MGGA – Introduction to Squash and Stretch – Principles of Animation – S2L3

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New Lesson – Introduction to Squashing and Stretching – Principles of Animation – S2L3. Today, we talk about one of most ill-informed concept for all art – the principles of animation, and the most important concept in it, the principle of squash and stretch. Whether you are Peter Parker, being squashed by a bunch of rubble as Doc Oc has smashed you into to and then exloding out of it, or it’s simply animating a bouncing ball that is squashed as it hits the ground and then stretches as it rebounds up, or you’re Trollette who huddles up near a fire, and then stretches forth to tease the guys, it shows intention and character in all these things.

In gaming animations, I don’t know how many indie developers obviously don’t know these important concepts to make their animations have energy and come to life, so this is a vitally important lesson for everybody to watch if they are serious about game development.

Principles of Animation

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