​Trolly’s year in Review 2017 – the tale of two leaders

Wow, I can’t believe 2017 has ended. Like Taylor Swift, it’s been a good year for me. So many things have changed. From a struggling artist and blogger to a man with a job. I’ve learned a lot, and now I am learning even more. I’m reading the thoughts of Blaise Pascal because I’m interested in the person who came up Pascal’s Wager, which is so important and very lacking in today’s education system. Philosophy, teaching people how to think, is practically gone. How can you teach people how to critically evaluate things they learn, if you don’t show them how to reason in the first place.

Yes, this year has been a good year for me, and it started on January 20th, 2017. If you didn’t know what day that was – just click this link, because it was the day that Trump became the 45th president of the United States. Every moment was victorious. I loved the entire day, and there was a celebration in me and my fiancée’s apartment because of Trump, an outsider to the political establishment, universally attacked on both sides of the aisle, was the first wild card to be elected as President. Not that I like everything he has done, and I’ve been on the record criticising some of his decisions, he has been our hand grenade.

Political correctness has become a massive issue in our world, where almost anything can be racist, sexist, and homophobic, and you need to point it all out, we needed something that stumped the morons who keep on moving the goal posts on what is ‘problematic’. Hell, I heard if you hold people who are late accountable, you are racist, because reasons. You need to read the article, it’s atrocious. Clemson University should have all public money taken away from it, seriously.

I could list the innumerable number of bullshit articles I have read this year, including science is sexist because it is consistent, and doesn’t change, like feminist theory does. Yup, Science is sexist now. This is why we can’t have nice things. My guess, Laura Parson doesn’t like that Trump wants to take us to the Moon and Mars, so science must be sexist because it is a goal of Trump. Okay, I’ll reduce the amount of sarcasm, but I couldn’t believe what I read.

Everybody is reacting to Trump, Hollywood is going nuts. It started with Meryl Streep, with her ‘applause-worthy’ speech that most of the conservative world thought was just stupid. Hollywood has taken huge swipes at Trump. From the time they thought that Trump could win, Joss Whedon, Hollywood hypocrite and adulator, proclaiming it would not be feminist to vote for Trump, and got his Hollywood buddies to join him to say, don’t vote Trump. I had my fun satirising that, as Trolly fought against Killary Clingon after she murdered Pepe the Frog. After all of that work, and the backlash seen at the box office this year you’d think Hollywood actors would stop bashing Trump and his base.

Enter the professional victim Kathy Griffin. She has to be one of the most moronic idiots I have ever seen. First, never hold a likeness of the head of the current president covered in ‘blood’ and plaster it over the Internet. That’s just fucked up. You deserved every single lost gig. I have seen no time in history where people did that, but you thought it was a good idea. The entire women’s march and everything else was ill-planned and ill-considered. From Madonna to Ashley Judd, and Kathy, everything looks like they were trying to grab the spotlight to become relevant in pop culture again.

What was hilarious was CNN’s reaction to Trump. From the moment I heard of the ‘Russian Collusion’ narrative, which is Trump’s ‘birther’ controversy – i.e. both are nonsense, Barack Obama was a natural born citizen, and Trump never conspired with the Russians at all, I couldn’t stop laughing. Instead of asking several introspective questions to see what the Democratic National Committee did wrong, they doubled down and claimed collusion. The only Democrat that seems to have done that is Donna Brazile. The more I investigated, the more I realised much of what I was hearing was a setup. There is more evidence that Hillary Clinton was plotting with the Russians than Trump. I guess Hillary took a lesson from Joseph Goebbels. Accuse your opponents of doing the same things that you are guilty of. I am so glad she is not the president of the United States.

Around May of this year, I theorized that the dossier had to be bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton. It was eventually confirmed. And that’s the Washington Post; you know the newspaper that published the Watergate articles that brought down Nixon. If they say, Hillary and the DNC paid for anything that could incriminate Trump; then you can take that to the bank. That makes the entire dossier a conflict of interest and therefore immaterial. Hillary has every reason to pay a company to lie about Trump because she lost to Trump.

After all, we’re talking about a dossier that included ‘information’ about Russian prostitutes who pissed all over Trump and pissed over a bed that Barack Obama’s slept in.

Oh, CNN was so sore that Trump called their crappy new organisation fake news, they made it their vendetta to go after Trump and his supporters. I remember when I heard of the Wrestling Gif that Trump retweeted. It was a great laugh to see that gif. I haven’t liked CNN since Bush’s war on terror. Finally, some ordinary person stood up to the giant and did it in a funny trollish way. I now nominate Hanassholesolo as Kekistani of the year. May he keep on trolling, despite CNN threatening to dox him. If you didn’t know what Doxxing is, it is when a person, or in the case of CNN, a blackmailing news organisation, goes out of its way to find out about your personal information (name, address, private email address) and publishing it on the Internet. Well, CNN didn’t publish the information, but it is hardly blameless either.

I can’t think of time where network journalism hitting lows that I never thought possible. Why the hell would a huge, multi-billion dollar news network go out of its way to find out the personal details on a humble neckbeard. It was then I really knew what kind of person I wanted to be in this fight. I am the achiever, like Andrew Kaczynski, but I’m archiving every dirty thing the left does, and revealing it to the eyes of the public. I’m linking everything I can to show news organizations are so obsessed that they have lost their way. I want to embarrass the left.

I loved how Newsweek, yes – Newsweek – a billion dollar news magazine, had to put in that Julian Assange defended this anonymous Internet Troll, had to put in that WikiLeaks was involved in the dumping of Hillary’s and DNC emails, which was one of the reasons why Trump won.

I’m not against the left as a personal thing, I see why liberalism is a good thing, because liberalism is all about individual freedom, and I am a libertarian, but conservatism is also desirable because ensuring tradition and order is a critical part of liberty. The left has forgotten this because of all of the TVs blasting all the time, so it is time for both sides can talk. But the left seems entirely broken, and can’t come together anymore.

Look at Lisa Bloom and the ‘Trump victims’, who she was seeking cash from media companies for two ‘victims’ to pay them for their stories. Yeah, every person who is paid to testify always tells the truth. It’s the same reason why I don’t believe Julian Assange ever raped any woman. Julian Assange has many, many enemies – because he is going against governments and corporations. Can you tell me that none of them would smear him or Trump this way, because of what they are doing? If you can’t, then there is reasonable doubt as to what is true and what is not.

With all the media animosity towards Trump, so much has happened in the real world. You can’t attack the pillars without the whole foundation crumbling, and we started to see in Canada and the US people engaging in actual violence. Yes, if you were sleeping, there was political violence in Canada. In Quebec City, Antifa ‘Social Justice Warriors’ attacked police when the police protected La Meute. The aftermath shows how anti-conservative the media and politicians have become because La Meute, not Antifa, was blamed for the entire incident and the mayor of Quebec City told them never to come back. So, if you are a Canadian reading this, and you have this idyllic view of Canada, sorry, our country is fucked. We need to smash the lying media by doing their jobs for them. We need to investigate, learn, and share the news with each other. Anybody with a phone, a computer, and an internet connection is a journalist. And before anybody says, no they aren’t, I took Journalism in college, and that’s all you learn, how to research, how to write, how to take pictures and videos. There’s nothing special about it so that anybody can do it.

Of course, the political violence that everybody is thinking of is Charlottesville. With all the ‘unfortunate circumstances’, like not blocking off the protestors from each other, which many cities did during the summer, and not having enough police, I smelled something about Charlottesville. Especially when you see a mayor who was smiling as he was talking about the killed and injured people, I think Mike Signer may have been partial to blame, and maybe he ‘wanted’ it to happen. It certainly added to the left’s narrative that Trump supporters are ‘evil Nazis who need to be punched‘.

What I ‘love’ is the hypocrisy and a dangerous precedent in race relations that started at the beginning of this year, and is starting to end now – the Chicago Torture event. At the beginning of the year a group of belligerent black teenagers kidnapped a white Trump supporter who had Autism and proceeded to torture him while broadcasting it over Facebook. Everybody who was following the story wondered why the hell it would take 14 hours before the police officers to charge these teenagers with a hate crime. The reason we wondered is had it been four white teenagers who tortured a black kid, shouting out you should have voted Trump – they would have had the book thrown at them so fast, it would have been a world record. But the cops just said these kids ‘did something stupid’.

Well, guess what, I hear that one of the people involved got four years probation, and 200 hours of community service. You know what would have happened if these were four white teenagers. All of them would have sentences that lasted years. It reminded me of the It’s okay to be white controversy. If a white person says it’s okay to be white, that’s a crime, as would white people torturing a black person. We know there would be massive public outcry’s and articles about the old south and lynching – but if black people do it, it’s just probation and community service. There is an awful double standard going on today if black teenagers can broadcast a live torture session on Facebook and only get four years probation.

While Trump has many enemies, all of which hate him and his supporters, there are even worse world leaders that we have real evidence of the corruption of, not some fake tale of working with the Russians.

Take the leader of my country, Justin Trudeau. I laughed when he said we need to get rid of the Patriarchy (I was surprised he didn’t say smash the Patriarchy) for the next generation of workers in the Top 10 with the PM on CTV a couple of nights ago. OMG, I am tired of Trudeau. No wonder why his disapproval rating is over 50% now.

The first thing I started to notice about Trudeau is how easy it was for China to buy multi-billion dollar Canadian businesses after Chinese Billionaires (oh, hey Antifa and other socialists – China is a capitalist nation because those Chinese Billionaires believe in private property) gave the Trudeau Foundation large cash donations. So far O-Net technologies have been able to buy ITF technologies, whose laser Fibre technologies could help China accelerate their technological process in communications by 20 years in the next couple of years. Not to mention, Hytera Communications has bought Norsat International Inc. which the Pentagon had used for satellite communications. And now, China Communications Construction Co. has purchased Aecon Group Inc., the company who built the CN Tower, which used to be the tallest free-standing structure in the world. Ajit has billion dollar companies if you have the coin.

Of course, Trudeau loves Chinese business, but his new tax cuts harm the middle class and small business owners. It was so bad that everybody from doctors to the wealthy 1 percent protested his latest changes. Oh, if you have a problem with the wealthy 1 percent, those CEOs probably pay at least 50 times more in wages to their employees than they take home. From Farmers to Small Business Owners, they were all going to be taxed thousands of extra dollars a year. It was so disgusting when we also learned that Bill Moreno, the finance minister who created these possible tax changes, was going to benefit from a law he introduced to the legislature financially. Talk about liberal corruption.

Since the pay-to-play politics scandals, I realized that Trudeau is the most stupid corrupt moron on the planet. He is so openly corrupt, taking Chinese Billionaire’s money and then green light the sales of multi-billion dollar Canadian companies to them, and in the open you just need to read a news paper. Trudeau is also ‘sorry’ for accepting a vacation from Aga Khan, sorry he got caught more like it. These ‘vacations’ is yet another example of open corruption. He didn’t even think it was wrong like he probably didn’t think it was wrong for Bill Moreno to create the bill that would benefit him so much. He’s a completely clueless criminal.

Trudeau talks about being fair, and he may have lots of people convinced that he is doing what is right for Canada and the world. Heck, he wants to ensure ‘gender protections’ are placed into NAFTA, because it’s 2017! PM JT apologized to the LGBT community who were civil servants, Trudeau is going to many Gay Pride parades all over Canada with Islamic socks on for his selfie addiction, and Trudeau’s work to help Indigenous people, bungling it all the way. Trudeau is someone I would expect got ‘A for effort’ in school, with Daddy’s money paying for those fake ‘As’ on the report cards, ala Billy Madison.

Even his #WelcometoCanada tweet resulted in thousands of people illegally coming into Canada. He means well.

Trudeau’s ‘feminism’ is so blatant, it is almost involved in every foreign thing he is doing. He has decided to commit 95% of Canadian Foreign aid to women’s issues, and he even tried to push ‘gender protections’ on Chinese Trade agreements. Who wants to bet money that China refused to sign these trade agreements because he is such a Baizou (the Chinese word for ‘social justice moron’). For all we know, that could be happening in NAFTA talks as well. Women have all the rights they need to flourish in the west, so why does Trudeau have to put even more emphasis on things we don’t need to emphasize anymore?

This complete obsession on Feminism is becoming sexist. With the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Inquiry, all we hear is how hundreds of Indigenous women have been murdered or are missing. But the reality shows how sexist it is to only look at women’s issues. Three times as many Indigenous men go missing or are murdered than Indigenous women. Yeah, you heard me right, three times more. The stark contrast between these two tragedies in the media is one of many reasons why I have rejected Feminism. When you only see things in the blinders that feminism provides, even more, significant issues get missed, like what’s happening with Aboriginal men in Canada. We’re too busy ‘protecting the wominz’ to realise that men are even more vulnerable, but go feminism.

What’s even worse, is that Trudeau ran against Harper saying his government would be more open, accountable, and transparent. Well, guess what? His new transparency bill allows the Information Commissioner to automatically reject an access to information request because it is ‘vexatious’. Yeah, this kind of broad term couldn’t be used to cover up anything the government doesn’t want us to learn about, right. And covering up corruption is what Trudeau is going to use C-58 for, because his government is less transparent than the Harper government ever was, even worse than the end of Harper’s government, so I have no doubts that Trudeau will restrict data even more than before.

Trudeau’s leadership, if you can call it that, is so weak, he is blaming the opposition parties for what is happening in the Senate. He doesn’t look at what C-6, his new immigration bill and the holes in it and the possible public concerns over that law. Neither does he reflect on why people are reluctant for C-16 to pass into law which defines that ‘gender expression and identity’ is to be protected in the charter of rights and freedoms. Some of us are concerned because some people don’t even believe there are two genders anymore, and they want to be called Ze, Zim,  Xer because they are a genderfluid pansexual flirty wood sprite, and you better respect that. Yeah, I bet Trudeau wants to get rid of the Senate, because he is not implementing his version of ‘Canada’.

I will have to disagree with Rolling Stones Magazine, I would rather have Trump as my leader than Trudeau, despite all the controversies. Trump’s America has a GDP growth that looks like it could go up to 4% every year, and the lowest unemployment rate in years as well, growing millions of jobs. His new tax cuts look like it could revitalise the middle class in America. I would rather have someone who is a leader, who will say the unpopular things than a prime minister who is continually appeasing every minority and China. But maybe Rolling Stone is right, they can have Trudeau so that we can have Trump!

Well, if I keep on writing this blog it would get too long, and there is so much more I want to talk about, so I will have a Part 2 out sometime during this week, job permitting.

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​Trolly’s Hot Topic – 09/12/2017 – The #MeToo movement

We all know how #MeToo started. Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual misconduct by several women in a New York Times article. The Harvey Weinstein allegations have caused a domino effect, where men and women have gone public with their claims against Hollywood ‘Elites’ like Kevin Spacey, Charlie “I’m Winning” Sheen, Dustin Huffman and so many others in Hollywood and Washington DC, good bye Al Franken. I just want to be on the record, fuck Hollywood – they kill creativity using remakes and established franchises all the time. I can’t think of a new movie idea in Hollywood since the Matrix or the Riddick movies. This will be an entire chapter of the book I am creating for next year. From our TV sets, so many people have to wonder, is there a decent guy out there who doesn’t use his power and influence and ‘The Patriarchy’ to overpower every woman.

Sure, there are memes everywhere that would suggest men are only capable of one thing, and that is thinking of ‘sex, sex, sex’ every five seconds, thousands of times a day. That stereotype makes me laugh, because I know that is impossible. If thousands of engineers who sent dozens of people to the moon were only thinking of sex every five seconds, I don’t think we could have gotten people to the moon. It’s a nice and tidy feminism sexism that perpetuates everything we hear from today’s media.

While I was taking my six-week skills course, there was 11 men and three women. Listening to Anita Sarkeesian, the 11 men must have been continuously harassing those three women to no end. After all, factory work is man’s work, no women allowed, LOL. But us 11 men must have had the willpower to the level of Superman, because we didn’t offend any of the women without due cause, and it was never in a sexual way. Yes men are visual, and there were some attractive women I was in class with and in the factory, but that’s just our Hippocampus. To expect men only use that part of our brains, and not use our frontal lobes for willpower and good judgement is plain out sexism. I’m tired of this stupid stereotype I see in the media. 11 men behaved appropriately with three women in the class, and the job is around 60-40 men and women ratio, and I only heard of one moron who had stepped over the line in six weeks I took that class. The plant management issued a one-week suspension to him, and the supervisors on the shift were going to monitor him to ensure he didn’t break the rules like he was an amoeba under the microscope.

The above situation is one of the primary problems I have with the #MeToo movement, and the simmering of the Internet culture for the past year or so. Everybody is always talking about how men indiscriminately sexually harass women on a continual basis all the time, and it is #AllMen, and Sarkeesian’s necklace says never to trust men because we’re ‘predators’. In reality, in a workplace of over 200 people, there was one idiot. If a Rape culture is a culture that excuses this kind of behaviour, why is that one idiot under the microscope for going over the line and so many people are condemning what is happening in Hollywood right now.

These examples should show how much our culture has moved forward regarding women’s rights and dignity. I can’t think of one man who hasn’t condemned what is happening in Hollywood right now. You give so few people that much money and influence and expect the purest and righteous behaviour is an oxymoron. This entire narrative has both upset me, thinking about how many young men and women who were abused at the hands of people we as an entire culture has given that much power to, and at the same time, it makes me laugh.

Why laughter? The answer to that question is simple, name a person you know who doesn’t praise movies from very early ages. Our parents and family members always talk about their favourite movies, and everybody had their favourite movies when they were kids. Mine was Star Wars and Buck Rogers (I’m dating myself, yes I was born in the 70s). I wanted to be like Luke Skywalker so much as I was growing up, using the force and a light sabre to defeat all the evil in the world. Every single kid has thought about being a hero in a movie. None of us can deny we want to be rich and famous, and I agree with Chad from Nickleback, being famous is a disease. I hope I can keep my kids grounded here in reality and to entirely reject and even pity people in Hollywood as I do. They are going to see Daddy rant about Hollywood a lot during their lifetimes, and hopefully, that iron sharpens their iron. I want them to hate and want to dismantle Hollywood who is killing all creativity now. Only once and a while does it have something good. But for every Matrix and Me, Myself, and I there is 1000 shows and movies like Gifted, Captain America and the New Jumanji movie (Yes, it is a remake of a Robin Williams movie).

That lack of creativity is the huge problem. I believe in Capitalism because everybody is worth being paid for their talent, their passion, and their skill, but we have put Hollywood on a pedestal it doesn’t deserve to be on, especially now. I’m not saying people like Harvey Weinstein are not problems, but how much we idolise Hollywood makes us partially culpable for that. We push people to want to be in Hollywood, to put themselves in those situations, because we put those movies on pedestals. Fuck, even Sarkeesian, grand feminist extraordinaire, keeps Hollywood alive in her latest video. She just accepts that Hollywood is a fact of life and hasn’t realized it needs to be stomped out of existence. So many people celebrating StarWars right now, and I’m not even going to see it in theatres. I’ll watch it on NetFlix when it comes out, using that ‘good old’ Frontal Lobe to have willpower and sound judgement.

But this hasn’t stopped women from all around the world, filled with anger against the perceived treatment they have had at the hands of ‘The Patriarchy’. In fact, these #MeToo Silence breakers are being named as people of the year by Time Magazine. Good, we should have these conversations, but rationally. Anita’s tainted sexist narrative not to trust any man and to attack the idea of #Notall men shouldn’t infect this discussion. In fact, we should completely ignore her bullshit. She’s a perpetually offended individual who wouldn’t survive a six-week skill building course to help her get and maintain a real job, unlike my ten friends and myself, who graduated the course with full-time jobs starting tomorrow. If she couldn’t do that, we shouldn’t even listen to her opinion. She’s never worked a real day in her life.

I’ve often said that these social justice forces, like Anita Sarkeesian, are not interested in forgiveness or thankfulness. They will live perpetually in black holes, sucking out every shred of light and goodness out of them and the people around them. As mini-dictators who are enforcing their wills or you’re out of the club, they will never be satisfied.

If you don’t believe me, Roaming Millennial does a fantastic job of how these ferocious ideologues are, you can’t interview, show a clip or even remain silent without being condemned by them. Social Justice will never forgive or forget your sins in these matters. Sarkeesian will continue to spout her stupid shit until the end of time, and most people will continue to ignore her. She had her hay day during the beginning of #GamerGate, but it has ended. Nobody cares anymore because she has taken it too far.

I can only hope that cooler heads can prevail and that we can find some balance between human beings evolving to be partners and being in relationships and for personal independence and the ability to create a life for ourselves. Right now, feminists like Sarkeesian don’t want that at all.

What we need to talk about is learning manners and etiquette.

From The consequence of this new sexual counter-revolution? No sex at all

None of this justifies men in positions of power behaving like pigs towards people who work with them. If there is good to come from this, then it would be in such behaviour being deemed more unacceptable than it has been. But sexual etiquette is not a science. It is improvisation in a very imperfectly set-up battlefield. Only at the most end does the law have anything to say. Everywhere else we are talking about the exercise of manners. True, we may currently be rethinking those manners. But let us not do so in the midst of a moral panic, high on counter-revolutionary retribution. Or if we must, then let us still worry a little about where this stampede may yet take us.

Like the idiot who was on a one-week suspension, we can learn not to make the same stupid mistakes and avoid most of this. Sure, some people may think saying a woman looks nice is paramount to harassment, but most men and most women can pick out the morons in their midst and these things are quickly resolved in our culture now. There is no need for feminists to go around and say that men can’t be trusted because they are just as bad in creating a negative culture as the guys who go over the line.

I am glad this conversation is happening because this can be a tremendous opportunity to heal some of the stresses in gender relations in today’s culture. Furthermore, Hollywood and other highly ‘lucrative’ industries need to be knocked off their pedestals, because they create the environment where people will want to go through that just to ‘make it big’, while giving predators something to leverage over people’s heads. We helped create the monster that is Hollywood with the billions we spend on Movies, Blu-Rays, DVDs and the television we watch, which is why I will not go to the movies or buy BluRays or DVDs from the box stores like Walmart anymore. We enabled Harvey Weinstein to do this and to suck the money out of alternative platforms to prevent independents from doing what they love for a living.

Thanks for reading guys, and have a great day.

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​Trolly’s Hot Topic – 26/11/2017 – Lindsey Shepard vs Wilfrid Laurier University

Once upon a time, we lived in a culture that many people thought a Post Secondary education was a dream for their family. In fact, many universities offer financial help to first generation post-secondary students, just to bring people into the fold. But with everything that happened in Mizzou and Evergreen College. Evergreen College is so bad Huffington Post has doubled down and deleted the first article on it because even people on the left were embarrassed by the events that happened there. I knew a controversy like that would soon hit Canada because we’re just next door to the US. What happens the United States eventually happens in Canada. Canada’s enormous controversy is Lindsay Shepard playing a Jordan B. Peterson debate from the Agenda to a communications class she was teaching, and that ruffled the feathers of leftist professors because she breached their safe space.

From Here’s the full recording of Wilfrid Laurier reprimanding Lindsay Shepherd for showing a Jordan Peterson video


Shepherd: Obviously this person (the complainant) who had an issue did not express it to me, they just went straight to whoever, I don’t know what really happened.

Rambukkana: Just for some additional context so, you came from U of T is that right?

Shepherd: No, SFU.

Rambukkana: From SFU, okay. So you weren’t, like, one of Jordan Peterson’s students?

I can see the narrative they are going to pain Lindsay with, they were going to say here’s a ‘disciple’ of Jordan B. Peterson, who wholly agreed with his stances, and completely ruin her academic career by saying she was just as ‘transphobic’ as he was. Fortunately, Lindsay was a student of Simon Fraser University and was never a student of Jordan B. Peterson so that they couldn’t use that narrative. You’d think they’d be more organised than this. I wouldn’t have made such a rookie error; I would have checked her transcripts and not made huge ass assumptions, proving how much of an ass they were.

Rambukkana: …[Peterson] lectures about critiquing feminism, critiquing trans rights —

Shepherd: I’m familiar. I follow him. But can you shield people from those ideas? Am I supposed to comfort them and make sure that they are insulated away from this? Like, is that what the point of this is? Because to me, that is so against what a university is about. So against it. I was not taking sides. I was presenting both arguments.

Rambukkana: So the thing about this is, if you’re presenting something like this, you have to think about the kind of teaching climate that you’re creating. And this is actually, these arguments are counter to the Canadian Human Rights Code. Even since … C-16, ever since this passed, it is discriminatory to be targeting someone due to their gender identity or gender expression.

Lindsay stood her ground on presenting both sides, but in the world of Social Justice Hegemony, you can’t question orthodoxy. Her Professor went so far to say that she broke the law. I remember when people told me, C-16 can’t get you into trouble for anything, and won’t be used to justify anything. What is her professor saying, you intolerant monster, you broke the law. People using C-16 like this was my primary concern,  forcing their agenda down our throats. Once upon a time, atheists would say to religious people, don’t push your religion down my throat. Isn’t that what trans ‘advocates’ are doing with C-16, they are pushing their wills down our throats by threatening us with legal actions, and social justice inquisition tribunals like this, using C-16!

And they don’t even have that right. C-16 would only apply to someone who was saying we needed to gather up all the Trans people in the world and gas them like Hitler Gassed the Jews, or if we say things like we should use biological weapons on Somalia. Those kinds of extreme language could be considered threats to people’s lives.

From What the Wilfrid Laurier professors got wrong about Bill C-16 and gender identity discrimination

C-16 added gender identity and expressions as a category for what counts under Canada’s hate-crime laws, which include calling for genocide or wilfully inciting hatred toward an identifiable group. The categories of colour, race, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, sex, sexual orientation and mental or physical disability were already on the list of identifiable groups.

So, we have a bunch of professors who come in with an assumption as to who Lindsay was, without checking their assumptions first, who don’t even know what the law really is. When I think of Nathan Rambukkana, I wonder if he should teach. With such a lack of knowledge, and pushing this kind of extreme political agenda – he shouldn’t be a professor at a University. How can a University professor be so misinformed about the law? It seems his career is an open book and he looks like a clown who doesn’t deserve the position of authority he has attained.

I would recommend that Wilfred Laurier fire this guy because he doesn’t seem to have earned his position at all. He is that wrong about the law. And Rambukkana doesn’t even think the students are mature enough to watch a Jordan B. Peterson video without being offended.

Rambukkana: These are very young students, and something of that nature is not appropriate to that age of student, because they don’t have …

Shepherd: 18?

Rambukkana: Yes.

Shepherd: They’re adults.

Rambukkana: Yes, but they’re very young adults. they don’t have the critical toolkit to be able to pick it apart yet. This is one of the things we’re teaching them, so this is why it becomes something that has to be done with a bit more care.

Yeah, according to Rambukkana, the students are old enough to go to Pornhub and watch a Tranny having sex with a man, but are not mature and stable enough to view 5 minutes of Jordan B. Peterson, because he is ‘Literally Hitler’.

Pimlott: I would find it problematic if my tutorial leaders were representing positions that didn’t have any substantial academic credibility to that evidence.

Shepherd: But he’s still a public figure … this was on a TV show. He’s still a public figure.

Pimlott: He’s a public figure, and a lot of people there like (American white supremacist) Richard Spencer of, I don’t like calling them alt-right, it gives them too much legitimacy, but Richard Spencer, right? The Nazis actually used, this is a historic—issues around the free speech idea in the 1920s in Weimar Germany as an issue around which which is what they’re using now. We know that someone like Richard Spencer is using theories and ideas that don’t have any academic credibility. He’s a public figure. But in terms of, if we introduce someone, we give them greater credibility in a certain condition. I agree that there are public figures out there that bring people, uh, bring hatred, target groups and if you look at statistically the degree of suicide attempts of trans people, young people, it’s the highest of any group in society. And, you know, it’s, you go through — Indigenous people — and so on. There are things that don’t have academic credibility and I just don’t think—I personally think I have some problems, I have no problems with the fact that these things are out there and people are going to engage them but we have to think of the atmosphere that we also create for the learning process.

Wow, Didn’t you know, Jordan B. Peterson is doing what the Nazis did in the 1920s. Yeah, you read that right. Jordan B. Peterson is literally a Nazi now. The level of political discourse is disgusting now, that any idea that lies outside of the realm of social justice gets this kind of personal attacks.

They are not discussing the merits of Jordan B. Peterson or Lindsay’s points, they are vehemently on the attack against her and him, trying to create a ‘safe space’ for the LGBT community over something problematic. I’ll lay it out for you. Real Transgendered people, who are transitioning between biologically male to female, or vice versa, will prefer to be called the pronouns of the gender they are transitioning into – so they want to be called she/her or he/him, and most people will accommodate for that. What Jordan B. Peterson is worried about is policing the language of these ‘non-binary’ people. You know those Tall Pansexual flirty wood sprites who want to be called They/Them/Their or whatever silly pronouns they want to use. I can objectively prove that I am biologically male and that my fiancé is biologically female because of our bodies, but how do you objectively prove something like someone being a trans fluid dragon troll?

I guess I am transphobic too, amirite Dr Herbert Pimlot. I will not listen to the https://ageofshitlords.com/list-of-all-tumblr-genders-so-far GenderQueer Demi-Boy Polyamourous people. That’s made up stuff that people will use to feel important. In reality, biological sex is something that can be proven, though they have their ‘arguments’ against that, and people transitioning can be proven, but their assertions of being ‘genderqueer’ are all in their imaginations, and should probably stay there.

Rambukkana: Do you understand how what happened was contrary to, sorry Adria, what was the policy?

Joel: Gendered and Sexual Violence.

Rambukkana: — Gendered and Sexual Violence Policy. Do you understand how —

Shepherd: Sorry, what did I violate in that policy.

Joel: Um, so, gender-based violence, transphobia, in that policy. Causing harm, um, to trans students by, uh, bringing their identity as invalid. Their pronouns as invalid — potentially invalid.

Shepherd: So I caused harm?

Joel: — which is, under the Ontario Human Rights Code a protected thing so something that Laurier holds as a value.

Shepherd: Ok, so by proxy me showing a YouTube video I’m transphobic and I caused harm and violence? So be it. I can’t do anything to control that.

Rambukkana: Ok, so that’s not something that you have an issue with? The fact that that happened? Are you sorry that it happened?

Shepherd: I know in my heart, and I expressed to the class, that I’m not transphobic and if any of them — again, I don’t know what they said — but I don’t think I gave away any kind of political position of mine. I remained very neutral, and uh—

Rambukkana: —that’s kind of the problem.

You know you have an orthodoxy when you can’t be impartial. The most significant problem they had with her is that she was neutral on their views. You are either with them or against them. There is no middle ground, their Social Justice Inquisition Tribunal completely reveals it. Lindsey may have been red pilled before this, but this has undoubtedly exposed her to the truth that her professors are intolerant leftists and they will not allow anybody to challenge their ideas.

Lindsay was smart. She went through the entire tribunal recording the meeting, so that she had the ability to defend herself by presenting everything to the media later. And the National Post and The Globe and Mail ran with the story, revealing how these brainwashed professors put her through hell. Since it all broke, the University has written a letter of apology to Lindsey, because she shouldn’t have gone through all of that. But it makes you wonder, had she not recorded the meeting and provided the recording to the media, would anything had happened about this. It would have been silently sweeping under the rug, and they would have ruined Lindsay’s academic career.

But social justice is still angry about this.

From Campus LGBT group: Wilfrid Laurier isn’t going far enough to silence ‘climate of transphobia’

Though Wilfrid Laurier University has apologized to Lindsay Shepherd, the university’s Rainbow Centre appears to be endorsing the disciplinary action originally taken against the teaching assistant, and suggesting the school isn’t doing enough to combat “profound violence” against transgender people.

“In the face of recent media attention, we feel it is our responsibility to speak out against the climate of transphobia that is being fostered at Laurier,” reads a statement released Tuesday by the Wilfrid Laurier University Rainbow Centre, a service within the school’s diversity and equity office that offers support to queer and trans students.

In this culture war, where everybody is offended perpetually over everything, we are never going to see a break. Lindsay’s forethought of recording the meeting, and the media and international community pressuring Wilfred Laurier University into apologising to Lindsay is a significant victory, but the Rainbow Center is shouting from the rooftops that the university should silence Lindsay and that there is ‘profound’ violence against Transgendered people. The war will continue on,but I am satisfied that we won a victory against these forces.

Thanks for reading, and have a great week guys.

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Trolly’s week in review – 19/11/2017 – Al Franken and the hypocrisy of the left!

This week has unquestionably been very entertaining. From Al Franken accused of sexual assault, then apologizing. If you read the story, man, he is such a child. He was doing immature shit like drawing devil horns on the pictures she was signing for troops, and doing petty things to get revenge. But the model has forgiven him. Al seems to have a lack of self-control when it comes to being rejected. Even Salon.com is demanding his resignation, being yet another male ‘feminist’ who ‘wanted to fight for women’, who ended up being a creepy bastard. Of course, Salon brings up Roy Moore and brings up something I want to talk about, the difference between listening and believe, and trust but verify when it comes to the justice system.

From Al Franken must go: It’s the right way to help women and protect Democrats

If there weren’t photographic evidence to back Tweeden’s claims, it would be easy to dismiss this whole thing as a stunt designed to distract the media from allegations against Moore and to give cover to Republicans who want to continue supporting him. Now any Republican who is asked about Moore can simply deflect the question by invoking Franken and suggesting that both sides do it.

Yes, there is photographic evidence, which is why we need to take Al Franken’s case seriously. I’m not a ‘feelings’ person, and I will never be one. When someone can destroy a person’s life over one false rape allegation, I want proof before I will rally with someone who claims someone sexually assaulted them. It’s called due process and due diligence. If you are condemning someone who is only facing charges, you are part of a Simpson’s Witch hunt. It is better ten guilty men go free than one innocent man is wrongly convicted. This is what the ideal of innocent until proven guilty means, and with feminism and it’s hate on for ‘rape’ and their ‘listen and believe’, this ideal is constantly being pressured. Al, there is photographic evidence that you do those things, so I am going to rally with Leeann Tweeden about this, you did wrong.

Roy Moore is a he said/she said thing. First, he has been a judge. If these sexual assaults had been happening, why was there no complaints to the Bar? These kinds of allegations can have powerful repercussions, so why wasn’t any allegations made when he was a judge, getting him disbarred. The only controversies he was involved in is taking a stand on the ten commandments being in Alabama Judiciary Building, and suggesting judges not honour same-sex marriages in Alabama. That is until now.

The rape allegations coming out now, and not 30 years ago when he was a judge doesn’t make any sense at all, if Judge more had been raping women left, right, and centre, why didn’t they get him disbarred because he would not have been impartial during rape trials. You’d think these feminist-minded people would ensure every woman who was traumatised by rape wouldn’t have to face him in court. But it wasn’t when he was a judge, overseeing rape cases when they started their allegations, it was when he went up for a Senate run, making it seem like a dirty trick of the Democrats. And since you know my worldview, I’d rather see ten rapists go free than seeing a family like Jay Cheshire and his mom commit suicide over false allegations. If there is no proof, I’m not jumping to conclusions at all.

Especially since Roy Moore is saying, he is innocent of the accusations people are making right now. Some people may say, man up, accept this, and move on. I don’t know if he did, and there has been no history of these accusations, unlike other Hollywood celebrities.

While I am going to be on the record that I am going to want to see justice done, where protecting the innocent is more important than punishing the guilty, I am not without compassion for those who have been through the abuse of men. This week, I was moved by the events of Adiba, a Yazidi woman, who was a sex slave of ISIS for over two years. She was raped, beaten and tortured by six men after ISIS overran her village. The disturbing actions that ISIS always does to Yazidi women are why free Yazidi women become some of the most skilled and fearless soldiers against ISIS. They don’t care if they die because if ISIS captures them, they will live years of suffering as a sex slave. And there is western women who willingly join ISIS, over Facebook chats. What a joke our culture is.

The story I read solidified how much I do not like Islam this week. People say that Islam has nothing to do with ISIS, but they call themselves the Islamic State for a reason. And 7 percent of Muslims think their methods are sometimes or often justified. Islam is less a religion and more of a supremacist movement that demands everything be exactly the most extreme believers want, which is why they probably hate Yazidi people.

From Raped, beaten and tortured: Former ISIS sex slave on her journey to new life in Canada

The Yazidis are a Kurdish minority group of around 700,000 people targeted for their ancient religious beliefs, which combine elements of Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. They became known as heretics, and faced years of oppression and threats of ethnic cleansing because of it.

If this kind of Ethnic cleansing doesn’t show that Islam doesn’t want other competing ideas against it, I don’t know what will convince people. Apostates, people who leave the faith, are to be murdered. If you convert to Christianity, become an atheist or agnostic and so many things are death sentences in Islamic Majority countries. ISIS and other terrorist organisations will murder people engaged in any different minority belief system. When people say Sir John A. MacDonald is a ‘White Supremacist’ trying to eradicate Indigenous culture, I laugh, because Islam would have completely wiped out Indigenous culture. Islamists only leave two choices for any non-believer, join Islam or die.

And the left is learning these lessons well from Muslims. If you don’t tow the line on their ‘diversity demands’, the Left’s sharia law, then you are going to be ousted out of your job.

From Apple Diversity Chief Forced Out After Saying White Men Can Also Be ‘Diverse’

Silicon Valley’s disdain for its mostly white, mostly male tech workforce has reached absurd new heights.

The New York Post is reporting that, after just six months on the job, Apple Diversity Chief Denise Young Smith, who was named vice president of diversity and inclusion in May, has resigned her post after making a “controversial” comment last month during a summit in Bogota, Colombia.

What was Young’s crime? She insinuated that “diversity” can still exist among a group of white men because of their different life experiences.

“There can be 12 white, blue-eyed, blond men in a room and they’re going to be diverse too because they’re going to bring a different life experience and life perspective to the conversation,” the inaugural diversity chief said.

The left is becoming more and more authoritarian, much more so than the right. It is one impressive ‘political movement of peace’, just like Islam. They use the court of public opinion to assassinate your character and force you out of any job. People ask me, why I do this, and I say, someone has to stand against this force. You can’t fire someone for having a non-criminal opinion that you don’t like. If she was all like, yo, white men should white out black people, like myself, and become the master race; I could understand that. But the idea that 12 people with 12 different life experiences can see the world in a diverse way even if they are of the same ethnicity is ‘heresy’ to them, and she needed to go.

You cannot create a world like that, where people are afraid of say anything, be it Denise Young Smith for stating something truthful, or Lindsay Shepherd for showing a Jordan B. Peterson video. If you stifle free speech like this, there can be no dialogue and progress. If your idea of progress is so fragile that you need to prevent discourse that disagrees with it, then your idea of development is not progress, but regression. I will stand against your attacks on freedom of speech because you have no power over me and you cannot bully me.

And we are winning victories against this excessive political correctness and media manipulation. With victories like Brexit and Trump, taking a stand has helped us. Which is why the media hates Trump so much. They want to establish a Russian connection so much, people will do anything to link them.

From Trump Jr. messaged with WikiLeaks during 2016 campaign

WASHINGTON — U.S. President Donald Trump’s oldest son released a series of private Twitter exchanges between himself and WikiLeaks during and after the 2016 election, including pleas from the website to publicize its leaks.

Donald Trump Jr.’s release of the messages on Twitter came hours after The Atlantic first reported them Monday. In the exchanges — some of them around the time that the website was releasing the stolen emails from Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman — WikiLeaks praises his father’s positive comments about WikiLeaks and asks Trump Jr. to release his father’s tax returns to the site.

The revelations are sure to increase calls in Congress to have Trump Jr. testify publicly as part of several committee probes into Russian interference in the 2016 election. And they add a new element to the investigations that have been probing for months whether Trump’s campaign colluded in any way with the Russian government.

Yes, CTV news is still covering the Russia, Russia, Russia story. Even if there is more evidence that Russia would have been Clinton’s cornerFrom day one of the Donald Trump Jr. and the Russian Lawyer story, I could smell that it was a setup. How much was faked? #Pissgate is not real people, come one. Nobody should believe it. Basically the Russian Collusion story is Trump was investigating Hillary’s corruption, and so he is a criminal.

But it shows that the left and the mainstream politics want to shut down all dissenting voices, and just pass them off as ‘racist, sexist, and homophobic’. They can take those things and shove it up their asses.

Well, that’s my week in review guys. Thanks for reading and have a great week.

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Trolly’s week in review – 12/11/2017 – The Establishment Strikes Back again

As the real resistance stands firm against the globalist forces that would tell us every society is equal to western Christian culture, giving them the ability to send jobs over to different countries, denying people livelihoods. It’s already hard to be a natural born citizen when it comes to employment and diversity quotas, but our governments also bring a massive influx of immigrants into our nations, lowering the working wage of hard-working people. All of this because the establishment who wants this one-world political and economic power that has been working hard against us. At first, they laughed at us, because we were ineffectual against their pursuits. But with Brexit and Trump, we were winning some victories, and the establishment has been attacking us since. Whether it is FaceBook and Twitter trying to prevent ‘bullying’ and ‘fake news’, or decimating people’s ability to earn money from YouTube, but still we fought on. We are winning the slow battle against the establishment, and we’re helping to drain the swamp of these political elites, but every action as an equal an opposite reaction. Just like Darth Vader became obsessed with Luke Skywalker, his child, after Luke destroyed the Death Star, all these victories have angered the elites, and people must pay now, people like Marine Le Pen.

From Marine Le Pen faces prosecution for tweeting pictures of ISIS executions after French parliament votes to remove her legal immunity

France’s National Assembly on Wednesday lifted the immunity from prosecution of far-right leader Marine Le Pen for tweeting pictures of Islamic State group atrocities.

The decision was taken by a cross-party committee in charge of the internal functioning of the assembly, after a request from the authorities to lift Le Pen’s parliamentary immunity over a crime that carries up to three years in prison.

The leader of the National Front (FN), who ran a failed bid for president this year, tweeted three pictures of IS violence in 2015.

One showed the body of James Foley, an American journalist beheaded by the Sunni extremists.

Yes, if we exercise our free speech, we can expect the establishment to go after us like this. Once the establishment media decides you are ‘far right’ they will strip away every right you have, and throw you to the wolves. Since people in France, and around the world, looked up to Marine Le Pen she must be punished and be made an example of to each us mensch how to behave.

Well, they are not going to intimidate me. If the establishment doesn’t like people placing pictures of Islamists holding beheaded people, then I’m going to show one.

As a Canadian, am I guilty of a hate crime Trudeau? I don’t like how Islam is the most violent religion and force in the world right now. There have been over 32,000 Islamic terror attacks since 9/11, and 7 percent of Islamists think that those attacks are sometimes or often justified. Marine Le Pen and I have the right to tell people this because freedom of speech is the most crucial aspect of democracy.

To immortalise the words of Palme Amidala –

But you don’t need to be a politician to see this condemnation if you are against the establishment they are going to go after you. Whether you make jokes that the hegemony of social justice thinks are ‘racist’ and you face up to a year in prison, or you didn’t tell people who you voted for and you’re a famous person, and you don’t say enough against ‘nazism and white supremacy’. Social justice warriors must ensure you behave correctly, and they will not suffer anybody with a mind of their own.

Every potential hero must face the Twitter firing squad, and that includes Jordan B. Peterson and anybody who supports his work.

From Christie Blatchford: Thought police strike again as Wilfrid Laurier grad student is chastised for showing Jordan Peterson video

Her supervising professor told her that by showing the video to her ‘Canadian Communication in Context’ class, ‘it basically was like … neutrally playing a speech by Hitler …’

Welcome to the world where if you have a problematic opinion, or even show a video of someone with the wrong idea, social justice will punish you to the extent of their power. Anybody these power-hungry individuals don’t like is ‘literally Hitler’. Hell, Hitler wasn’t the Hitler in their minds. In fact, Antifa cheered a speech made up entirely of Hitler quotes, showing how uneducated these people are. If Antifa and others can’t even tell what Hitler said, this comparison is null and void, because they are morons.

A Wilfrid Laurier University teaching assistant has been identified as “transphobic” and sanctioned for last week showing her class an excerpt of a video debate involving the controversial University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson.

In fact, her supervising professor, Nathan Rambukkana, told her that by showing the video to her “Canadian Communication in Context” class, “it basically was like … neutrally playing a speech by Hitler …”

Lindsay Shepherd, a 22-year-old graduate student at the school in Waterloo, Ont., was informed that merely by showing the clip, taken from a televised debate between Peterson and Nicholas Matte, a lecturer at the U of T’s Sexual Diversity Studies program, she was “legitimizing” Peterson’s views about genderless pronouns.

She has been told that she must now submit her lesson plans to her supervisor in advance, that he may sit in on her next few classes and she must “not show any more controversial videos of this kind.”

Lindsay just suffered for righteousness sake. Take the slings and the arrows of misfortune – resist these forces arrayed against us. And the professor says she must submit her lesson plan to her supervisor in advanced. When political correctness prevents discussion, political correctness needs to die. If you don’t like Jordan B. Peterson, you can leave, like if you dislike porn, you can choose not to watch it. But that kind of thought process never enters into the minds of social justice warriors. Everybody not towing the line is ‘Hitler’, and you can’t be ‘neutral’ on the things that intersectional feminism has decided are ‘true and right’.

This kind of authoritarian moves just shows how much disconnect between the left and the rest of the people. You can’t even play a video of ‘branded’ people and expect to go unpunished, even though we’re supposed to live in a free society with democracy. I guess that we are free if we have the right opinion.

Of course, Canada’s most prominent leftist newspaper hates Professor Peterson as well.

From U of T prof’s proposed website would target professors teaching women’s and ethnic studies

University of Toronto faculty members have expressed concern about a website proposed by controversial psychology professor Jordan Peterson, saying it would constitute “harassment.”

I agree with Jordan B. Peterson, Gender and Ethnic studies are cancer. They are constructs of Neo-Marxism and are only involved in tearing a country apart by creating tension and strife between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’. Instead of being thankful and forgiving, they start hating everybody who has a differing opinion, and leads to all kinds of violence, in the name of social justice against types of ‘privileged’ people.

Tell me how this diagram promotes any peace and harmony?

Those ‘Gender’ and ‘ethnic’ professors are teaching people that certain groups are ‘privileged’ and others are ‘oppressed’, leading to the current divisiveness of our political culture. People say that people entering these courses are less intelligent when the graduate from them than when they started them, and I have to agree.

So, these professors, who want to desperately keep their jobs and the power they have over kids who go into those courses, want to say that Jordan B. Peterson is ‘harassing’ them because he is creating a website to give people a heads up on who is teaching the course. They are upset he is going to enlighten students about the possible pitfalls of entering these classes so that they can navigate the currents of wholly biased instruction.

University of Toronto faculty members have spoken out against a proposed website that would list women’s studies and other “postmodern neo-Marxist” professors, saying it has created a climate of fear and intimidation.

The proposed website is spearheaded by controversial U of T psychology professor Jordan Peterson, who made headlines a year ago for publicly refusing to use gender-neutral pronouns.

Whether you like it or not, they are neo-Marxist professors. I only need to mention the previous article that I commented on, where Lindsey Shepard’s professors punished her for showing an Interview of him, saying that it was about the same as playing a ‘Hitler’ speech because she didn’t have any negative comments on it. If that is not using fear and intimidation, I do not know what is.

If I was Lindsey, I would keep on doing it, and keep on pushing the envelope against these forces, because they are trying to stifle free speech. We cannot allow these forces to take our ability to talk about controversial issues we are passionate about, because will not be able to progress if nobody can talk about anything without people being offended by ‘literally Hitlers’.

He has millions of views on YouTube for his videos with titles such as “The Stifling of Free Speech on College Campuses” and “The Disability Bureaucracy Wants Your Soul.”

The proposed new site — once under development but currently on hold — is an “information website,” Peterson told the Star on Friday.

In a video from a meeting of U of T’s Students in Support of Free Speech in June, Peterson said the website would enable students to enter university course descriptions, as well as professors’ names, disciplines and places of work, to find out if the course was in what he judges to be a “corrupt” discipline, and then decide for themselves whether they want to take the course and “become a social justice warrior.”

Maybe Lindsey and other Gen Zs, who are more likely to be conservatives, will be able to check this website out and prepare themselves for the constant assault from professors who will not like their point of view. What’s the difference between this Jordan B. Peterson’s website and Yelp? If we want to know what is the best Chinese restaurant in our area, we can go online and find out through Yelp, but God forbid that we have the same kind of resource for choosing a University and a program.

Acting on correct information is power. The Star, which used to be an excellent newspaper in Canada, is saying we should be denied that information to enter into universities blind to the ideological underpinnings. No matter how much you want to paint that you are only looking out for the teachers, there are more students than teachers, and the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

It is these forces that are probably the reason why Canada is trying to enact some new measures to prevent ‘bullying and sexual harassment’.

From Liberals look at tightening workplace harassment rules for federal businesses, Parliament

The new legislation is aimed at giving workers and their employers a clear course of action to better deal with allegations of bullying and sexual harassment

Can you imagine how the federal government is going to implement this legislation? The University of Toronto professors, who would be ‘protected’ by this legislation, are saying that Jordan B. Peterson is ‘bullying’ them, by giving students a CV on their work and the political affiliations, to give students a heads up. With this legislation, that complaint will probably lead to Jordan B. Peterson’s dismissal.

And how will this impact the ordinary person?

With social justice continually moving the goal posts on what is sexist, a simple pat on the back or touching of a knee is sexual harassment, and there goes the job of someone who may have worked for years in a university to get a government job. The elites want a world where men are afraid of women, and women fearful of men, leading to some strange affections happening in our society, like choosing porn over women, and also the development of sex robots.

Our culture has been turned upside down because of these cultural Marxists want to create a communist utopia.

You can see how much that the Star, in particular, really hates Jordan B. Peterson, with their last statement on their story.

This summer, the Star reported that Peterson was earning nearly $50,000 per month through the crowdfunding website Patreon. He launched the campaign last March to help support his YouTube videos.

IOW, they are upset that people support him to the tune of over $50,000 per month, giving him the freedom to live a life of purpose. The establishment only wants us to live their goals for us, not our intention for ourselves. Every time someone says, you can’t go against the flow, and you have to do things this way, we are pressured to accept the elites future.

And people despairing about their futures is why people dream of Hollywood, so much that they bring harm onto themselves.

From George Takei, Richard Dreyfuss the latest in Hollywood to be accused of sexual misconduct

George Takei took to Twitter on Saturday to deny groping a male model and Richard Dreyfuss said he never exposed himself to a female writer helping him with a TV script, both back in the 1980s.

Star Trek actor Takei has been accused of groping a model-actor in 1981, in another development in the barrage of sexual assault, harassment and rape allegations to rock the entertainment industry.

Takei said on Twitter that events described in an interview with Scott Brunton “simply did not occur.”

“Right now it is a he said/he said situation, over alleged events nearly 40 years ago. But those that know me understand that non-consensual acts are so antithetical to my values and my practices, the very idea that someone would accuse me of this is quite personally painful,” Takei tweeted.

Whether George or Richard did these acts is immaterial, because it shows how much people will do to get into Hollywood. I’ve never heard of someone performing sex acts to become any other kind of profession, but the casting couch in Hollywood is a meme for a reason. Hell, there are entire porn websites for ‘casting couches’, where young girls ‘break into the porn biz’ by performing sex acts, and that trope comes from Hollywood.

Now, it’s biting those few people who held power for such a long time, because they abused their power and people are fighting back, as they should. Hollywood is a dinosaur and it needs to die. We’ve replaced Hollywood with NetFlix, Video Games, and we’ve replaced the mainstream media with blogs, YouTubes, and self-publishing. YouTube has made Hollywood irrelevant because we can entertain ourselves with a host of different content creators. Hollywood was the first mass media, but it can’t last forever. The Hollywood producers should decide to step down and allow the marketplace to determine it’s future.

The establishment, when you look at Hollywood, is on its last legs, and it only needs one hero to stand up against it for it to fall. And my sense is it’s Jordan B. Peterson. He is the David that will defeat the Goliath of Social Justice. My hat is off to you.

Thanks for reading my week in review, and have an excellent week.

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Trolly’s week in review – Nov. 5th, 2017 – Islam is the Religion of Peace, and The Democrats are the Politics of Peace.

Usually, I am very open to religious freedom of everybody. I’m a live and let live guy. I love the diversity of different thoughts in all kinds of areas, so if your spiritual practices bring you peace, enlightenment, and a sense of purpose, that’s awesome. Islam, on the other hand, has been a real problem. When 7 percent of followers of Islam think that terrorist attacks are sometimes or often justified, and you look at the vast number of people following Islam, is it a wonder that Islam is responsible over 32,000 terrorist attacks since 9/11, leaving hundreds of thousands dead, and millions think this is sometimes or often justified. The reason why I say seven percent believe, if you randomly surveyed Church goers or Jews in a Synagogue and asked them if terrorist attacks on people are sometimes or often justified, it would be very close to 0 percent. For the thousands of Islamic terrorist assaults, you get one Alexander Bissonnette.

Islam is a dangerous religion, and we need to be aware of this. Islam doesn’t value human life like us, no matter how much they want to say they are are a ‘religion of peace’. The only peace they give is the people who rest in peace when they go barrelling down a bike path with a truck of peace.

From 8 killed in NYC by motorist in ‘cowardly act of terror’

NEW YORK – A man in a rented pickup truck mowed down pedestrians and cyclists along a busy bike path near the World Trade Center memorial on Tuesday, killing at least eight and seriously injuring 11 in what the mayor called “a particularly cowardly act of terror.”

The driver was shot in the abdomen by police after jumping out of the truck with what turned out to be a fake gun in each hand and shouting what witnesses said was “Allahu Akbar,” Arabic for “God is great,” authorities said. The man underwent surgery and was in critical condition but was expected to survive.

Officials who weren’t authorized to discuss the investigation and spoke on the condition of anonymity identified the attacker as 29-year-old Sayfullo Saipov and said he is from Uzbekistan and came to the U.S. legally in 2010. The officials said Saipov has a Florida driver’s license and may have been staying in New Jersey, and a family friend described roots he had in Ohio, where he lived years ago and was a commercial truck driver.

Yes, ‘God is Great’, Allahu Akbar. I feel culturally enriched by Sayfullo Saipov. He has added so much to us, and 8 people are resting in peace today because he thought it was important to use a truck of peace to ‘mow’ down people going down a bike trail. According to the full story, this was one serious comedy of errors that ended in those deaths.

The alleged ISIS fanatic authorities say was behind Tuesday’s deadly New York City slaughter came to the United States seven years ago from Uzbekistan under the Diversity Visa Program, details of Sayfullo Saipov’s travel to America that could become all the more important as President Trump proposes revisions to his “extreme vetting” program.

The Diversity Visa Program, a State Department program which offers a lottery for people from countries with few immigrants in America, drew the ire of Trump early Wednesday morning.

Just think, Nobody did an extensive interview to see if he would fit into America.  He won the lottery, and that was the beginning of the end of each and every person who died in that savage attack.

Those really lucky individuals who will never get to experience any more life because we are infidels and our lives do not mean the same to them. Whether it is victim blaming the thousands of young women raped by grooming gangs in the UK, or killing young fans of Arianna Grande, or running people over on London Bridge, and then killing dozens after with knives, Islam has proven that it doesn’t fit into our tolerant culture.

I still contrast this to the most prominent thing other religions protest, Abortion. I’ve never seen a Christian drive a ‘truck of peace’ to kill women about to get an abortion shouting ‘Praise Jesus’. That just doesn’t happen. Objectively speaking, Islam has caused and is going to continue to generate the most deaths due to terrorism. And they cannot even get along with themselves. Almost 80 percent of the deaths that terrorist attacks claim is against other Muslims.

While Islam is a significant problem, the political left has become more and more violent as well. Whether it is the possible ties Stephen Paddock has with the left, protesting Trump, or James T. Hodgkinson trying to mow down Republicans on a baseball field, the left has a violence problem.

Today, everybody was reminded of it, when Rand Paul’s neighbour attacked Rand while he was mowing the lawn.

From Sen. Rand Paul assaulted at Kentucky home, reportedly by neighbor

Sen. Rand Paul was assaulted at his home in Bowling Green, Kentucky by an irate neighbor while he was mowing his lawn on Friday afternoon, according to neighbors.

Kentucky State Police have arrested the senator’s alleged assailant, identified as Rene Boucher, 59, of Bowling Green for intentionally assaulting Paul at his home, causing minor injury, local law-enforcement officials confirmed to Fox News.

Boucher was arrested and charged with one count of 4th degree assault – minor injury. He was taken to the nearby Warren County Detention Center where he is being held on $5,000 bail.

It’s funny that liberals talk about how violent gun owners are, but of all the televised atrocities, most of them at least point towards Democrats, and not Republicans. And they want people to give up their weapons, which will not work either. Democrats need to learn the riddle of steel. Steel, arms, and tools are only as strong as the person using them. Getting rid of guns is useless because people can stab with knives too, and there’s always trucks of peace and explosives, and a vast amount of different weapons. You cannot ban armaments; peace comes not from disarmament, but by the heart first.

Boucher didn’t have peace in his heart and went out to attack someone he saw as the enemy. While a gun may change this outcome, that man was a fanatic, who only saw Rand as an enemy he needed to destroy, and so he went to ambush and kill him. What we need to disarm is the level of fanaticism that is seen on both sides, because so many people see people with political differences as an enemy, and they need to destroy the enemy. Both the left and the right have many great things that are required, from individual rights to fiscal responsibility; we need both to have a prospering society.

Because murder is in the heart first, and then the arm second, I almost never deal with gun or weapon control. No matter what, criminals with evil in their hearts would only exploit an unarmed populace to do even more evil things, because they will have guns, while law-abiding citizens will not, therefore law-abiding citizens are going to be defenceless.

Politics on both sides of the fence is getting nasty right now, and it is very evident through what is happening on social media sites. The big upset this week was a PBS live stream for Hillary Clinton, where conservative voices who keep the ears to the ground showed up to show their disapproval of Hillary winning the ‘Democratic Woman of the Year Award’.

I don’t usually cover Hillary Clinton in my blog much, she lost, and she’s old news. She’s corrupt, the Uranium One deal, the 33,000 emailsthe Benghazi massacre, the billions in foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation. She played pay to play politics as nobody has ever done before that, and foreign powers put all their eggs into one basket, failing to realise if Hillary didn’t win, they’d have to deal with Trump anyway.

So it wasn’t a surprise to see the messages below.

From PBS FORCED TO Shut Down LIVE Event For Hillary Clinton After Facebook Users Destroy Her With Brutal Comments [Video]

Politicians who think they deserve a vote because they are something, like being black, or a woman, or gay, or whatever superficial characteristic you want to put on, they are sorely mistaken. To expect people to collectivise themselves like that is nothing short of disturbing. When I think about it, it is the opposite of meritocracy. When Hillary Clinton was on Ellen’s Talkshow, she said one of her ‘merits’ was that she was a woman. Wow, because of an accident of birth, she has merit?

So I am glad that there were people who went to that facebook page who expressed their freedom of speech to tell her she didn’t have the merit to be President. It was simple; she didn’t have the merit. After over a billion spent on her presidential run, and the mainstream press constantly giving her positive coverage, she lost because people didn’t like the corruption they saw out of her, nor did they like her arrogant attitude. Everybody thought she would win, but Trump won instead.

So PBS pulled the live stream because so many people were flooding the comments with negative feedback on her political career, putting her in an echo chamber. Politicians have become thin-skinned, and Catherine “Climate Barbie” McKenna is a prime example of being thin-skinned, by allowing nicknames to bother her. I have never used this term before, though I know it is the Rebel Media’s favourite nickname for her. It bothered her so much, and she demanded a person from the Rebel Media not to use it.

Catherine McKenna demands reporter’s outlet stop calling her ‘climate Barbie’ in terse exchange video.

Yeah, Catherine McKenna was so thin-skinned she was upset that people call her a ‘barbie’. And she declares this a victory against ‘misogyny’ as well.

Catherine McKenna (@cathmckenna)

2017-11-03, 9:01 PM

And this is exactly why I do it. We all need to stand together & call out sexist, mysogynistic & bullying comments. Thanks @ohanleyjk. 💪 twitter.com/ohanleyjk/stat…

Yeah, she smashed the patriarchy, a patriarchy which allowed her to win a seat in the House of Commons in the first place. Evidently, there is nothing preventing women from entering into and succeeding at anything they decide to do. But in our perpetually offended world, who thinks insults are the same as injuries, a few jokes are misogyny, an absolute hatred and mistrust of women, because Catherine says so.

So minister McKenna may get upset that I use her very favourite nickname in this blog, but I also call Trudeau Prime Minister JT, I am not treating her any differently than him, I don’t like their policies, and I throw around jokes. I recommend that you do not get offended by the term.

I own that I am Human Garbage after Anita Sarkeesian used it to describe Sargon of Akkad and others like him. I don’t care how people think I am ‘problematic’ for having views about Islamic Immigration, abortion, fiscal responsibility, feminism, black lives matter and so many other issues. I stand proud for those views, and until someone shows me where I am wrong, I will continue to hold on them.

If a simple nickname can upset you this much McKenna, you show that I have more strength than you do, and I am not even a politician. The more I see things, the more I want to get into politics to bring vitality into the legislatures. Weakness causes the political divide. Whether it is PBS sheltering Hillary Clinton from negative comments, or McKenna being upset she is “Climate Barbie”, they want to hide from those negative political messages.

Guys, if you live in Canada, steal this meme, and spread this to her.

It is that weakness that prevents different countries to make the necessary adjustments to immigration when it comes to Islamic immigration. It was weakness and the desire not to be called a racist that allowed Sayfullo Saipov into America through an immigration lottery that he won, and 8 other people lost. It was ​Rene Boucher’s weakness that he decided to stab Congressman Paul instead of expressing his concerns. It is weakness and the desire not to offend people that a 50-meter ‘safe space’ has been legislated around all abortion clinics in Ontario, infringing on people’s unalienable right to free speech.

It’s time to talk about how great the political divide is and to bring ourselves back to a relatively central point, so we never experience this level of political discourse. It’s going to take strong people to move the political conversation back to a more central location.

Well, that’s my week in review guys. Thanks for reading, and have a great week.

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​Trolly’s week in Review – 22/10/2017 – Why Minds.com is the solution of the social media chaos!

It is becoming more and more apparent that the social media world is turning itself upside down. With every single news story about Twitter is cracking down on ‘abuse’, and Facebook fighting ‘Fake News’, people realise that the social media companies are not looking out for their best interest. It was just a rumour in conservative circles for the longest times. Why are we getting so throttled? With the demonetization of YouTube videos, things got real, and even more real when Lauren Southern had her Patreon account deactivated. Especially, when Google fired James Damore for having the audacity of having a different opinion. These strict Internet measures are only causing more and more chaos, which is continually lowering the discourse between people. Is there an oasis on the Internet that has a reasonable freedom of speech commitment, even if tech giants like Twitter, Facebook and Google are killing freedom of speech on the Internet? The answer is yes – there is an awesome social media website where you can share news without any chance of having your freedom of speech throttled, it’s Minds.com.

This week, in particular, I am thankful that I use that platform. With all the tech news I saw where social media websites are in favour of throttling people’s views while giving people ‘more power’ to prevent ‘trolls’ from hurting them in their safe spaces. I can see the Internet start to split in two places. There will be those places that will help eradicate ‘white supremacists’ by protecting special snowflakes in ‘aggression free zones’, and there will be online places where people enjoy free speech, intellectual discourse, and sharing of their views, places like Minds and Gab.ai.

From Twitter Says It Will Finally Do Something About Those Hordes of Nazis

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitted on Friday that the company’s minimalist approach to moderation was not working, saying the site is committed to taking a “more aggressive stance in our rules and how to enforce them” in the wake of numerous high-profile public relations nightmares.

“We see voices being silenced on Twitter every day,” Dorsey wrote. “We’ve been working to counteract this for the past 2 years.”

When I think of this statement, I think of Babylon 5 season 2. As President Clarke started to reign things in every place that Earth had political power, he introduced the Blackwatch. When they arrived at the station, they talked about dissent against the president, even something as simple as complaining about something. Each security officer for the massive space station had to report things they saw that wasn’t ‘kosher’ with the political climate, leading to many people getting arrested for having a different opinion. Yes, you heard me right. J Michael Stravinski predicted the current political discourse.

We know this is happening with Goodfella. Sure the tweet was dark humour, asking where are the Trucks of Peace when they need them, but getting arrested for a hate crime, honestly! And we also know that in Ireland, Cound Dankula was arrested for a video of a pug giving the Hitler Salute. Nobody can tell me these things are not happening in our countries anymore. Wrong thought includes jail time.

With all the arrests we have seen lately for simple jokes on the Internet, freedom of speech is essential. Currently, Minds.com says their extent of free speech is the standard of the United States, as long as you do not advocate for illegal activities, you are safe to post there. There is no reason to worry that someone is going to get so offended that they are going to call the police against you because you posted something offensive. The extent of free speech there is outstanding. I’ve written two blogs on Hitler and World War 2. Blog 1, Blog 2. A blog that looked at everything that makes people uncomfortable, including pictures of aborted fetuses and beheading videos. Personally, that was the weirdest and hardest blog I have ever written. I’ve written blogs about self-mastery and trigger warnings and safe spaces as well.

Minds.com is so different than the other social media websites on the Internet. They will not censor you and will allow you to post whatever content you want, boost it, and share it with others, though the boosting system has to be safe for work. Not only does Minds allow you to post your content without any reservation, but it also allows you to do something Twitter, and Facebook never allows you to do, advertise your content through the boosting system free of charge. Sure, you can pay for points to boost your content, but you can also earn points to promote your content for every comment someone makes on your post, every upvote, and every remind (their reposting function). You also get 50 points when you log into your minds.com account, 15 points when you publish a blog with them, or you post a meme or video, and 1 point for every link you post.

“… Today we saw voices silencing themselves and voices speaking out because we’re *still* not doing enough,” he continued. “We’ve been working intensely over the past few months and focused today on making some critical decisions.”

Dorsey added that the new rules will target “unwanted sexual advances, non-consensual nudity, hate symbols, violent groups, and tweets that glorifies violence”—meaning that perhaps yes, someone is finally going to ban all those swastika-posting Pepes on the site.

Jack is talking about how Rose McGowan had a temporary ban on her account, which prompted the #WomenBoycottTwitter campaign. He has to do something to appease the hegemony of social justice and feminism. So he picks what everybody is talking about right now, ‘digital cat calling’, ‘Pepe memes’, the ‘alt-right’, and all the ‘right-winged’ violence.

The problem with Jack’s statement, people, think ‘words are violent’, but their violence is ‘free speech’.

I’m talking about Antifa. You know that ‘right-winged’ accounts will be hit more often than Antifa, even though 90 percent of the political violence is Antifa right now. You can tell this is Twitter’s slant, and the slant of the article, because the first thing they discuss is ‘swastika-posting Pepes’, Pepe’s who spread the Soviet Union logo will be completely allowed, because of the awesome double standard that both Gizmodo and Twitter has. I remember when Gizmodo was an awesome place to get tech news. When I started to see ‘Anti-Trump’ articles last year, I was bewildered. Why are they talking about that, they’re a tech magazine, not a political one. But I guess that’s the new ‘world of tech’.

On Minds, the standard is ‘does this break the laws of the US’. The creators of Minds.com made that decision when people advocating Pedophilia came to the website to promote lowering the age of consent. They were using the #LoveisLove and #Lovehasnoage campaigns on their channels on the service. Minds decided to ban their accounts and their IP addresses, and the problem disappeared when they brought that hammer down. I am sure that Minds.com would start prohibiting channels that celebrated any political violence. Nobody can post and encourage people to punch a ‘Nazi’ or a commie.

On the rest – the whole unwanted sexual advances are pathetic. I can’t believe some guys would be so socially awkward that they would ‘try to flirt’ with a girl they don’t know online. But this can be handled by the people rather quickly, so nothing should be done drastically to reduce it. People already have the block and report buttons. You can block that person immediately if you don’t like where he is going and report him on twitter. You can also change your profile picture to discourage guys from trying to contact you. But these acts are either not illegal in the jurisdiction people live in, or they shouldn’t be.

Why Twitter has to get involved in something any man or woman can do immediately is very perplexing.

If you want to legislate a simple interaction between 2 people, you are taking a massive step towards totalitarianism; I’m talking to you UK and Twitter. Stop it. People can walk away or prevent the situations, especially on Twitter. ‘Cat-Calling’ should never be illegal.

The non-consensual nudity is entirely different. While I have not seen such things happening from my side of Twitter, if people are posting to revenge porn accounts, that is shameful, and I do believe illegal. Everything needs to be consensual when it comes to anything outwardly sexual.

Like I said before, Minds.com follows the laws, and there are many revenge porn laws in the US that states that is illegal. I know Minds.com would ban those accounts, according to the US laws against posting revenge porn.

When social media platforms get involved in ‘non-illegal’ but socially unacceptable things, that’s a problem. Where do we draw the line? As I said, I don’t like ‘digital cat-calling’ because it is lame and pathetic. If you want to meet a girl, develop a hobby first, and the girl will come eventually. Then while you are enjoying your hobby, there’s going to be women involved in it, and then talk to them. Whether it is bowling, hunting, fishing, etc., etc., etc. You’re going to find someone with your same passion, which is a great starting point for a relationship. That’s how I met my fiancé. When I attended a mixer at my old college, she started to talk about the video games she was playing, which I also enjoyed. I decided let’s take the chance, and it’s been one remarkable journey since.

Twitter is going way too far on that, but I know Minds.com official policy would be, that is not illegal, so we are not going to come down on it. Just block this person, and report them if necessary, which should be Twitter’s response.

Social media is getting so paranoid about all of these ‘trolls’ it is ridiculous. Facebook has written all new rules on political discourse, to prevent hacking and trolling politicians, because that ‘harmed’ the US election and British elections.

From Facebook to launch hotline for hacked Canadian politicians

Facebook Inc. is launching an initiative to help Canadian politicians and parties protect their accounts in the lead-up to the next federal election while acknowledging the difficulties of policing fake news and misleading ads on its platform.

The social-media company will launch a Canadian “election integrity initiative” on Thursday, Kevin Chan, Facebook Canada’s head of public policy, said in an interview. The changes will include an emergency e-mail address politicians and parties can contact to have Facebook staff shut down and restore accounts that have been hacked.

Let’s police ‘fake news’, i.e. opinions political parties do not like, doesn’t sound ominous at all, LOL. It looks like they are going to try to throttle all the alternative media because we do influence the world. They can try to silence me, but the tighter they grip social media, the more people are going to leave and join places like Minds.com to get their fix of alternative news.

During the first ‘purge’ against ‘fake news’ on social media websites, Minds.com traffic started to skyrocket. Every single time the mainstream media started to cry about the alternative media, more and more people started to come to Minds.com, and eventually, there will be a tipping point where people are going to come to Minds.com on mass. They will not ‘silence’ your ‘fake news’ because they stay politically neutral. They just want their platform to grow, and so do I.

Sure, hacking a politician’s or political parties Facebook account is a shitty thing to do, so helping them is fine. Help the Canadian parties and politicians maintain a ‘clear’ account. Give them an email address they can contact to restore their accounts.

But what is the plan to deal with ‘fake news’. It’s like the government can sanction what you are and are not allowed to say. I bet if Trudeau saw my blog, he wished he could make it disappear, with all the anti-Trudeau blogs I write. I wish I didn’t have to do it so much, but there are weekly embarrassments that happen within his party.

In addition, Mr. Chan said, Facebook will issue a cyberhygiene guide they can use to secure their pages, and launch a partnership with a non-profit group called MediaSmarts to educate voters on the dangers of fake news.

The initiative is an attempt to address the threats to Canadian elections that were laid out in a recent report by the Communications Security Establishment (CSE), and stop hackers and other forces from disrupting the country’s democratic process during the 2019 vote. It is also a response to broader concerns over the growing presence of fake news and misinformation campaigns on the internet.

“You’re never 100-per-cent sure that nothing is going to get through, but we are certainly putting all efforts into ensuring that we are making the platform as inhospitable as possible for the bad actors or malicious content,” Mr. Chan said.

I wonder if I am going to be considered a bad actor in 2019? Are my blogs ‘malicious content’, because I do not like Prime Minister JT? Will you throttle my blog down because I think Trudeau is an immature boy who is out of his depth, but corrupt as all hell? Am I a ‘force’ that will be disrupting my countries democratic process.

These measures are not going to help Canada, but it will actually harm Canada and the democratic process. When Prime Minister JT starts the 2019 election campaign, I am going to ‘spread misinformation’ when I post memes of Trudeau and every single thing he has done wrong during his government, to keep him accountable.

Fake News was never a thing until President Trump was elected. When he got elected, when the MSM said he only had a two percent chance of winning, they had to come up with a scapegoat. Much of Trump’s popularity was in the alternative media, like my blog. People who challenge the mainstream narratives. When people’s trust in the media has continually gone down and down, they turn to someone like me to get their news and analysis, and we share our stories on social media. Well, the MSM has to come up with a strategy to deal with this, so they come up with a new term, fake news (despite the fact I studied journalism).

When you hear the words ‘fake news’, replace those words with the true representation, alternative media. The government wants to fight the alternative media because we can sway people now, and the alternative media is on a wave to fight globalism and elitism in all our nations. You’re not going to stop me PM JT. I’m still going to write this blog for my 60+ readers per day.

While Facebook is allowing the government to censor the people, by asking it to fight ‘fake news’, Minds.com will not do that. It’s commitment to free speech that doesn’t violate US law is paramount to people who want to fight this wave of governmental and social media censorship. The creators of Minds will not censor any speech that doesn’t break the law, no matter how much other social media platforms will deny your freedom of speech. The government cannot prevent us from speaking our minds, posting up our blogs, and sharing everything we want to share, as long as it is legal in the US to do so.

If you haven’t already joined Minds.com, you need to. We can see the writing on the walls. All the social media sites will continue to deny our free speech. Minds.com has stated their standard is the first amendment and US law. As long as you are saying things that are legal to say than you can post whatever you want on their website.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you join up on Minds.com, and connect with me @TheWhiteDnPurpleH.

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