#GamerGate is the perfect example to show the real story of fake news

As Alex, they’re putting chemicals in the water that are even turning the frogs gay, Jones says, there is a war on our minds. And while this living meme has been made fun of for most of his career, he isn’t wrong about the war part. There has always been a war, to keep the scales on our eyes, blinding our minds. While most people probably didn’t recognise this, August 16th, 2014 would change the world. Eron Gjoni posted about how Zoe Quinn abused him in their relationship. Gjoni’s post came at a time when gamers were shaking their heads on why Zoe’s non-game Depression Quest was getting so many favourable articles about it, including escapist.com. The events between players and the gaming press and feminists went viral to the point, a simple post about how men can identify if their relationships are abusive or not became a national rally against ‘misogyny online’.

While there have been trolls on both sides of this debate going online, it was how the outside media showcased this that shows how much there is a war on our minds. If you didn’t know #GamerGate was all about ethics and censorship, it was. And the fact people were fighting for that transparency and ethics in the journalism for their favourite hobby, games, you thought it was an online mob against women in gaming, which is the farthest thing from the truth. I wasn’t part of the original #GamerGate push; I only knew what the media said about it. So, I went out over the past couple of months to read some stuff on media manipulation, especially about #GamerGate, because the mainstream media’s narrative about #GamerGate is #FakeNews.

I started with reading the True Story of Fake News by Mark Dice. While this book doesn’t deal with #GamerGate directly, Mark has always impressed me with his ability to research and present information. I also read Zoe Quinn’s book Crash Override, and Inside GamerGate, a social history of the Gamer Revolt. We know that google is suppressing conservative content online, which is probably using this API. I checked this API with some standard Anti-social justice things, and you’ve got to check out the absolute hilarity of the responses.

So we have an API whose algorithm categorises being against feminism and Antifa as immoral, especially calling Antifa terrorists, which the algorithm says is very toxic, as is our favourite meme, feminism is cancer. We also see a left-winged bias towards calling anybody Hitler as offensive, while calling someone Stalin is less offensive (for reasons), and it doesn’t have enough data when a person compares a public figure to Mao. We know that Google and other tech companies have an inherent left-winged bias. The moment Google fired James Damore for challenging the left-winged narrative that ‘brogrammers’ prevent women from entering ‘STEM’ fields, a narrative which started before and gained support during #GamerGate because the media fanned those flames, you can see how Google wants to control the ‘progressive’ narratives. He was not allowed to question their methods or motives. No wonder one of #GamerGate’s biggest detractors, Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn are in good standing in Google.

Not only did #GamerGate have all kinds of women and minorities coming to its defence, telling progressive dimwits like Sarkeesian and Quinn to stop messing around with our hobbies, but members of #GamerGate did a lot to help young women get into the gaming industry by funding the Fine Young Capitalists. Zoe Quinn opposed them over some semantics about ‘transgender’ policies and not paying their workers. #GamerGate swooped in to help the group and through the interactions created the most prominent icon for GamerGate – Vivian James, featured in the first meme on this blog. If you never heard of that in the mainstream news narrative about #GamerGate, you may be listening to #FakeNews.

Once these anti-GamerGate MSM narratives occurred in August of 2014 and kept on going, Gamers from all around the world realised how corrupt the media was. GamerGate first started with Gamers coming against corrupt journalists who were not disclosing ties with different developers. Then a narrative begins where the movement, which was all about media ethics, was just an online hate mob, which probably shocked the participants a great deal – their assumptions confirmed by a media that was lying about them.

Those events, which solidified when Adam Baldwin coined the hashtag, suggesting he believed the gaming journalists were in league with game developers, would start a political movement that would eventually lead to the election of Donald Trump. WikiLeaks invited #GamerGate to level up, and realize that the corruption wasn’t just with gaming journalism, but going right up to the most powerful organizations in the world. It was the beginning of the end of the mainstream media, because everybody was being brought into the fold of the media corruption. Now we have liberalists who want to fight this regressive left authoritarianism and media corruption. Had they left our games alone, we would have done nothing, as per the non-aggressive principle dictates. We’re okay with you, until you come at us, then get ready for a massive attack.

#GamerGate has had such a profound cultural effect. People started to realise that the media does lie about things because they attacked a bunch of people defending their hobbies. And out of it came thousands of people who would no longer believe the media just because they said something because they had proof they lied before. Things are only getting worse and worse though, with the advent of the term Fake News. GamerGaters knew that the media was already fake news though, but most people don’t realise it, because they grew up hearing that the press was the truth. It is up to us to show why this is not the case anymore. If the Media can lie about #GamerGate, what else can they lie about to create a narrative?

After GamerGate more and more people continued to work against censorship and corruption the media, leading to Brexit and Donald Trump’s election victory. These are the lasting effects of #GamerGate waking gamers up that the media has never been their friends. The media may have ‘been with gamers’ when Fox News was posting up their nonsense about how games were destroying America’s youth, but it was just the members of the press bias against conservatives. When ‘progressives’ like Sarkeesian and Quinn make the same stupid arguments as the Fox News panellists, the same media expounds them as heroes, simply because Sarkeesian and Quinn are the same kind of leftists they want to promote. The hypocrisy of the left is exposed. It’s only stupid if conservatives make those arguments, but when we make those arguments, we are ‘progressive’, and you’re sexist if you don’t agree.

I wonder if the media expected the backlash of #GamerGate, where people used humour, memes and social media to start fighting back, showing the hypocrisy of the press. People on the right in the movement probably laughed as people realised many media outlets have a left-winged biased because many people in #GamerGate was shocked when media outlets who had supported them in the past attacked them for being misogynist and right winged, even though many were left-winged. I wonder if they realised what they were doing when dozens of websites attacked the ‘Gamer’ Identity one week after #GamerGate started to trend on Twitter, with the the Gamers are Dead articles, who attacked Gamers instead of taking their concerns seriously.

Most of these articles came out the same day, which #GamerGate members proved was because all of the journalists were part of a secret group called GamerJournoPros (this article is about the early days of GamerGate). Finding and exposing the GameJurnoPros group had an even more significant effect on people questioning what the heck was going on, asking how much the media was working with each other to create a narrative about #GamerGate and gamers, again fuelling the fire, convincing gamers who were paying attention what was going on. Media was working with each other in very unethical ways.

Since, 2014, Gamers have changed the political landscape. I wonder, how many gamers couldn’t have cared about who was in politics, never voting because their life was games. And when the media and politicians started to attack them in familiar ways, they became very political, all in the name to save their hobby. After all, both Anita Sarkeesian and Hillary Clinton used the same rhetoric at certain times. I wonder how many American supporters of #GamerGate laughed their heads off, hearing Hillary Clinton channelling Sarkeesian on national TV!

We are ever vigilant against media corruption and media collusion and ethics. When things don’t line up, we fight it by exposing the corruption that is apparent. And we’re not going away anymore. We will continue to fight for what #GamerGate is all about – media ethics and censorship, to fight against #FakeNews. These are non-partisan issues. You were lied to about #GamerGate if you never heard about the Fine Young Capitalists, WikiLeaks inviting us to level up, GameJournoPros working with each other, and the amount of positive press that Zoe Quinn was getting for no apparent reason. #GamerGate shows the definite left-winged bias in the media because many gaming media outlets ridiculed Fox news and their reports on gaming, but when Anita Sarkeesian and others says the same things, the press comes in to defend her, and any leftist.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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​Trolly’s week in Review – 22/10/2017 – Why Minds.com is the solution of the social media chaos!

It is becoming more and more apparent that the social media world is turning itself upside down. With every single news story about Twitter is cracking down on ‘abuse’, and Facebook fighting ‘Fake News’, people realise that the social media companies are not looking out for their best interest. It was just a rumour in conservative circles for the longest times. Why are we getting so throttled? With the demonetization of YouTube videos, things got real, and even more real when Lauren Southern had her Patreon account deactivated. Especially, when Google fired James Damore for having the audacity of having a different opinion. These strict Internet measures are only causing more and more chaos, which is continually lowering the discourse between people. Is there an oasis on the Internet that has a reasonable freedom of speech commitment, even if tech giants like Twitter, Facebook and Google are killing freedom of speech on the Internet? The answer is yes – there is an awesome social media website where you can share news without any chance of having your freedom of speech throttled, it’s Minds.com.

This week, in particular, I am thankful that I use that platform. With all the tech news I saw where social media websites are in favour of throttling people’s views while giving people ‘more power’ to prevent ‘trolls’ from hurting them in their safe spaces. I can see the Internet start to split in two places. There will be those places that will help eradicate ‘white supremacists’ by protecting special snowflakes in ‘aggression free zones’, and there will be online places where people enjoy free speech, intellectual discourse, and sharing of their views, places like Minds and Gab.ai.

From Twitter Says It Will Finally Do Something About Those Hordes of Nazis

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitted on Friday that the company’s minimalist approach to moderation was not working, saying the site is committed to taking a “more aggressive stance in our rules and how to enforce them” in the wake of numerous high-profile public relations nightmares.

“We see voices being silenced on Twitter every day,” Dorsey wrote. “We’ve been working to counteract this for the past 2 years.”

When I think of this statement, I think of Babylon 5 season 2. As President Clarke started to reign things in every place that Earth had political power, he introduced the Blackwatch. When they arrived at the station, they talked about dissent against the president, even something as simple as complaining about something. Each security officer for the massive space station had to report things they saw that wasn’t ‘kosher’ with the political climate, leading to many people getting arrested for having a different opinion. Yes, you heard me right. J Michael Stravinski predicted the current political discourse.

We know this is happening with Goodfella. Sure the tweet was dark humour, asking where are the Trucks of Peace when they need them, but getting arrested for a hate crime, honestly! And we also know that in Ireland, Cound Dankula was arrested for a video of a pug giving the Hitler Salute. Nobody can tell me these things are not happening in our countries anymore. Wrong thought includes jail time.

With all the arrests we have seen lately for simple jokes on the Internet, freedom of speech is essential. Currently, Minds.com says their extent of free speech is the standard of the United States, as long as you do not advocate for illegal activities, you are safe to post there. There is no reason to worry that someone is going to get so offended that they are going to call the police against you because you posted something offensive. The extent of free speech there is outstanding. I’ve written two blogs on Hitler and World War 2. Blog 1, Blog 2. A blog that looked at everything that makes people uncomfortable, including pictures of aborted fetuses and beheading videos. Personally, that was the weirdest and hardest blog I have ever written. I’ve written blogs about self-mastery and trigger warnings and safe spaces as well.

Minds.com is so different than the other social media websites on the Internet. They will not censor you and will allow you to post whatever content you want, boost it, and share it with others, though the boosting system has to be safe for work. Not only does Minds allow you to post your content without any reservation, but it also allows you to do something Twitter, and Facebook never allows you to do, advertise your content through the boosting system free of charge. Sure, you can pay for points to boost your content, but you can also earn points to promote your content for every comment someone makes on your post, every upvote, and every remind (their reposting function). You also get 50 points when you log into your minds.com account, 15 points when you publish a blog with them, or you post a meme or video, and 1 point for every link you post.

“… Today we saw voices silencing themselves and voices speaking out because we’re *still* not doing enough,” he continued. “We’ve been working intensely over the past few months and focused today on making some critical decisions.”

Dorsey added that the new rules will target “unwanted sexual advances, non-consensual nudity, hate symbols, violent groups, and tweets that glorifies violence”—meaning that perhaps yes, someone is finally going to ban all those swastika-posting Pepes on the site.

Jack is talking about how Rose McGowan had a temporary ban on her account, which prompted the #WomenBoycottTwitter campaign. He has to do something to appease the hegemony of social justice and feminism. So he picks what everybody is talking about right now, ‘digital cat calling’, ‘Pepe memes’, the ‘alt-right’, and all the ‘right-winged’ violence.

The problem with Jack’s statement, people, think ‘words are violent’, but their violence is ‘free speech’.

I’m talking about Antifa. You know that ‘right-winged’ accounts will be hit more often than Antifa, even though 90 percent of the political violence is Antifa right now. You can tell this is Twitter’s slant, and the slant of the article, because the first thing they discuss is ‘swastika-posting Pepes’, Pepe’s who spread the Soviet Union logo will be completely allowed, because of the awesome double standard that both Gizmodo and Twitter has. I remember when Gizmodo was an awesome place to get tech news. When I started to see ‘Anti-Trump’ articles last year, I was bewildered. Why are they talking about that, they’re a tech magazine, not a political one. But I guess that’s the new ‘world of tech’.

On Minds, the standard is ‘does this break the laws of the US’. The creators of Minds.com made that decision when people advocating Pedophilia came to the website to promote lowering the age of consent. They were using the #LoveisLove and #Lovehasnoage campaigns on their channels on the service. Minds decided to ban their accounts and their IP addresses, and the problem disappeared when they brought that hammer down. I am sure that Minds.com would start prohibiting channels that celebrated any political violence. Nobody can post and encourage people to punch a ‘Nazi’ or a commie.

On the rest – the whole unwanted sexual advances are pathetic. I can’t believe some guys would be so socially awkward that they would ‘try to flirt’ with a girl they don’t know online. But this can be handled by the people rather quickly, so nothing should be done drastically to reduce it. People already have the block and report buttons. You can block that person immediately if you don’t like where he is going and report him on twitter. You can also change your profile picture to discourage guys from trying to contact you. But these acts are either not illegal in the jurisdiction people live in, or they shouldn’t be.

Why Twitter has to get involved in something any man or woman can do immediately is very perplexing.

If you want to legislate a simple interaction between 2 people, you are taking a massive step towards totalitarianism; I’m talking to you UK and Twitter. Stop it. People can walk away or prevent the situations, especially on Twitter. ‘Cat-Calling’ should never be illegal.

The non-consensual nudity is entirely different. While I have not seen such things happening from my side of Twitter, if people are posting to revenge porn accounts, that is shameful, and I do believe illegal. Everything needs to be consensual when it comes to anything outwardly sexual.

Like I said before, Minds.com follows the laws, and there are many revenge porn laws in the US that states that is illegal. I know Minds.com would ban those accounts, according to the US laws against posting revenge porn.

When social media platforms get involved in ‘non-illegal’ but socially unacceptable things, that’s a problem. Where do we draw the line? As I said, I don’t like ‘digital cat-calling’ because it is lame and pathetic. If you want to meet a girl, develop a hobby first, and the girl will come eventually. Then while you are enjoying your hobby, there’s going to be women involved in it, and then talk to them. Whether it is bowling, hunting, fishing, etc., etc., etc. You’re going to find someone with your same passion, which is a great starting point for a relationship. That’s how I met my fiancé. When I attended a mixer at my old college, she started to talk about the video games she was playing, which I also enjoyed. I decided let’s take the chance, and it’s been one remarkable journey since.

Twitter is going way too far on that, but I know Minds.com official policy would be, that is not illegal, so we are not going to come down on it. Just block this person, and report them if necessary, which should be Twitter’s response.

Social media is getting so paranoid about all of these ‘trolls’ it is ridiculous. Facebook has written all new rules on political discourse, to prevent hacking and trolling politicians, because that ‘harmed’ the US election and British elections.

From Facebook to launch hotline for hacked Canadian politicians

Facebook Inc. is launching an initiative to help Canadian politicians and parties protect their accounts in the lead-up to the next federal election while acknowledging the difficulties of policing fake news and misleading ads on its platform.

The social-media company will launch a Canadian “election integrity initiative” on Thursday, Kevin Chan, Facebook Canada’s head of public policy, said in an interview. The changes will include an emergency e-mail address politicians and parties can contact to have Facebook staff shut down and restore accounts that have been hacked.

Let’s police ‘fake news’, i.e. opinions political parties do not like, doesn’t sound ominous at all, LOL. It looks like they are going to try to throttle all the alternative media because we do influence the world. They can try to silence me, but the tighter they grip social media, the more people are going to leave and join places like Minds.com to get their fix of alternative news.

During the first ‘purge’ against ‘fake news’ on social media websites, Minds.com traffic started to skyrocket. Every single time the mainstream media started to cry about the alternative media, more and more people started to come to Minds.com, and eventually, there will be a tipping point where people are going to come to Minds.com on mass. They will not ‘silence’ your ‘fake news’ because they stay politically neutral. They just want their platform to grow, and so do I.

Sure, hacking a politician’s or political parties Facebook account is a shitty thing to do, so helping them is fine. Help the Canadian parties and politicians maintain a ‘clear’ account. Give them an email address they can contact to restore their accounts.

But what is the plan to deal with ‘fake news’. It’s like the government can sanction what you are and are not allowed to say. I bet if Trudeau saw my blog, he wished he could make it disappear, with all the anti-Trudeau blogs I write. I wish I didn’t have to do it so much, but there are weekly embarrassments that happen within his party.

In addition, Mr. Chan said, Facebook will issue a cyberhygiene guide they can use to secure their pages, and launch a partnership with a non-profit group called MediaSmarts to educate voters on the dangers of fake news.

The initiative is an attempt to address the threats to Canadian elections that were laid out in a recent report by the Communications Security Establishment (CSE), and stop hackers and other forces from disrupting the country’s democratic process during the 2019 vote. It is also a response to broader concerns over the growing presence of fake news and misinformation campaigns on the internet.

“You’re never 100-per-cent sure that nothing is going to get through, but we are certainly putting all efforts into ensuring that we are making the platform as inhospitable as possible for the bad actors or malicious content,” Mr. Chan said.

I wonder if I am going to be considered a bad actor in 2019? Are my blogs ‘malicious content’, because I do not like Prime Minister JT? Will you throttle my blog down because I think Trudeau is an immature boy who is out of his depth, but corrupt as all hell? Am I a ‘force’ that will be disrupting my countries democratic process.

These measures are not going to help Canada, but it will actually harm Canada and the democratic process. When Prime Minister JT starts the 2019 election campaign, I am going to ‘spread misinformation’ when I post memes of Trudeau and every single thing he has done wrong during his government, to keep him accountable.

Fake News was never a thing until President Trump was elected. When he got elected, when the MSM said he only had a two percent chance of winning, they had to come up with a scapegoat. Much of Trump’s popularity was in the alternative media, like my blog. People who challenge the mainstream narratives. When people’s trust in the media has continually gone down and down, they turn to someone like me to get their news and analysis, and we share our stories on social media. Well, the MSM has to come up with a strategy to deal with this, so they come up with a new term, fake news (despite the fact I studied journalism).

When you hear the words ‘fake news’, replace those words with the true representation, alternative media. The government wants to fight the alternative media because we can sway people now, and the alternative media is on a wave to fight globalism and elitism in all our nations. You’re not going to stop me PM JT. I’m still going to write this blog for my 60+ readers per day.

While Facebook is allowing the government to censor the people, by asking it to fight ‘fake news’, Minds.com will not do that. It’s commitment to free speech that doesn’t violate US law is paramount to people who want to fight this wave of governmental and social media censorship. The creators of Minds will not censor any speech that doesn’t break the law, no matter how much other social media platforms will deny your freedom of speech. The government cannot prevent us from speaking our minds, posting up our blogs, and sharing everything we want to share, as long as it is legal in the US to do so.

If you haven’t already joined Minds.com, you need to. We can see the writing on the walls. All the social media sites will continue to deny our free speech. Minds.com has stated their standard is the first amendment and US law. As long as you are saying things that are legal to say than you can post whatever you want on their website.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you join up on Minds.com, and connect with me @TheWhiteDnPurpleH.

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