Trolly’s View of the World Update

How Intersectional Feminist Fanatics are destroying Western Culture

Just before Christmas of 2017, I had decided to write a book on my thoughts on how progressivism and the new left agenda is destroying western culture, and what we need to do to start fighting against the onslaught of their ideology. So far, I’ve written four chapters, though one is just in a draft right now, I will be re-writing it soon.

Introduction- How I sacrificed my arm for a Canada I no longer believe in.

I sacrificed my arm at a job to pay taxes for people to say, check your privilege and be quiet, you’re a white heterosexual man, you’re not allowed to have a say because the rewritten history says you are guilty of butchering people, people I would have helped at the time. It’s time for conservatives all across the globe to take back the dialogue and refuse to be talked down to, just like Maxime Bernier showed us. I have always encouraged the women in my life, so I am not a sexist. I have always respected everybody as an individual, no matter the race or sexuality, so I am neither racist or homophobic. I know some real transgendered people have gender dysphoria, so I am not transphobic. But I am bullshitphobia to Canada that Trudeau is creating, and I am not going to check my privilege and be quiet anymore.

Chapter 2 – The Mainstream Media

Hollywood is a dinosaur that can’t even come up with its ideas anymore. It’s lost and dying and we need to allow it to die. It’s corrupt to the core, because when you put billions into the hands of ‘the very few’ all kinds of corrupt and power grabbing happens, and our society no longer needs that. Let the independents reign now. With the power of individuals empowering other individuals, we can create all kinds of new content that nobody has ever thought of before. We can make it happen on tiny, small, and large scales. With social media and the Internet, anybody can cover the news with their phone, write a book on a tablet and publish it through iBooks and Amazon, create TV shows and Movies with some time, patience and education. It’s all possible now; we can replace the mainstream media with the power of newer technology. We don’t need any more gatekeepers, Hollywood’s time has passed, give the power back to the people!

Chapter 4 – Political Correctness, Fakes News and Censorship

On August 27th, 2014 the world changed. You may or may not know what is significant about this day, because there was no terrorist attack like 9/11. There was no mass shooting. But the world changed. For the past two weeks prior, starting on August 11th, 2014, massive amounts of gaming enthusiasts were fighting for media transparency in video game journalism. Throughout the experience, gaming journalists, and eventually the mainstream media, would say that these ‘straight white male gamers’ were ‘misogynist pieces of shit’, trying to shame gamers into a corner. But it sparked something these media outlets could have never guessed. Battle-hardened Internet nerds started to see what I saw in the early 2000s, the media lies and manipulates the truth. The Media covers up some stories, and spins others to ensure things happened in a certain way. As a Canadian, studying journalism, most of the Canadian Newspapers were more than willing to tell Canadians the truth, though for the strict bias to make Canadians annoyed with America, that there was no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, according to many UN inspectors. In the US there was no such coverage, all pointing to President George W. Bush talking tough and getting ready to invade Iraq. Despite the huge polls against him, President Bush invaded Iraq, and I became disillusioned in the media. By 2008, I figure if people weren’t figuring out all media was trying to manipulate us emotionally, from Canadians making fun of ‘stupid Americans’, to Americans going to war on false pretences, than I’d let the world burn. I know many Americans, and they are all intelligent people, so I will not accept people saying they are stupid anymore. The real 1% wants us to fight amongst themselves, to point the finger at ‘Americans’, ‘Anti-feminists’, ‘feminists’, ‘Islamists’, ‘Christian’, ‘Athiest’, etc, etc, etc.So far, I’ve got all the books I want to read in order to write my book, and I am reworking the men’s rights topic to include feminism and censorship and what’s wrong with feminism.I will continue to inform update my blog as I make progress. This week, I should have the books I need to read about Feminism and Men’s rights to start the chapter.

Have a great day and thanks for reading.

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Trolly’s Deep Thought – Wishing you a Merry Christmas this year

Tis the season, finally. I am excited this year, a new job at a great company. I don’t think I’ve worked at a more generous company as the one I am working at now. Free meat products and I’m about to make a great sausage and pasta dish. I enjoy the team atmosphere of the company, we all had a potluck this week, and it was fantastic. I’ve been thinking about how things have changed for me because of this new opportunity, and how my level of pride in my life has changed everything. I love having a job, no matter how my body aches at the end of the day, I like having a job to earn money to produce my book for this time next year – my Christmas present to all of you. This year, I have an almost childlike thankfulness of everything that is happening in my life, and I wanted to share this.

I’m learning there is such a different world in the real world than the online world. Hardly anybody thinks about social media and what goes on in there. I realise that we have governments who are trying to appease a very vocal but small minority of people. Even when you think of the women’s march, only 1 million of a total of 180 million women living in America showed up. So, just 1 out of 180 women showed up – some are motivated, but people are more concerned about their own lives than these social movements. That’s probably the reason I’ve only heard about one guy stepping over the line so far.

To me, in this Christmas, it is a time for thankfulness. If the stories are real, God himself wanted to send a message of peace and goodwill to all the people in the world. Oh, I know that modern day Christmas was just Christianized by the Catholic Church, and it started way before as Yule, but the idea of looking towards that goodwill towards all people is essential. It’s a message that everybody should hear and live in their hearts. I was once asked, what is the ‘true faith’, because I believe in God but not religion, and my answer is one where you love your neighbour as you loved yourself – and any religion who thinks it is okay to attack people on Christmas is just not okay.

With my new job, I have a new sense of purpose, because this means in a year or two, my Fiancé and I are going to start our family. I’m excited to give my children the kind of Christmas that they will always imagine, taking a mixture of how my family did things, and my improvements to make it our Christmas. I feel like my life is changing with this new job, and I hope for everybody who is still looking for work can find the gift of a job. I agree with Ronald Reagan, the best social security in the world has a job – even if it is not the job you want, a good job that is not a great job is better than no job.

Many people have an all or nothing attitude about things, which was my mental roadblock towards work. I’d read articles that said, don’t take a lousy job, it is better to have no job than a crappy job – so I would keep on writing my blogs because I didn’t want a ‘bad job’, and all jobs – except my writing – was a ‘bad job’. Now, I realise working in a factory isn’t a bad job at all; it’s not the perfect job. However, it is a good job. Thanks to the understanding of the spirit of Kai Zen, gradual change for good. Nobody’s life is perfect, but as long as we take time to make our lives better, we will continue to grow.

I hope you have a great Christmas and expect a year in review blog next Sunday. I have a few days off for New Years, so I am going to go all out on everything significant thing that happened this year – all the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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There and back again, a Trolly Journey!

I wonder where I should start this blog. So much has changed in the past few months, and I do believe that things have changed for this humble Internet Troll. Sometimes you go on a quest that is your choice, and others you are poor old Bilbo who was kicked out his own home by a cranky old wizard, forced out of your warm home where everything is familiar. That’s how my journey started. I started October as a comfortable blogger where I could express my opinion on the news of the day, working hard every single day on my blogs and my art, developing the skills I want to build. My life was perfect. And then my life was turned upside down by no fault of my own, and I was involved in skills training course that was going to get me a job at the end of it.

That started on Oct. 30th, 2017. I have to say, because that was not my choice, I was cynical about the course at first. Especially the first day. It felt like I was in a class where the teacher was holding the hands of a bunch of kindergarten students, where were talked about ourselves. It felt like pulling my teeth, talking about my life with a bunch of strangers that I was meeting for the first time. I don’t have an anxiety disorder, but I am a private person by nature (go figure, I’m an INTJ). I had major doubts. I have 3 diplomas from College – Journalism, Web Journalism and Animation – and some of the people I was in class with hadn’t even graduated high school.

I felt like a fish out of water. I liked living in my highly intellectual world where I blog every single day about what I think of our culture through the news of the day, and doing some drawings. I was kinda overwhelmed, because I figured that I knew pretty much how to live, and I was in a skills course that was suppose to give people a ‘second chance’. I wasn’t like any other person in the course. Of course, on day one, the worst kind of person revealed herself. She was one of the most entitled people I had ever seen in my life. You know what I blogged about, so you could imagine exactly how I felt about that person – she was all about how the workplace needed to conform to her wishes, and if she was late she always had a ‘good’ reason for it. Being the introvert that I am, it took a while for me to say, you’re not entitled to a job, and if your attitude is that, you’re not going to have a job (spoiler alert, she didn’t complete the course). So, yes, there are SJWs in the real world.

I was introduced to many new concepts during that first three weeks in class. The course brought up all kinds of new ideas which have helped the manufacturing industry over the past 100 years, preparing all of us for a job at a meat packing plant. If you worked hard in the course, and you worked hard at the placement at the factory, then you would get a job offer. One of the first was 5S and lean manufacturing. This introduced me to the idea of Kai Zen, which means slow gradual change. I don’t have to have a perfect life right now, but I am getting better, and that is what is essential.

During the first week of my placement, I was continually wondering, am I even going to be able to handle the fast placed of the factory. Where does an intellectual like myself fit into a plant whose purpose is to send thousands of packages of beef and pork every single day? I was overwhelmed by the sheer pace of the place. Fortunately, I had started to exercise every single day because that makes you more intelligent. That helped me while I had to tray 300-400 10lbs roasts a day for three days.

It was on the Sunday after the first week of placement when I realised something. I was frustrated that I didn’t get to blog every single day, and I wasn’t sure how I fit into that plant. I wanted to quit the course, but that would have some severe financial consequences. I felt like the mouse in a punishment maze, and I hated it. I wanted a manifest reward for my work, and it was up to me to find that prize, because I didn’t see it during the first week of placement. And I knew I needed to find something in this experience that helped me focus on a reward. And then I realised something; I could use all that finances this new job will bring to fund what I want to do. My life may not be the perfect ideal right now, but if I worked hard and continued to do what I wanted, I could make my life better, slowly but surely.

So, what the hell do I want to do? First, I want to write a book for next year. Then I realised that I could save the money and use it for my writing and art projects – and a solid goal appeared in my mind. I wasn’t there for the instructor, my family, my fiance; I was there for myself!

I can pay for a self-publishing company to create the ebook on iBooks and the Kindle store. Expect that this Nov. of next year.

And at the new job, I could see how I can make that plant a new project in itself, learning every single part of the factory and figure out what can be improved. The review after the placement was over was fantastic, they were very interested in me learning about the plant, knowing that was my real strength. The teacher must have put that idea into their ears, which has me excited about that job, which I officially start Sunday.

More importantly, I learned that I did fit in with my classmates, and I have several new friends, and I am shocked by how useful this course has been for me. Those relationships all borne out of a situation that I wasn’t entirely comfortable with until my second week at placement, and they have become a source of new strength because those friends are the people I am fighting for when I write this blog. Us humble neckbeards and Internet Trolls need to stick together because people want to take everything that makes life fun away from us, and we will fight for our right to party!

If you are struggling to find employment, there may be a course like this in your hometown, which can change your life. If it isn’t, start fighting for it – putting it into every single person’s ear from the welfare office, because you can fight for and find employment and get that second chance at life.

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