the big confirmation that we needed to focus on them, because James got fired for saying that, on the average, men and women are different, but both should be encouraged through different means, to achieve equality at Google. They said he was perpetuating gender roles and was fired for being ‘sexist’. This war against this kind of shit needs to keep on happening. The funny part, other Google employees, agree with James and the argument he presented in his document.

We all know that Google is doing it’s best to deal with everything that happened in 2016, Trump’s win for instance, and was pressing an attack in 2017, and the firing of James sent a reverberation. Google will not deal with anybody who doesn’t go entirely with their brand of politics, which are the utterly intersectional feminist – we need as many colours and genders as we possibly get to have ‘purity’ in our organisation. Feminists must silence any other opinion and voice – James must go. It was soon on YouTube, who is owned by Google, started to mass demonetising people’s videos, hundreds at a time. Not just ‘Nazis’, but gaming channels, political commentary channels, Linux channels, and many others. It was as if Google said, you guys always knew it, so let us prove it. We don’t like the alternative media at all, so we are going to completely take your ability to make money from our ad network. They quickly replaced that lost revenue with rentals on YouTube.

The acts of Google on both the Google Manifesto and the mass demonstration is how the authoritarian the left has become. If it can’t handle you, it tries to silence you. Most of the tech companies are so saturated by ‘social justice’ because of social media; they do their best to silence opposing voices. It isn’t working though because we’re getting savvy to their tactics and we are winning the war against them. Take in point the first thing this year, and the end of 2016 that came up no matter what feminists and other leftists tried to silence, The Red Pill by Cassie Jaye.

Cassie Jaye is a well know feminist documentarian who has done documentaries on social issues like girls sexual lives, gay marriage, and other social justice movements. When she decided to do a documentary on rape culture, she came across a bunch of subreddits and websites that are run by Men’s Rights Advocates, and she decided to uncover this ‘deeply misogynist’ movement. Over the course of the interviews, Cassie realised that MRAs had legitimate concerns about the treatment of men in our culture, and saw her own deep-seated biases against men and changed. She no longer calls herself a feminist, an in the world of social justice, that is about the same as an apostate. You must ex-communicate her to the highest degree. This lead to all kinds of media backlash against her and her movie. Just watch Bearing’s videos below.

But the Red Pill had a 90% audience rating and was the Number 1 documentary on Google Play and iTunes in Canada. The feminist backlash created a number one hit, which the Emmy’s and the Golden Globes snubbed. Hollywood and the media is so corrupt that it is unbelievable. I am glad we have the Internet, a place was we can share ideas and talk about things. 20 years ago, This movie would have amounted to nothing, because Cassie even lost her Hollywood funding to try to create the film. It was Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos who helped her crowdfund the $250k to process the movie to theatre standards. Though feminists made sure the film never saw the inside of one movie theatre because it did make $0 at the box office nationally. Can you imagine the systemic power that feminism has, to accomplish something like this.

But we still propelled her documentary on other sources, like iTunes and Google Play, so feminists don’t have all the power to silence anything they don’t like yet.

The attempt to silence people is all that leftists can do. I love their attempts to silence us. Every attack shows us their true colours. While leftists say we are ‘literally Hitler’, or that movie ‘perpetuates rape culture’, it is they who silence us, attempting to prevent movies from playing. But we know that now. We know what they do to try to intimidate us, and so we are going to fight back when they try to silence us from our opinions.

Take the case, towards the end of the year, like mana sent from heaven near Christmas time – the Lindsay Shepard vs Wilfrid Laurier controversy. Lindsay decided that she would play a clip from the Agenda with Steve Paikin where Jordan B. Peterson, the controversial professor of the University of Toronto who opposed C-16 (which would protect gender identity and expression in the human rights code). Yup, you heard me right. Last year, I saw an official government form that had ‘Other’ in gender, with room to write something there. I was tempted to write in Transfluid Dragon Troll. She was trying to spark a debate on how grammar and language can shape society with her communication class. Well, that caused controversy with her professors of her department, and so they took her into a private room and interrogated her for 40 minutes for showing a 5-minute clip. Well, she recorded the audio with her phone and supplied it to the National Post and Globe and Mail, who played the story up as a denial of freedom of speech that it was. Well, the university quickly offered an apology, and then an ‘independent’ inquiry found Lindsay was not guilty of anything – including ‘Transphobia’ for playing the clip, while the President of Wilfrid Laurier University waffled on the fence about this. Check out Bearing’s videos on it.

As I said, the government of Canada and the west is turning into a Stazi-like land where the wrong opinion gets you interrogated by professors and shunned by the media. And in Canada, our stances on longstanding social policies are becoming even more strict.

I am pro-choice, though my fiancée and I would always choose life, we just prefer life. I am not pro-life in all situations because there are situations that may be too painful. Like the 4 out of 1000 abortions that are due to rape, or the 1 out of 100 women carrying a baby to term who may have health complications. Those decisions would be way out of my experience, so I would trust those women to do what is best for them. I just expected that most other people would be similar, and everybody has the right to freedom of expression. As a person has the right to an abortion, another person has the right to protest that decision as well. Well, not according to the Liberals anymore. If you are going into Prime Minister JT’s Liberal party, you must always vote for pro-choice. In fact, when the Conservative party of Canada nominated a Pro-life Conservative as the head of the Status of Women committee – the Liberals and New Democratic Party of Canada silenced her, and left the first meeting and demanded that someone who is pro-choice lead the committee. Talk about an Echo Chamber. They need their safe space, where their feelings aren’t hurt.

Talking about those safe spaces for abortions, Kathleen Wynne has enacted a law that would prevent any ‘protest’ within 50-150 meters of an abortion clinic. She doesn’t know how creative I will get about this. The day I can afford it, I will hire a pilot to write ‘Preventing Abortion Protests is wrong’ in the sky, with a banner saying the same thing, going around an abortion clinic – because that will be much farther than her 150-meter limit.

Well, that’s it, guys. That is what I have thought of 2017 and everything that has happened. I’ll keep you up to date on my book and my thoughts. If I have time, I will write about what’s going on in Iran, and it will be part of my book involving the sections on Islam.

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Trolly’s week in review – 12/11/2017 – The Establishment Strikes Back again

As the real resistance stands firm against the globalist forces that would tell us every society is equal to western Christian culture, giving them the ability to send jobs over to different countries, denying people livelihoods. It’s already hard to be a natural born citizen when it comes to employment and diversity quotas, but our governments also bring a massive influx of immigrants into our nations, lowering the working wage of hard-working people. All of this because the establishment who wants this one-world political and economic power that has been working hard against us. At first, they laughed at us, because we were ineffectual against their pursuits. But with Brexit and Trump, we were winning some victories, and the establishment has been attacking us since. Whether it is FaceBook and Twitter trying to prevent ‘bullying’ and ‘fake news’, or decimating people’s ability to earn money from YouTube, but still we fought on. We are winning the slow battle against the establishment, and we’re helping to drain the swamp of these political elites, but every action as an equal an opposite reaction. Just like Darth Vader became obsessed with Luke Skywalker, his child, after Luke destroyed the Death Star, all these victories have angered the elites, and people must pay now, people like Marine Le Pen.

From Marine Le Pen faces prosecution for tweeting pictures of ISIS executions after French parliament votes to remove her legal immunity

France’s National Assembly on Wednesday lifted the immunity from prosecution of far-right leader Marine Le Pen for tweeting pictures of Islamic State group atrocities.

The decision was taken by a cross-party committee in charge of the internal functioning of the assembly, after a request from the authorities to lift Le Pen’s parliamentary immunity over a crime that carries up to three years in prison.

The leader of the National Front (FN), who ran a failed bid for president this year, tweeted three pictures of IS violence in 2015.

One showed the body of James Foley, an American journalist beheaded by the Sunni extremists.

Yes, if we exercise our free speech, we can expect the establishment to go after us like this. Once the establishment media decides you are ‘far right’ they will strip away every right you have, and throw you to the wolves. Since people in France, and around the world, looked up to Marine Le Pen she must be punished and be made an example of to each us mensch how to behave.

Well, they are not going to intimidate me. If the establishment doesn’t like people placing pictures of Islamists holding beheaded people, then I’m going to show one.

As a Canadian, am I guilty of a hate crime Trudeau? I don’t like how Islam is the most violent religion and force in the world right now. There have been over 32,000 Islamic terror attacks since 9/11, and 7 percent of Islamists think that those attacks are sometimes or often justified. Marine Le Pen and I have the right to tell people this because freedom of speech is the most crucial aspect of democracy.

To immortalise the words of Palme Amidala –

But you don’t need to be a politician to see this condemnation if you are against the establishment they are going to go after you. Whether you make jokes that the hegemony of social justice thinks are ‘racist’ and you face up to a year in prison, or you didn’t tell people who you voted for and you’re a famous person, and you don’t say enough against ‘nazism and white supremacy’. Social justice warriors must ensure you behave correctly, and they will not suffer anybody with a mind of their own.

Every potential hero must face the Twitter firing squad, and that includes Jordan B. Peterson and anybody who supports his work.

From Christie Blatchford: Thought police strike again as Wilfrid Laurier grad student is chastised for showing Jordan Peterson video

Her supervising professor told her that by showing the video to her ‘Canadian Communication in Context’ class, ‘it basically was like … neutrally playing a speech by Hitler …’

Welcome to the world where if you have a problematic opinion, or even show a video of someone with the wrong idea, social justice will punish you to the extent of their power. Anybody these power-hungry individuals don’t like is ‘literally Hitler’. Hell, Hitler wasn’t the Hitler in their minds. In fact, Antifa cheered a speech made up entirely of Hitler quotes, showing how uneducated these people are. If Antifa and others can’t even tell what Hitler said, this comparison is null and void, because they are morons.

A Wilfrid Laurier University teaching assistant has been identified as “transphobic” and sanctioned for last week showing her class an excerpt of a video debate involving the controversial University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson.

In fact, her supervising professor, Nathan Rambukkana, told her that by showing the video to her “Canadian Communication in Context” class, “it basically was like … neutrally playing a speech by Hitler …”

Lindsay Shepherd, a 22-year-old graduate student at the school in Waterloo, Ont., was informed that merely by showing the clip, taken from a televised debate between Peterson and Nicholas Matte, a lecturer at the U of T’s Sexual Diversity Studies program, she was “legitimizing” Peterson’s views about genderless pronouns.

She has been told that she must now submit her lesson plans to her supervisor in advance, that he may sit in on her next few classes and she must “not show any more controversial videos of this kind.”

Lindsay just suffered for righteousness sake. Take the slings and the arrows of misfortune – resist these forces arrayed against us. And the professor says she must submit her lesson plan to her supervisor in advanced. When political correctness prevents discussion, political correctness needs to die. If you don’t like Jordan B. Peterson, you can leave, like if you dislike porn, you can choose not to watch it. But that kind of thought process never enters into the minds of social justice warriors. Everybody not towing the line is ‘Hitler’, and you can’t be ‘neutral’ on the things that intersectional feminism has decided are ‘true and right’.

This kind of authoritarian moves just shows how much disconnect between the left and the rest of the people. You can’t even play a video of ‘branded’ people and expect to go unpunished, even though we’re supposed to live in a free society with democracy. I guess that we are free if we have the right opinion.

Of course, Canada’s most prominent leftist newspaper hates Professor Peterson as well.

From U of T prof’s proposed website would target professors teaching women’s and ethnic studies

University of Toronto faculty members have expressed concern about a website proposed by controversial psychology professor Jordan Peterson, saying it would constitute “harassment.”

I agree with Jordan B. Peterson, Gender and Ethnic studies are cancer. They are constructs of Neo-Marxism and are only involved in tearing a country apart by creating tension and strife between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’. Instead of being thankful and forgiving, they start hating everybody who has a differing opinion, and leads to all kinds of violence, in the name of social justice against types of ‘privileged’ people.

Tell me how this diagram promotes any peace and harmony?

Those ‘Gender’ and ‘ethnic’ professors are teaching people that certain groups are ‘privileged’ and others are ‘oppressed’, leading to the current divisiveness of our political culture. People say that people entering these courses are less intelligent when the graduate from them than when they started them, and I have to agree.

So, these professors, who want to desperately keep their jobs and the power they have over kids who go into those courses, want to say that Jordan B. Peterson is ‘harassing’ them because he is creating a website to give people a heads up on who is teaching the course. They are upset he is going to enlighten students about the possible pitfalls of entering these classes so that they can navigate the currents of wholly biased instruction.

University of Toronto faculty members have spoken out against a proposed website that would list women’s studies and other “postmodern neo-Marxist” professors, saying it has created a climate of fear and intimidation.

The proposed website is spearheaded by controversial U of T psychology professor Jordan Peterson, who made headlines a year ago for publicly refusing to use gender-neutral pronouns.

Whether you like it or not, they are neo-Marxist professors. I only need to mention the previous article that I commented on, where Lindsey Shepard’s professors punished her for showing an Interview of him, saying that it was about the same as playing a ‘Hitler’ speech because she didn’t have any negative comments on it. If that is not using fear and intimidation, I do not know what is.

If I was Lindsey, I would keep on doing it, and keep on pushing the envelope against these forces, because they are trying to stifle free speech. We cannot allow these forces to take our ability to talk about controversial issues we are passionate about, because will not be able to progress if nobody can talk about anything without people being offended by ‘literally Hitlers’.

He has millions of views on YouTube for his videos with titles such as “The Stifling of Free Speech on College Campuses” and “The Disability Bureaucracy Wants Your Soul.”

The proposed new site — once under development but currently on hold — is an “information website,” Peterson told the Star on Friday.

In a video from a meeting of U of T’s Students in Support of Free Speech in June, Peterson said the website would enable students to enter university course descriptions, as well as professors’ names, disciplines and places of work, to find out if the course was in what he judges to be a “corrupt” discipline, and then decide for themselves whether they want to take the course and “become a social justice warrior.”

Maybe Lindsey and other Gen Zs, who are more likely to be conservatives, will be able to check this website out and prepare themselves for the constant assault from professors who will not like their point of view. What’s the difference between this Jordan B. Peterson’s website and Yelp? If we want to know what is the best Chinese restaurant in our area, we can go online and find out through Yelp, but God forbid that we have the same kind of resource for choosing a University and a program.

Acting on correct information is power. The Star, which used to be an excellent newspaper in Canada, is saying we should be denied that information to enter into universities blind to the ideological underpinnings. No matter how much you want to paint that you are only looking out for the teachers, there are more students than teachers, and the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

It is these forces that are probably the reason why Canada is trying to enact some new measures to prevent ‘bullying and sexual harassment’.

From Liberals look at tightening workplace harassment rules for federal businesses, Parliament

The new legislation is aimed at giving workers and their employers a clear course of action to better deal with allegations of bullying and sexual harassment

Can you imagine how the federal government is going to implement this legislation? The University of Toronto professors, who would be ‘protected’ by this legislation, are saying that Jordan B. Peterson is ‘bullying’ them, by giving students a CV on their work and the political affiliations, to give students a heads up. With this legislation, that complaint will probably lead to Jordan B. Peterson’s dismissal.

And how will this impact the ordinary person?

With social justice continually moving the goal posts on what is sexist, a simple pat on the back or touching of a knee is sexual harassment, and there goes the job of someone who may have worked for years in a university to get a government job. The elites want a world where men are afraid of women, and women fearful of men, leading to some strange affections happening in our society, like choosing porn over women, and also the development of sex robots.

Our culture has been turned upside down because of these cultural Marxists want to create a communist utopia.

You can see how much that the Star, in particular, really hates Jordan B. Peterson, with their last statement on their story.

This summer, the Star reported that Peterson was earning nearly $50,000 per month through the crowdfunding website Patreon. He launched the campaign last March to help support his YouTube videos.

IOW, they are upset that people support him to the tune of over $50,000 per month, giving him the freedom to live a life of purpose. The establishment only wants us to live their goals for us, not our intention for ourselves. Every time someone says, you can’t go against the flow, and you have to do things this way, we are pressured to accept the elites future.

And people despairing about their futures is why people dream of Hollywood, so much that they bring harm onto themselves.

From George Takei, Richard Dreyfuss the latest in Hollywood to be accused of sexual misconduct

George Takei took to Twitter on Saturday to deny groping a male model and Richard Dreyfuss said he never exposed himself to a female writer helping him with a TV script, both back in the 1980s.

Star Trek actor Takei has been accused of groping a model-actor in 1981, in another development in the barrage of sexual assault, harassment and rape allegations to rock the entertainment industry.

Takei said on Twitter that events described in an interview with Scott Brunton “simply did not occur.”

“Right now it is a he said/he said situation, over alleged events nearly 40 years ago. But those that know me understand that non-consensual acts are so antithetical to my values and my practices, the very idea that someone would accuse me of this is quite personally painful,” Takei tweeted.

Whether George or Richard did these acts is immaterial, because it shows how much people will do to get into Hollywood. I’ve never heard of someone performing sex acts to become any other kind of profession, but the casting couch in Hollywood is a meme for a reason. Hell, there are entire porn websites for ‘casting couches’, where young girls ‘break into the porn biz’ by performing sex acts, and that trope comes from Hollywood.

Now, it’s biting those few people who held power for such a long time, because they abused their power and people are fighting back, as they should. Hollywood is a dinosaur and it needs to die. We’ve replaced Hollywood with NetFlix, Video Games, and we’ve replaced the mainstream media with blogs, YouTubes, and self-publishing. YouTube has made Hollywood irrelevant because we can entertain ourselves with a host of different content creators. Hollywood was the first mass media, but it can’t last forever. The Hollywood producers should decide to step down and allow the marketplace to determine it’s future.

The establishment, when you look at Hollywood, is on its last legs, and it only needs one hero to stand up against it for it to fall. And my sense is it’s Jordan B. Peterson. He is the David that will defeat the Goliath of Social Justice. My hat is off to you.

Thanks for reading my week in review, and have an excellent week.

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​Trolly News Update – Nov. 8th, 2017 – A review of Trump, year 1!

I remembered this time last year. I honestly told my Fiancé, Trump will not win tonight, and the US will get four years of Hillary Clinton, cementing every reason why she would only be a one-term president. She had no merit to be president and was riding the wave of identity politics, expecting women to vote for her for the only reason that she was a woman. With all the positive press that everybody was giving her and Hillary seemed untouchable. Even she thought she was going to win; she never bothered to make a concession speech. While Trump worked his ass off, connecting with his supporters by making three times more stops than Hillary, Hillary thought she had it in the bag. There were so many controversies that brought her down, the Uranium One deal, Benghazi, the 33,000 emails she deleted, and the foreign donations that the Clinton Foundation received. Still, I expected Hillary Clinton, despite all her corruption, would win. But as the polls came in, I started to smile. Despite all the odds, the establishment candidate lost, and Trump won. I’m not saying I like everything he does, because I don’t, but he has done some great things for America as well. So, let’s talk Trump this morning.

1. Trump did what he said he would do. He said he would look at Islamic Immigration in the US.

No matter how you feel about this, Islam is not compatible with the west. Around 7 percent of Muslims sometimes or often think an act of terrorism is sometimes or often justified. It was the bowl of skittles. If you Knew one in every 14 of those little suckers may be poisoned, would you take a handful?

But it’s not all.

Trump is doing all he can to help America, and I agree with it. Sometimes diversity can be a source of strength through the sharing of our cultures, and sometimes it will only bring pain and suffering, as we see with Islamic Immigration.

2. He is going to limit immigration, to raise up the wages of people already in the US.

A merit-based immigration system makes perfect sense. If you don’t have any standard, like Canada has immigration standards and a merit-based system, and you bring over a million low-skilled workers, you get problems with wages. Trump wants to create a system that the best and the brightest comes into the US, and that will force the salaries to go up, not down, and that will be a net benefit for the American Worker, including poor black families getting the jobs that would go to those unskilled labour.

3. He’s building the wall

It was such a viral chant, Build the wall, Build the wall, Build the wall. When millions of undocumented people come into the US illegally, that is a problem. 

Building a fence will force human traffickers to make different decisions. No matter what, illegal and mass immigration endangers both the people coming into the country and your citizens. That is a simple truth. Especially since human traffickers are scum and will exploit people for their purposes. Trump’s wall will help out big time.

4. He got America out of the Paris Accord

Oh no, we’re facing the climate apocalypse. 

If America is anything like Ontario, the average American is probably using 25 percent less energy now than they did in the 1990s. Technology gets better and uses less power on a continual basis, plus people making personal sacrifices – like me, I only take cold showers. Why anybody is in this Paris agreement is beyond me. Let the free market create the technology we need to fight climate change.

5. He Triggers special snowflakes

Trump has shown the absolute despicable behaviour of many Millennials. As a culture, we need to put millennials in their place, because they are disrupting everything with their vitriol against their opponents. I hate how these individuals keep on moving the goal posts on what is ‘sexist, racist, and homophobic’ because it changes on a continual basis. Heck, to be ‘racially and culturally sensitive’ in Toronto, they were forbidding parents from dressing their kids up as Cow Boys on Halloween in the schools. Cowboys, you heard me right. Anything that shatters that wall is a good thing.

6. Trump has created more Jobs and strengthened the economy

As a Canadian, I laugh when Trudeau takes credit for the job growth in Canada. Since the US is experiencing a GDP growth of 3-4 percent for every month since he took office, Trump policies have influenced a million job growth. If the US is enjoying so much growth under Trump, is it a wonder that Canada is experiencing growth as well because they are our biggest trading partner.

1. There are some things I do not like. Like the total ban on Transgendered people in the military.

I’m not saying I like everything Trump as done. I don’t think there should be a complete ban on Transgendered people in the military, only a combat ban. Let them serve their country in operations. Transgendered people in the military have a much higher risk of becoming suicidal and mental health issue rate than their counterparts. Ninety percent of Transgendered people in the military come out with debilitating mental health issues, compared to around 25 percent of people who are not transgendered. It is probably saving thousands of Transgendered lives that he banned them. Baizuo’s will probably not care though, wanting ‘diversity’ even it ends up killing the transgendered people.

2. Mike Pompeo, Trump’s CIA lead pick, wants Edward Snowden dead for treason.

Edward Snowden was one of the instrumental people that helped Trump get elected. It would only be a decent to give him a pardon, and a big thank you to Edward Snowden for getting me elected. But he chooses Pompeo, who wants Snowden brought to the US under treason charges, to face trial, and then to be executed. Democracy needs whistleblowers to survive because we understand what is happening behind the scenes. Every anonymous source that ensures the fungus of corruption sees the light of day so that we can cleanse it properly. Edward gave us the knowledge to recognise Washington and Hillary’s crimes, so he helped elect Trump.

Congratulations Mr President. It’s been a remarkable one-year roller coaster ride. I hope you keep triggering the Media and the special snowflakes for another seven more years.

Thanks for reading guys, and have a great day.

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Trolly’s week in review – Nov. 5th, 2017 – Islam is the Religion of Peace, and The Democrats are the Politics of Peace.

Usually, I am very open to religious freedom of everybody. I’m a live and let live guy. I love the diversity of different thoughts in all kinds of areas, so if your spiritual practices bring you peace, enlightenment, and a sense of purpose, that’s awesome. Islam, on the other hand, has been a real problem. When 7 percent of followers of Islam think that terrorist attacks are sometimes or often justified, and you look at the vast number of people following Islam, is it a wonder that Islam is responsible over 32,000 terrorist attacks since 9/11, leaving hundreds of thousands dead, and millions think this is sometimes or often justified. The reason why I say seven percent believe, if you randomly surveyed Church goers or Jews in a Synagogue and asked them if terrorist attacks on people are sometimes or often justified, it would be very close to 0 percent. For the thousands of Islamic terrorist assaults, you get one Alexander Bissonnette.

Islam is a dangerous religion, and we need to be aware of this. Islam doesn’t value human life like us, no matter how much they want to say they are are a ‘religion of peace’. The only peace they give is the people who rest in peace when they go barrelling down a bike path with a truck of peace.

From 8 killed in NYC by motorist in ‘cowardly act of terror’

NEW YORK – A man in a rented pickup truck mowed down pedestrians and cyclists along a busy bike path near the World Trade Center memorial on Tuesday, killing at least eight and seriously injuring 11 in what the mayor called “a particularly cowardly act of terror.”

The driver was shot in the abdomen by police after jumping out of the truck with what turned out to be a fake gun in each hand and shouting what witnesses said was “Allahu Akbar,” Arabic for “God is great,” authorities said. The man underwent surgery and was in critical condition but was expected to survive.

Officials who weren’t authorized to discuss the investigation and spoke on the condition of anonymity identified the attacker as 29-year-old Sayfullo Saipov and said he is from Uzbekistan and came to the U.S. legally in 2010. The officials said Saipov has a Florida driver’s license and may have been staying in New Jersey, and a family friend described roots he had in Ohio, where he lived years ago and was a commercial truck driver.

Yes, ‘God is Great’, Allahu Akbar. I feel culturally enriched by Sayfullo Saipov. He has added so much to us, and 8 people are resting in peace today because he thought it was important to use a truck of peace to ‘mow’ down people going down a bike trail. According to the full story, this was one serious comedy of errors that ended in those deaths.

The alleged ISIS fanatic authorities say was behind Tuesday’s deadly New York City slaughter came to the United States seven years ago from Uzbekistan under the Diversity Visa Program, details of Sayfullo Saipov’s travel to America that could become all the more important as President Trump proposes revisions to his “extreme vetting” program.

The Diversity Visa Program, a State Department program which offers a lottery for people from countries with few immigrants in America, drew the ire of Trump early Wednesday morning.

Just think, Nobody did an extensive interview to see if he would fit into America.  He won the lottery, and that was the beginning of the end of each and every person who died in that savage attack.

Those really lucky individuals who will never get to experience any more life because we are infidels and our lives do not mean the same to them. Whether it is victim blaming the thousands of young women raped by grooming gangs in the UK, or killing young fans of Arianna Grande, or running people over on London Bridge, and then killing dozens after with knives, Islam has proven that it doesn’t fit into our tolerant culture.

I still contrast this to the most prominent thing other religions protest, Abortion. I’ve never seen a Christian drive a ‘truck of peace’ to kill women about to get an abortion shouting ‘Praise Jesus’. That just doesn’t happen. Objectively speaking, Islam has caused and is going to continue to generate the most deaths due to terrorism. And they cannot even get along with themselves. Almost 80 percent of the deaths that terrorist attacks claim is against other Muslims.

While Islam is a significant problem, the political left has become more and more violent as well. Whether it is the possible ties Stephen Paddock has with the left, protesting Trump, or James T. Hodgkinson trying to mow down Republicans on a baseball field, the left has a violence problem.

Today, everybody was reminded of it, when Rand Paul’s neighbour attacked Rand while he was mowing the lawn.

From Sen. Rand Paul assaulted at Kentucky home, reportedly by neighbor

Sen. Rand Paul was assaulted at his home in Bowling Green, Kentucky by an irate neighbor while he was mowing his lawn on Friday afternoon, according to neighbors.

Kentucky State Police have arrested the senator’s alleged assailant, identified as Rene Boucher, 59, of Bowling Green for intentionally assaulting Paul at his home, causing minor injury, local law-enforcement officials confirmed to Fox News.

Boucher was arrested and charged with one count of 4th degree assault – minor injury. He was taken to the nearby Warren County Detention Center where he is being held on $5,000 bail.

It’s funny that liberals talk about how violent gun owners are, but of all the televised atrocities, most of them at least point towards Democrats, and not Republicans. And they want people to give up their weapons, which will not work either. Democrats need to learn the riddle of steel. Steel, arms, and tools are only as strong as the person using them. Getting rid of guns is useless because people can stab with knives too, and there’s always trucks of peace and explosives, and a vast amount of different weapons. You cannot ban armaments; peace comes not from disarmament, but by the heart first.

Boucher didn’t have peace in his heart and went out to attack someone he saw as the enemy. While a gun may change this outcome, that man was a fanatic, who only saw Rand as an enemy he needed to destroy, and so he went to ambush and kill him. What we need to disarm is the level of fanaticism that is seen on both sides, because so many people see people with political differences as an enemy, and they need to destroy the enemy. Both the left and the right have many great things that are required, from individual rights to fiscal responsibility; we need both to have a prospering society.

Because murder is in the heart first, and then the arm second, I almost never deal with gun or weapon control. No matter what, criminals with evil in their hearts would only exploit an unarmed populace to do even more evil things, because they will have guns, while law-abiding citizens will not, therefore law-abiding citizens are going to be defenceless.

Politics on both sides of the fence is getting nasty right now, and it is very evident through what is happening on social media sites. The big upset this week was a PBS live stream for Hillary Clinton, where conservative voices who keep the ears to the ground showed up to show their disapproval of Hillary winning the ‘Democratic Woman of the Year Award’.

I don’t usually cover Hillary Clinton in my blog much, she lost, and she’s old news. She’s corrupt, the Uranium One deal, the 33,000 emailsthe Benghazi massacre, the billions in foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation. She played pay to play politics as nobody has ever done before that, and foreign powers put all their eggs into one basket, failing to realise if Hillary didn’t win, they’d have to deal with Trump anyway.

So it wasn’t a surprise to see the messages below.

From PBS FORCED TO Shut Down LIVE Event For Hillary Clinton After Facebook Users Destroy Her With Brutal Comments [Video]

Politicians who think they deserve a vote because they are something, like being black, or a woman, or gay, or whatever superficial characteristic you want to put on, they are sorely mistaken. To expect people to collectivise themselves like that is nothing short of disturbing. When I think about it, it is the opposite of meritocracy. When Hillary Clinton was on Ellen’s Talkshow, she said one of her ‘merits’ was that she was a woman. Wow, because of an accident of birth, she has merit?

So I am glad that there were people who went to that facebook page who expressed their freedom of speech to tell her she didn’t have the merit to be President. It was simple; she didn’t have the merit. After over a billion spent on her presidential run, and the mainstream press constantly giving her positive coverage, she lost because people didn’t like the corruption they saw out of her, nor did they like her arrogant attitude. Everybody thought she would win, but Trump won instead.

So PBS pulled the live stream because so many people were flooding the comments with negative feedback on her political career, putting her in an echo chamber. Politicians have become thin-skinned, and Catherine “Climate Barbie” McKenna is a prime example of being thin-skinned, by allowing nicknames to bother her. I have never used this term before, though I know it is the Rebel Media’s favourite nickname for her. It bothered her so much, and she demanded a person from the Rebel Media not to use it.

Catherine McKenna demands reporter’s outlet stop calling her ‘climate Barbie’ in terse exchange video.

Yeah, Catherine McKenna was so thin-skinned she was upset that people call her a ‘barbie’. And she declares this a victory against ‘misogyny’ as well.

Catherine McKenna (@cathmckenna)

2017-11-03, 9:01 PM

And this is exactly why I do it. We all need to stand together & call out sexist, mysogynistic & bullying comments. Thanks @ohanleyjk. 💪…

Yeah, she smashed the patriarchy, a patriarchy which allowed her to win a seat in the House of Commons in the first place. Evidently, there is nothing preventing women from entering into and succeeding at anything they decide to do. But in our perpetually offended world, who thinks insults are the same as injuries, a few jokes are misogyny, an absolute hatred and mistrust of women, because Catherine says so.

So minister McKenna may get upset that I use her very favourite nickname in this blog, but I also call Trudeau Prime Minister JT, I am not treating her any differently than him, I don’t like their policies, and I throw around jokes. I recommend that you do not get offended by the term.

I own that I am Human Garbage after Anita Sarkeesian used it to describe Sargon of Akkad and others like him. I don’t care how people think I am ‘problematic’ for having views about Islamic Immigration, abortion, fiscal responsibility, feminism, black lives matter and so many other issues. I stand proud for those views, and until someone shows me where I am wrong, I will continue to hold on them.

If a simple nickname can upset you this much McKenna, you show that I have more strength than you do, and I am not even a politician. The more I see things, the more I want to get into politics to bring vitality into the legislatures. Weakness causes the political divide. Whether it is PBS sheltering Hillary Clinton from negative comments, or McKenna being upset she is “Climate Barbie”, they want to hide from those negative political messages.

Guys, if you live in Canada, steal this meme, and spread this to her.

It is that weakness that prevents different countries to make the necessary adjustments to immigration when it comes to Islamic immigration. It was weakness and the desire not to be called a racist that allowed Sayfullo Saipov into America through an immigration lottery that he won, and 8 other people lost. It was ​Rene Boucher’s weakness that he decided to stab Congressman Paul instead of expressing his concerns. It is weakness and the desire not to offend people that a 50-meter ‘safe space’ has been legislated around all abortion clinics in Ontario, infringing on people’s unalienable right to free speech.

It’s time to talk about how great the political divide is and to bring ourselves back to a relatively central point, so we never experience this level of political discourse. It’s going to take strong people to move the political conversation back to a more central location.

Well, that’s my week in review guys. Thanks for reading, and have a great week.

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Trolly News Update – Oct. 16th, 2017 – Canadian Family Freed from the Taliban

The Islamic world cannot be trusted. While in the first world many social justice warriors hide behind the #NotAll hashtag when terrorist attacks happen. They are right, not all Muslims agree with terrorist attacks, only about 7 percent. But what is 7 percent of millions? Most ‘progressives’ do not even think about that because that is 10s or even 100s of thousands of people who are okay with murder. When you think about that, the small minority doesn’t look all that small, because that 7 percent is a vast number of people when you are dealing with millions of people. But that’s in the first world where we only see the tip of the iceberg. In the Islamic world, it is far different. Nobody says #notall there. It is all. All think it is okay to stone a woman to death for the crime of being raped. All think it is okay to chop someone’s hand for stealing. Hell, Saudi Arabia just lifted a ban on women driving. And all think it is okay to kidnap a western family, rape the wife, kill children because we are nothing in their eyes. The Middle East is not a land of tolerance and love, no matter how much progressives say that it is, and it is only hostile to the west because of, you guessed it, European Imperialism. There is just one Imperialist order now, that is Islam.

From Joshua Boyle’s father says freed family adjusting to life at home

Freed Canadian hostage Joshua Boyle and his father say the family is improving after years spent in captivity in Afghanistan.

The traumatised family arrived in Toronto on Friday, five years after Boyle and his American wife, Caitlan Coleman, were abducted by the Taliban-linked Haqqani network.

The couple and their three young children, born in captivity, have been staying with Boyle’s parents in Smiths Falls, Ont., about an hour’s drive from Ottawa.

When people say Islam is compatible with the west, I laugh. It is not ‘just another religion’. As I have stated before, it is an imperialist order that is meant to force the world to ‘submit’ to Allah. It doesn’t appreciate anybody’s rights. It is a supremacy movement that wants to destroy everything the world has worked hard to create. It is a wonder why so many Marxist professors are allying themselves with these Jihadists. Marxism and Islam work in the same ways. Islam was the ultimate ‘minority’ throughout its history until they overthrew the every native government it has come into contact with and replaced it with an Islamic government. That’s how Marxism works. They use minorities to destabilise entire nations, until the point they create the solutions to ‘create equality for everybody’, in which they force the voices of those minorities to disappear.

Can you imagine, being kidnapped since 2012, and you and your wife have had four children while in captivity (if you are wondering why I say 4, one was murdered by the Taliban)?

Boyle has said that the couple’s captors killed one of their children, a baby girl, but the Taliban network claims Coleman suffered a miscarriage.

Oh, it was just a miscarriage. Gotcha. You don’t want people blaming the death of a baby on you, just kidnapping a family for five years. That’s so much better.

Honestly, if the Taliban, the organisation that worked with Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan says anything, I will summarily reject that, unless they have compelling proof of their claims. I don’t believe an organisation who has the mentality of kidnapping a family for five years. If they say they didn’t murder a daughter or raped the wife and mother Caitlin, I will not believe them. Islam, in itself, has a violence issue, even between adherents.The Taliban is worse because these are some of the most radicalised members of that faith. I wouldn’t trust any Taliban person; they are violent and amoral. It’s a miracle that family made it out alive. Thank God the Pakistani government raided the enclave and freed this family.

I can only imagine the horrors this family endured. They lived in cramped cells, all together as a family. There was no privacy. What they had to face with the murder and rape is enough to show us that Islam is not a religion of peace.

Patrick Boyle said his son’s family of five is sleeping together in the household’s smallest bedroom.

“They said (the room) was more than twice the size of the best circumstances they were ever in,” Patrick Boyle said Sunday.

If you ever wonder what savages do to their prisoners, you don’t need to know anymore. An entire family in one cell, probably begging for food and water on a continual basis. If it was a ‘miscarriage’ as the Taliban says, living in a small cell with an entire family, begging for food and water, wondering if you are going to live through this ordeal, no wonder why she had a ‘miscarriage’. A pregnant woman had to go through these kinds of environmental problems, and they expect the pregnancies to be healthy. These were not civilized men who believe in humane treatment of prisoners. The fact they were keeping the couple for ‘ransom’ shows how inhumane they were. Hell, they didn’t even allow the families to teach their kinds manners.

The boys are learning basic North American customs, like table manners. At one point, the boys hopped onto the kitchen table to eat a cake with their hands because that’s how they had been used to eating while in captivity, Patrick Boyle told CTV News.

The Islamic world and the first world are polar opposites, and we are inviting millions into our countries. No wonder Islamic men terrorise the Internet when they use Facebook Live to broadcast a gang rape from Sweden, or gang raping thousands of young girls in the UKand their wives completely victim blamed the girls for being ‘filthy’. We can’t expect Islam to fit into the west.

The Islamic faith encourages family members to kill a person becoming too ‘western’ though honour killings. It’s time to acknowledge we are at war with this ideology. It is not interested in peacefully co-existing with us. They only want to undermine our culture and replace it with Islamic culture completely. It is great to see some countries standing against this, like Poland and Romania. We can’t allow Islam to dominate the world because it will ultimately destabilise our nations. The more Islamic people we bring into our societies, the more these atrocities happen.

Thanks for reading and have a great day guys.

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Trolly’s Shitpost Saturday – 14/10/2017 – Everything is Racist

Wow, I hope you survived Friday the 13th yesterday. I was only chased by two demonic birds trying to peck my eyes out, LOL. Fortunately, Freedy Kruger didn’t invade my dreams to try to kill me. He knows better than taking me on, I guess. Okay, I’ll be serious. This week’s Shitpost Saturday is going to be awesome because there are some messed up things I found this week, where social justice went utterly wild to ‘accomplish’ its will. I wonder what the hell they have planned for Nov. 4th. It’s funny that Trump, over a joke to Billy Bush, is the ‘worst’ president in the world while someone like Prime Minister JT is the best. This world has turned upside down and its time to stand our ground and bring sanity to the world. So, let’s go into the news stories that show how upside down our culture is.

From Moose Jaw, Sask., teacher mistakenly hands out assignment with racist terms

Words ‘squaw’ and ‘papoose’ found in Grade 3 activity booklet

That’s inexcusable. I hope the school board fires that teacher for making the unforgivable sin of offending indigenous people. You can’t use the word ‘squaw’ and ‘papoose’. I know that ‘squaw’ is attached to the female gender in the native culture, but I was what the heck was papoose? I needed to search for that definition. Well, it turns that ‘papoose’ means children. Oh no, someone put the word for children in a word search.

I can’t believe this is an actual ‘issue’ and news story. How can a simple word search be considered ‘racist’? Oh yeah – the media tells us that Indigenous women are being murdered left, right, and centre, despite the fact three times more Indigenous men are dying at the hands of violent criminals. We have to save the Indigenous women.

The relationship between Indigenous people and ‘White’ Canada has been getting so strained because of this cultural Marxism push, it is unbelievable. Every little thing done in the past needs massive cash settlements. When Canada saved over 20,000 young children from abusive situations at home and placed them in white families, cultural Marxists say that is ‘cultural genocide’. No good deed goes unpunished. Sure, some things Canada has done was bad, like Residential Schools, but these ‘Scoop Children’ stuff is just grasping at straws, but Prime Minister JT was more than willing to spend $800mil on this, which just so happens to be about 5% of our deficit this year!

And that news story wasn’t the only ridiculous story about ‘reconciliation’ that I read this week, the next one is real cancer.

From Toronto District School Board to remove ‘chief’ from job titles out of respect for Indigenous communities

What does ‘White’ Canada need to do for the Indigenous community to ‘forgive’ them? I couldn’t believe this news story when I first heard it. We are so ridiculous that we have to remove the word ‘chief’ from school board titles. I wonder if this is going to extend all over Canada. I wonder if we are going to remove the title Chief Executive Officer or Chief Administration Officers. Get rid of the term CEO and CAO right now. It’s offensive to Indigenous people.

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) will stop using the word “chief” in job titles, citing respect for Indigenous communities.

The TDSB said the decision was inspired by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC) final report, though the change is also part of a larger initiative to rename titles within the board.

While the TRC report did not explicitly call for the removal of titles such as chief from non-Indigenous applications, it did call for improvements to education, language and culture.

As a result, 12 TDSB staff formerly designated as chiefs will now be called managers. For example, the board’s chief of social work will now be the manager of social work.

So, let me get this straight, a report that never mentioned that we need to stop using the word chief inspired the Toronto Board of Education to cuck themselves and removed the word chief from the different job titles. They will do all of this for an ethereal ‘reconciliation’. I know it might be disrespectful to call someone ‘chief’ if they are indigenous for no other reason other than they are native, but using the word chief to describe a job title isn’t one of those things, and it goes way too far to appease social justice. It almost makes a mockery of the attempt to develop stronger bonds with our native neighbours.

All of these racial tensions in the world isn’t just between the ‘Europeans and Natives’; it’s also the fact that white people enslaved black people, in the eyes of social justice. So it’s not a surprise that an artist had to redo a comic because it ‘showed a black activist’ in a bad light.

From Satirical Frank Magazine to alter cartoon amid criticism over ‘racist’ depiction of black activist

HALIFAX — A cartoon in a satirical magazine that depicts a black poet and activist with a jutting chin and sloping forehead is being modified after critics who call it racist launched campaigns to remove the magazine from stores.

Andrew Douglas, the managing editor of the Atlantic region version of Frank magazine, apologised to readers on Tuesday, saying he’s fearful that the depiction of El Jones among a group of protesters in the cartoon could attract racists to the publication.

Wow, I guess we can’t be funny anymore. If you make a ‘racist’ drawing, you’re an evil white supremacist. It’s kind of like the Dirty Chinese Restaurant fiasco the past couple of weeks. Oh, just to let you know, Big-O-Tree games cucked out to the pressure and will not publish the game. What a bunch of wusses. They get a Big Ol’ Trolly Disapproves award.

Sarah Dunsworth, an actor on the “Trailer Park Boys” series, said on Twitter the “racist harassment … is disgusting and shameful,” and is among those calling for a boycott.

Jones said in an interview that she views the cartoon as a throwback to racist images in magazines in the 1800s that depicted African men and women as having features closer to primates than Caucasians.

Oh yeah, a Boycott. I find it funny that in the Harvey Weinstein controversy, women and men would boycott Twitter instead of boycotting Hollywood.

‘Racist harassment’, boycott the publication now.

Sarah’s Twitter Profile.

Jokes are jokes Mrs Cunt Bum Whore. You should have figured that out in a show about white trash jokes. But it seems like you’re only okay with ‘white’ jokes instead of making fun of everybody evenly.

We can’t make fun of ‘protected’ minorities in our countries, and Islam is the ultimate minority, so we have to do whatever we can to protect their fragile sensitivities. No scantily clad women, because that will make them rapist demons out to rape almost a Million girls, while their wives call the filthy girls whores. This week, a woman who sold Mugs celebrating Templars has been banned from selling at a community market. Yeah, you heard me, she’s has been banned from selling anything at the market.

From Market trader, 56, is BANNED from town centre after selling Knights Templar coffee mugs that are ‘offensive’ to Muslims

Tina Gayle has been banned from having a stall in Loughborough Market

Someone complained the Knights Templar mugs were offensive to Muslims

She was told to remove the mugs but refused and was then banned by council

Miss Gayle had previously been warned by council for selling Nazi memorabilia

Well, if you wanted to know if the world wants dissidents to make a living, well the answer is a big fat no. In the spirit of Steve Shives, let’s ensure the authorities block anybody with a dissenting opinion from all public discourse. I am sure, if he saw this story, he would want to personally prevent her from any public discussion because she shouldn’t have a right to dispense her thoughts and opinions. After all, Nazi’s should be afraid to leave their houses, because we should all punch Nazis.

I can’t believe how sensitive we have to be right now. We must ensure we never offend anybody because that is the most severe sin we can ever do. We must silence anybody who wants to make a joke, and we must bow down to our ‘moral superiors’ for offending them in the past with all of our might.

This is how Cultural Marxism works. The people who have bought into our cultural myth, that European culture is the evilest thing the world has ever seen because of ‘imperialism and colonialism’ caused so much ‘pain and suffering’ to different cultures we happened to come across. That is how they create the us vs them mentality which will help them create a socialist revolution. It’s never going to work, because people love their freedom, and being rewarded for their hard work – communism and socialism will never work. They should stop, but I know they will continue with their stupidity.

Well, that’s my Shitpost for this week, have an awesome week guys.

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