MGGA – Blender Lesson 4 – Let’s Make a Space Ship – Modelling Tutorial – S2L13

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Everything you see in a 3d video game is a model that is textured. So one of the most important skills you can start to develop is modelling. Today, we are going to start off slowly, with my MAGA Ship.

We’re learning how to change our layouts, how to bring in reference pictures to rotoscope our ships, and we’re learning all kinds of things in modelling – how to extrude, inset, join multiple items, and merge vertices to ensure everything is completely smooth.

After you model this, keep going. Find a tutorial and blueprints to make whatever you want to model. Remember, lateral is important, modelling a cup with Blender Guru’s beginner tutorials is a start, but modelling my spaceship helps you learn more, and then tackling something really interesting can help you take your modelling skills from a complete newbie to proficient. I would love to see something as complex as a star destroyer flying around the solar system.


MGGA – Blender Lesson 3 – Let’s Talk About Planetary Colours – Materials Lesson – S2L10

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Today, we are going to learn materials in Blender, by making our solar system look similar to our planets.

To do this, I am going to teach you how to change render settings and what these render settings are good for. Then I am going to show you how to apply materials and how to make the sun shine through those materials. I’m going to show you how to make planets look like they have an atmosphere, and I’m going to show you how to create clusters on a mesh that has a second material to ensure the Earth has oceans and land masses.

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MGGA – Welcome to Blender – S2L4

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Welcome to my Blender tutorial series. This is the first lesson – how to download Blender, how to install it, how to move the camera around in it and set it up for orthographic views, how to move, rotate and scale objects, how to change the camera settings for easier manipulations, and how to setup your folders to make things really easy to get at.

In this series, we are going to create the solar system, so if you want to go ahead, you should google all the planets and start a bit of an email database on the planets so we can work quickly to space them out and get the right colour for them.

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