This week in Make Gaming Great Again, May 12th, 2019

Over the past couple of days, I’ve had a really eye opening experiences, and some deep soul searching. After all, an unexamined life is one not worth living. I know Facebook and the other big 4 social media platforms have reach, but does they have flexibility.

My guess, no, they don’t. I introduced GamerGate Trolls, and all the work I have done on it with a facebook group, and in 36 hours, I was banished from the group. I guess they can’t stand the heat. I’ve been thinking, as a huge Introvert, I have always avoided trouble and drama in my life. Now that I am seeking it, I have come to a real realization, fuck anybody on those platforms.

They are not my platforms. It is Minds, Gab, Steemit, BitChute and Voat that my audience lies. Other than that, everything went good this week.

Switching over to a wordpress blog website has been remarkably awesome for me. I know some people here are saying not to use it, but you can’t run in fear either. If you run from that server, you give them the power. If you stay and fight like King Leonidas and the 300, you can give people the hope to stand. We need to stand and not hide behind rocks.

If they think we can’t fight back and stand and be just as inflexible as they are, than they do not know what is coming. Who are these people, that think they can dictate what is allowed as online speech, to defy us! They are nothing but steppingstones to walk all over. They cannot stop us, once we decide we don’t want to be stopped.

Feel free to check out the work I’ve done this week – especially the Blogs – they support me financially.

Vids this week – – BattleHeart 1 – Review – Facebook Vs Minds – BattleHeart 1 – Mechanics

Blogs this week – – Introducing Trolly McPatriarchy – Introducing Trollette Von BigTits – Introducing the Deplorables – Introducing the FisherFolk


This Week in Make Gaming Great Again, May 5th, 2019

After so much turbulence last week, this week has gone perfectly.

I’m officially on vacation right now. No real work for a couple of weeks. Just some writing, drawing (I’m redrawing the characters I did in the beginning – like Based Stickman, Anonymous, Trolly and Trollette – that shouldn’t take more than a couple of days) – and putting up some vids on Battle Heart 1 and 2, reviewing it as a game developer, and some other social media reviews.

This week, I did a huge amount of finalizing work for this block of work. – MGGA Plays – BattleHeart Legacy – Art

I look at the art of BattleHeart Legacy – both in the 3d adaptation of their original work, and with their newly created storytelling elements – which were good considering this was their very first attempt at it. – MGGA Marketing – BitChute vs YouTube

I look at the current states of these two great platforms, where YouTube buries your videos in obscurity – no matter what it is, while BitChute has issues with their processing servers and a self inflicted wound of not offering the right incentives to financially supporting the website – more exposure and advertisement for the support tiers. – GamerGate Trolls Update 2

This is the big work this week – the culmination of 100s of hours of writing, drawing, recording and compiling, I have my newest update video on GamerGate Trolls. I did learn a lot from it, and next time I promise it will be shorter and better compartmentalization.

This month is just relaxing, and I am already feeling much better than at the end of last week. Keep playing games my friends, and developing them.

This week in Make Gaming Great Again, April 29th, 2019

This has been a very stressful week. I’ve had some issues with modelling my character all this week, the head didn’t turn out just right, but I can see where I was going wrong now. That puts me a week behind in my schedule.

Other than that, this week has been going fairly well with the two new series – MGGA Plays and MGGA marketing. They’re basic little series that are not hugely in-depth, but should put people in the right direction.

The videos include – – MGGA Marketing – The Big Four

Over the last couple of months, I’ve come to realize that, even though we don’t like the big four, they still work, and any kind of social media presence can’t be put just in the alternative platforms. You need both. – MGGA Plays – BattleHeart Legacy – Review

I do a comprehensive review of everything in the game, like most review videos, looking what was done right and what needed improvement of the game. – MGGA Plays – BattleHeart Legacy – Mechanics

This episode focuses on game development mechanics – how I would have done the things that was done in the game, both in the questing and character customization mechanics in the game.

This week is going to be exciting.

I’ll be creating a trailer for GamerGate Trolls this week.

I’ll conclude the final review of BattleHeart Legacy with all the art stuff and storytelling.

And I will be creating a marketing video focused on BitChute Vs. YouTube.

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