Trolly’s thoughts on the Ontario Election

It’s an exciting time to fight for a better world in Ontario. After 15 years of Liberal ‘leadership’ the only achievements the residents of Ontario can point to is extremely high electricity prices on a province who is uses much less electricity than they did in the 1990s, while adding billions of dollars of debt to be paid back in 2028, making free speech illegal by making protests around abortion clinics criminal offences to the tune of upto a year in jail and $10,000 fine, a sex-ed curriculum that would have children in grade 8 talk about ‘gender identity’ and up to a $70 billion of debt in over the next three years without any plan to bring the budget into balance. Since Kathleen’s Wynne’s approval rating hit all new lows because of all the bullshit she and the previous liberal governments have put Ontario though, she thought she could bribe her way out of things. First, it was a $14/h minimum wage, with the ‘promise’ of a $15/h minimum wage increase next year, while trying to create a ‘class’ war against business owners and their employees (which didn’t materialise). Then it was free prescriptions for people under the age of 25, and all kinds of other spending spree things like free dental care up to a whopping $700 if you are married with kids, and free childcare spots for children 2.5 years of age to 4 years old.

We have a premier who doesn’t know how to run the province and is hoping to bribe everybody to vote for her. While I appreciated the $14/h minimum wage at my last job at first, working there became unbearable. They pushed us to do overtime consistently to keep up with the massive orders they were getting, all for the customer to pay their employees $14/h hour, and for my previous workplace to pay us $14/h hour as well. When I talked about minimum wage increases before, I thought, you only need to ramp up production to pay for it, more people will be buying. I never thought that could mean for the people working at different places. Now I know better – another incredible thing for the right to mention, sometimes minimum wage increases are harmful to workers, as employers overwork them to be able to maintain profits.

Wynne’s approval numbers have not gone up, as she hoped they would. She wished she could ‘convince’ to give her one more try, but it hasn’t materialised. She probably was excited when Patrick Brown was ousted as leader, as two women accused him of sexual misconduct, a story the media hasn’t checked up on since Patrick Brown is no longer in the picture. When I learned about this one, I was reminded about a meme, great minds discuss about ideas, average minds discuss about events, and small minds discuss people. I might falter between this once and a while, Kathleen Wynne seems to have never even heard of it.

I loved going through the YouTube commercials. I wonder if Kathleen Wynne is shitting bricks right now because the voting ratio of them is at least 3:1 downvote. The liberal propaganda machine is not working this time. Let’s debunk the bullshit in this commercial, shall we!

First, Doug Ford will keep the $14/h minimum wage and include tax cuts for those workers, if he can afford it with Kathleen Wynne’s spending spree.

His only change to abortion would be to require minors to consult their parents first, and I agree with this in practice. Children aren’t adults, they don’t have fully developed brains and may panic way more than is needed. An Adult could already confirm that the child would go in for an abortion, or they could reassure that the family can cope, and more importantly maybe even talk to the parents of the young man who is involved and create the best situation. Afterall, it is biblical that if a young man and a young woman who are not married that this happens to create a family of their own. Depending on the ages involved, the two families could work with each other for a few years before the young couple gets married. God forbid we actually follow the bible on these things. But that isn’t a progressive enough solution, because a woman should not be forced to have children she doesn’t want – even a 15 year old who isn’t a woman yet.

He’s even going to get rid of the sex-ed curriculum that teaches kids about smoking and tobacco in grade 4 (yes it does go to page 224) and alcohol is grade 5 (page 224) and drugs in grade 6 (page 225). We need to have someone who will say, this stuff is way out of line. We need not teach our kids these kinds of things, way before they are old enough. I had enough of education on smoking and tobacco when I was a child when I saw my mom go nuts every single month because she ran out of cigarettes. Most kids know enough that smoking is bad for your health. Afterall, smoking rates amongst Canadians are falling; they’re down to 18 percent and Ontario even less than that. (17.4%). The numbers are going down in Canada way before you put this ‘education’ up, so I have no idea why you came up with this bullshit. Kids should not be learning what smoking is, because they already know and they already see the commercials of people with those voice modulators.

Kathleen Wynne has wholly mismanaged my province, and it’s Doug Ford’s turn. I hope he can clean up this ideological and fiscal mess as Donald Trump has done for the US. Millions of jobs, potentially uniting Korea, the possibility of a real Nobel peace prize (unlike Obama’s, who peacefully bombed millions in drone attacks). Donald Trump, Doug Ford and other conservative leaders (I’m talking to you Maxime Bernier and Andrew Scheer) can help us take back our countries from the bullshit leftist leaders have done to our nations and provinces.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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​Trolly News Update – Oct. 24th, 2017 – School Board Trustee attacked for standings against the LGBT push on Schools.

First, I am not a sexologist. I do not study the differences between men and women, other than the most basic stuff. Men are most happy working when they are experiencing success with something they are passionate about, and women are most happy when they have a connection with people, on average. That is about the extent of my understanding of the biological differences between men and women, and James Damore is right. I only know the basics, and I just do what makes sense. The push of Gender in our culture has prompted me to say I do not have a gender, I only have a biological sex. Anything else is just people’s imagination, and that may work for them, but how does somebody objectively prove someone is a tall pansexual flirty wood sprite. I know there are people like Blaire White and Theryn Meyer who legitimately have gender dysphoria and need to go through all the treatments for it, and I know that hormone blockers can have unexpected impacts on development, and there’s plenty of people who regret their transition.

To me, I would advise caution. If you are not old enough to legally drive, you’re not old enough to make such a life-changing decision. If any of my children were Transgendered, I would have them wait until they are 16 to make those decisions. Children parrot things they see on TV and in the classroom because that is how we learn. If you introduced a child to these concepts when they are six years old, they don’t have the brain development to think about the information critically. And while I would say children should trust their ‘instincts’ on some things, I definitely would not want my child to think about wanting to change, because this is a lifelong decision or a life filled with regret. But in this day and age, I’m just a ‘transphobe’ for having anything but an ‘if your child wants to transition, get them on those hormone blockers now’ mentality.

From Chiliwack school trustee: Allowing children to ‘change gender is nothing short of child abuse’

Facebook post declares B.C. Ministry of Education is enforcing a ‘biologically absurd theory’

First, the media presents transgenderism in ways that are very absurd and do not reflect reality. If you listen to the press, you’d think that there would be a much higher percentage of people who are suffering from gender dysphoria. But the number of people suffering from the disorder is only three people in every 1000 people. Sure, in a worldwide population of seven billion you’re going to get twenty-one million, and that’s a lot of people, but it still is a relatively small amount of our population. But with the recent push on Transgenderism in the schooling system, we are seeing a much higher amount of people concerned and an ‘elevation’ of some reported cases. And a lot of it is because people claim ‘gender’ and ‘biological sex’ are not the same, which leads to all kinds of lunacy, like people being gender queer demi-boys. How do you objectively prove something like a ‘gender queer demi-boy’ exists other than a person’s imagination?

And before someone says, what about their ‘gender expression’, i.e. the clothes they wear and their mannerisms? Again, I would say that is all personality. Men dressing in drag for Halloween this year are not ‘trans’. Objectively, they are male.

In a Facebook post Monday, Chilliwack school trustee Barry Neufeld denounced members of B.C.’s education system as “radical cultural nihilists” for their policies on gender rights and education.

“At the risk of being labelled a bigoted homophobe, I have to say that I support traditional family values and I agree with the College of Pediatricians that letting little children choose to change gender is nothing short of child abuse,” wrote Neufeld.

I completely agree with everything that Barry is saying in that post. Science is science. Objectively there are two primary biological sexes, male and female. Objectively, there are some intersex individuals – but they represent one in every 1000 or more. Objectively, some people have Gender Dysphoria, but that is only three in every 1000 people. Yes there is diversity, but not as much as Bill Nye says.

When it comes down to it, the nuclear family is the best base social unit to build a society. When men and women live with each other, helping each other while taking care of children the best outcomes happen for our children. Children raised in nuclear families have higher educational levels, better income, less likely to involved in crime and have many other advantages, compared to both homosexual couples and single parent families. If people wanted their children to have real privilege, choose to be in a monogamous relationship with a loving partner. If you ‘re going to be privileged in our society, no matter what your gender or skin colour is, do your best to have a loving family that you stick with and sticks with you.

Social justice Marxism is attacking these ideas, and have been attacking them from day one, not realising how important these are for human development. They want to attack the heterosexual nuclear family so much; they will do anything to dismantle it. But for smart people, we can choose not to listen to the people who want to attack this most basic family unit. While I’m not against homosexuals getting married and having families, that doesn’t mean I don’t celebrate the nuclear family, being a husband and a father is what men are supposed to be at the end of the day. I want to share my passions of writing, art, and conservative values with the children I have with my fiance, it’s one of my most influential desires.

And when it comes down to it, logically speaking, if people are being discouraged from being in monogamous and happy relationships, how will we start the next generation? No matter what, we should always strive to make having families the most natural thing in the world to have. Cars, computers, and fame are not as important as having and creating a family, so it shouldn’t matter if we have the ‘best of everything’ when we compare it to having the best family we can have. I grew up in a single parent household, and let me tell you; it was hell. When it comes down to it, an average child in a single parent household has problems, but ‘gifted’ children have it much worse time because we can slip through the cracks far easier.

Education Minister Rob Fleming said trustees can have their own opinions, but the province’s public education system is one that values human rights, democracy and inclusion.

“We have very good consensus around the entire school system around the need to eliminate discrimination to counter bullying,” said Fleming.

First, I disagree with you. I do not believe bullying is a bad thing. For instance, If some creep was going around girls and doing things that made girls uneasy, and a bunch of guys decided to put a stop to it, the creep will learn a lesson, and the girls will be left alone and be more relaxed. Second, it teaches self-mastery. The harder the life you live, the stronger people become. If you are creating a ‘safe space’ for people, they will grow weaker, which is the opposite of what we want. We live in a time where it is both the most comfortable time in the history of Mankind, with all our technologies bringing us whatever we want in minutes, and the hardest because everything is crumbling around us. People who shelter themselves from people who disagree with them grow weaker from this state, which makes other hardships even harder to go through.

This is why we see protest signs like this.

They think they will get a much better shake under communism, and that all their needs are going to be taken care of by the state, and they want it to be easy. The ‘safe spaces’ mentality creates weak people. Children who preserve from adversity will grow up to be stronger individuals who can go through the hard times. I never had a ‘safe space’, but that has only motivated me to the best blogger and writer I can be because I love sharing my thoughts with people. The more social media giants bully us to deny us our voices, the harder I work because I am not afraid of that giant.

“We are in the fifth year of our erase bullying strategy, where we very much looked at some of the harassment and fear that gay and lesbian students, and transgender students, in particular, have experienced in our school system, and there was a consensus to eliminate that.”

All B.C. schools have anti-bullying policies that include explicit references to sexual orientation and gender identity.

First, you cannot, and should not eliminate bullying. The idea that the state needs to get involved to this is ridiculous. There is nothing more empowering in life, beyond being in a family that loves you that sticks together, than standing up to bullies. It gives a rush of dopamine, and it will help your in life if you consistently do that. Everybody will know you are a badass as well, and you can go forward.

You are trying to take that away from children who need that experience. When the state eliminates a child’s ability to stand up to bullying, you are removing a vast resource that helps them develop that inner strength they need to overcome future hardships. In a loving household, bullied children can find peace and solace with their family who stands by them, giving them the chance to be strong. It will provide them with hope to continue forward.

In my opinion, all of this shit is getting out of hand. This push for ‘trans’ inclusion is only causing children who get confused, who make rash decisions before they are ready. We need to be open but hesitant about the integration of transgendered education, as it only affects 3 out of 1000 people, and some people that are suffering from gender dysphoria transition and some do not. There is no 1 size fits all solution for that mental illness.

Thanks for reading guys, and have a great day!

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