Blender Update

I’ve started to record the tutorials for Blender, which I will be unveiling in Feb. We’re going to create the Solar System from scratch in Blender, and there’s a great deal of work.

Here’s two screen shots – one is just the pure screen shot – and the orange dot is Earth.

This screen shot is a meme, to remind us how small we really are. Our planet is too small, and life too short for all this hate in it. When thousands of people can hate a kid with a Maga hat with a smirk to the levels I saw last weekend, there’s something deeply wrong, because we all live on this tiny planet – represented by this tiny orange dot!

The person is Carl Sagan, who has passed away, so I put him back, because he says practically the exact same message of peace while he narrated the launch of the Voyager probe, and I ghosted him in as best as I could with a Star Wars feel to him!


The MAGA Kids Event

Full Video –

This weekend had one of the most outrageous events that I have ever witness. Some kid, who is only ‘guilty’ of wearing a MAGA hat and nervously smiling while someone beat a drum in his face, was the target of such a hateful mob of media pundits, celebrities and hateful, vengeful people.

If goodness is all about forgiveness and charity, these people have no high road, and have taken the worst road possible.

Those kids need to know there are people who stand behind them – who live a life of forgiveness and charity. We should not let them feel alone, but that we stand behind them with the truth!