MGGA – Welcome to Virtual Coder – Lesson 1 – Functions and Function Arguments – S2L2

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Virtual Coder game

I do apologize for not finding a suitable alternative to SwiftPlaygrounds last ‘semester’ while I was teaching the fundamentals of coding. This game will allow you to learn and practice simple coding.

Actually, all coding is simple, when you break it down to it’s component parts, so this program will do nicely.

I’ve done the first five levels of this game – and these levels, we talk about functions again – – which is a group of coding that makes a game or program perform a specific function. We also added to our learning of functions by adding arguments – there is a turn function, and you can decide whether you turn left or right in them.

Functions are important to video games, because you can create all kinds of unique user experiences, including powers within your game to be called up when the player presses the right buttons.

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