Welcome to Trolly’s Shitposting

So, there is something new under the sun.

I’ve been following the anti-establishment crowd for the past 15 months or so now, starting with watching YouTube videos, and soon I was blogging on Minds.com. It was a wonderful start, but any free service is only as good as the regular traffic. I knew if I wanted to make some anti-social justice waves, I needed to go big or go home.

So, here I am with my own domain through WordPress, the most used blogging website on the Internet.

Starting next week, as I am reorganizing my online life right now and having a break of the ‘festivities’ of insane social justice demands, I will blog at least 7 times a week, 5 news blogs – one for Monday to Friday, where I give my take on the news of the day by commenting on a news article. A sixth blog will be a complete shitpost blog, where the most stupid news I come across gets dismantled, and one blog as a week in review.

I will also put up any political cartoons and memes I create, if I find some delicious enough to do something quick to comment on.

Finally, I’m working on a web comic that I call #GamerGate Trolls : Origins, which is going to be a total shitposting webcomic where ‘Trolly’ goes through the Internet to save free speech and western culture.


Trolly News Update – September 22nd, 2017 – Trudeau is wrong for Canadian Business

Trudeau has declared a ‘class war’ on big business. If you’re the 1 percent, and your business is in Canada, expect him to go after tax rules that helped you out before. He’s going to make sure you pay your fair share of taxes because the 1 percent must account for their success. His proposed changes to the tax code have big businesses in Canada contemplating moving their company out of Canada because it is punishing them. The exact opposite of what is happening in the United States today. At the same time, he’s allowing China to buy up Canadian High-tech firms like nothing, so in the world of Trudeau. Trudeau is ensuring that anybody who is successful in business in Canada needs to take their money out of Canada.

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Trolly News Update – September 18th, 2017 – Church renames itself because Cornwallis offends the Mi’kmaq

Social Justice is a vast, all consuming, shitfest. The adherents to that new religion are always on a ‘holy crusade’ to rid our cities of anything that offends their precious sensibilities. Anything triggering them must be destroyed at all costs. Some people may say, hey that only happens in the US, where Antifa and BLM are destroying statues of confederate soldiers. Shit like that wouldn’t happen in Canada, because Canada is pure, with the most feminist leader in the world, Justin Trudeau, who even ensures women and minorities will be protected in trade agreements. But that just isn’t the case, Canada is a land filled with white supremacy and genocide, even if the full historical records do not match up. Recently, a church in Halifax has decided to rename itself, because naming itself the Cornwallis Baptist Church is offensive to the Mi’kmaq people.

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Trolly’s week in review – Sept 16th, 2017.

Man this week was really interesting, and it is reaffirms my belief, politicians can’t change the world, so we need to have less faith in them. On Minds.com, I think I’m preaching to the choir, we’re a bunch of intellectuals who probably already realize that. And for the unwashed masses, well lets just say I don’t think they will ever realize that innate kernel of truth, don’t trust a politician to accomplish anything for you, do it yourself. If you want a strong country, you need to do things for yourself. You can change your country for the better.

First, the leftist media couldn’t complain about Trump’s handling of both Hurricane Harvey and Irma. He ensured FEMA was on scene to ensure everything was handled properly. When Irma wanted to suck, Trump really did grab her by the pussy!

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Trolly’s Shitpost Saturday – Sept. 16th, 2017 – the crazies hit TV!

What is up with anti-fascists and their hatred of cops? I guess they hate having a group of people around that will arrest them when they get all hot and bothered by whatever they consider as ‘fascism’ and they see ‘nazis’ do, nazis like Milo Yiannopoulos, Ann Coulter, or recently Ben Shapiro. These Nazi white supremacists need to be punched in the face, because they are total fascists, and because the police prevent that, they’re fascist too. I remember when your rights were to the extent of harming someone. Now, its ideas people do not like, yay!
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Trolly News Update – September 14th, 2017 – Trump backslides on Immigration

When I tell people, I don’t expect the solution to come from the government on anything, because government leaders are humans, politicians can change their minds or even lie about their promises, I mean it. If you want to solve ‘climate change’ make changes in your life to reduce the energy you use. If you want to see gender equality, treat everybody with respect and give them the freedom to do whatever they want. You don’t need to put that into trade agreements. If you want to see the world with less racism, be colour blind, because everybody has the agency to become the person they want to be. If you want to ensure illegal immigrants don’t come into your country, rent a boat. We can take action ourselves. We can, as private citizens, to go out and be the change we want to see in the world. We shouldn’t expect a politician to be the solution, and that is something many people who voted Trump did. As time goes on, Trump is siding with Democrats more and more.

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Trolly News Update – September 13th, 2017 – Gender Equality protections need to be part of Nafta

Justin Trudeau, feminist extraordinaire, thinks that women are so weak and feeble, they need special protections in the North American Free Trade Agreement. Yeah, special protections guys. Trudeau has been trying to put those regulated protections into everything, including a new trade agreement with Chile. It’s hilarious when you think about it, the obsessive will for Trudeau to ‘fight’ for women’s rights. I wonder, is he hiding something from the public, like so many other ‘pro-feminist’ men who attack ‘sexism, racism, and homophobia’? My guess Trudeau is in the closet. I expect that is why he is making dozens of ‘gay pride’ parades every single year. You go, Trudeau!

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