Working with Blender Now

For the past 2-3 weeks, I’ve been working to learn Blender through an awesome YouTube channel – Blender Guru. Andrew is an excellent teacher, and takes just enough time to educate you on what to do in Blender to ensure you do all the right things.

I’ve gone through 5 of his videos now, one to introduce 3d work, which I could have skipped because I’ve taken animation before, using Autodesk SoftImage. They killed the software, and Blender is free, so I would rather not go into massive amounts of debt to create a video game.

The next four episodes of his show have been very fun to follow, and I can see how I am going to teach you all Blender to create some awesome effects when I create the solar system. He’s not teaching that, he’s teaching something completely different – making a still life of a plate of donuts on a table. I’m going to show you how to create a space ship and the solar system.

A radioactive donut, using a material that will allow me to show you how to make the Sun.

Just a normal chocolate donut.

The original donut without any materials on it.

A flaming monkey skull.

I can see, from how easy it was to use particles in SoftImage 6.5 compared to future versions they came out with, Autodesk planned on killing it. Blender was very easy to use to create that fire effect on the monkey head. It really reminded me of SoftImage 6.5 – a couple of clicks and a few slider bars and you could do some amazing stuff with it.

I definitely recommend Blender as the 3d tool we use to create everything we need for our games.


MGGA – Drawing a Character From Scratch Part 3 of 3

Full Video –

Apps –

Procreate for iPad – ($13.99 cnd but it’s worth it)

If Procreate is too Expensive – Autodesk SketchBook for iPad –

Virtual Human Body for iOS –

Drawing a human body can take practice, and sometimes you don’t have it right. No worries though, with digital art, it is only a few clicks of a mouse or a flick of your stylus to erase what you find wrong and redo it.

Remember, the face ratio is 50/50/50 – halfway down the face is the eye line, halfway down that is the nose line, and halfway down that is the mouth line. Once you have your face all proportioned, the body falls right down from the face.

At 2 head lengths, a woman’s breasts are seated. The chest starts at about 1.25 heads down, and goes to 2.5 heads down and is 2 heads wide, including the shoulders. The hips are 2.25 heads wide and start at 3 heads down and go down to the 4th head down.

Arms are about 2.5 heads tall, and start at the top portion of the chest. Legs start half way down the Hips, at about 3.5 heads down, and go down to the full 7 heads tall character height.

After you have that skeleton in, feel free to draw in a sketch of the character to get everything looking natural and then ink the character in a add the proper colouring.

So ends our lessons on drawing a character from scratch. From here you should be able to draw any character you want out of your head. Just keep on practicing. Have patience, you’re not going to be perfect. In fact Vincent Van Gogh would destroy 90% of his paintings before he had one he was proud of, so if it takes you 9 tries before you get a character right, don’t worry.

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Vagnita Suckeesian Character Sheet

You can’t have a parody of GamerGate and Internet Drama without making Anita Sarkeesian, or at least a caricature of her, as the main enemy of the game, which gave birth to Vagnita Suckeesian.

I was inspired by Disney and other cartoon villains, like the Grinch (I’ll give you 3 guesses which emotion was inspired by him), while at the same time, looking at Anita’s way over dyed and damaged hair, which I am contemplating is going to be part of her attack style.

Vaggy, of course, is out to censor the entire Internet, cleansing it of any idea, video, blog or game that disagrees with her narrow Ideology.

MGGA – Drawing Characters from Scratch

Full Video –

Drawing Heads Album –

Procreate for iPad – ($13.99 cnd but it’s worth it)

If Procreate is too Expensive – Autodesk SketchBook for iPad –

Virtual Human Body for iOS –

This is the first of three episodes on how to draw a character from scratch. The most important aspect of drawing a character is the face. We’ve all heard these ideas before – the Eyes are the mirrors of the soul, and ‘90%’ of communication comes from our body language.

Most people are extremely intimidated by drawing faces, but once you learn some basic techniques, drawing faces becomes a process that is easily done. First, find the kind of face you want to create, looking at the base faces that I’ve provided in the Facebook Album I’ve linked. The common facial types are in two files for male heads and female heads. Once you select it, just a quick drawing over that base on a new layer and drawing the base lines – 50% down the face for the eye line, then another 25% for the nose, and half of what is left for the lip line.

After that, draw in the details, using the other references, to block in the nose, the eyes and the lips properly to give your character the essentials to show emotion, desire and interest that conveys what you need to our players to feel a connection with that character.

Once that is done for the base emotion on the face, you should start video taping and acting out this character’s reactions to the things that will happen in the game and use those as references to really convey every possible emotion the character will face and draw the facial differences over and over again. All you need to do is duplicate the first face and then erase and redraw the emotions on his face.

The next step is next week, drawing the character from all the different possible angles using the base layers, showing the eye line, the nose line and lip line to reveal the character from all kinds of different angles.

The next week after that, we will learn how to draw a full body character from different angles to convey more character.

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