MGGA – Blender Tutorial 2 – Lets Make the Solar System – S2L7

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Welcome to Blender guys. One of the first things I became fascinated with when I was a kid, 7 or 8 years old, was the solar system. I imagined all kinds of adventures flying in a spaceship like Luke Skywalker and the Voltron Force, fighting evil with my lightsaber and the Blazing Sword.

Today, lets create the solar system in Blender, and the information we have on our solar system.

I’m going to show you how to delete things in Blender.

Then we are going to learn how bring objects into Blender, namely spheres representing the sun and the planets.

We are going to learn about the planets, to properly place them in the scene and resize the planet to be the right size, through translation and scaling.

I’m also going to show you how to ensure we apply our transformations so wonky things won’t happen when you attach things together.

After that, I will show how to add modifiers to our meshes, to make them look much better.

Plus, I am going to show you how to operate the side panels to quickly name things.

I’m also going to show you how to group objects into collections, so you can isolate different objects, like one group for planets, another for the scene camera and light.

And I’m going to show you how to save your work.

Once you learn all of this, why don’t you add the Moon, like I am in the next episode.

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MGGA – Introduction to Squash and Stretch – Principles of Animation – S2L3

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New Lesson – Introduction to Squashing and Stretching – Principles of Animation – S2L3. Today, we talk about one of most ill-informed concept for all art – the principles of animation, and the most important concept in it, the principle of squash and stretch. Whether you are Peter Parker, being squashed by a bunch of rubble as Doc Oc has smashed you into to and then exloding out of it, or it’s simply animating a bouncing ball that is squashed as it hits the ground and then stretches as it rebounds up, or you’re Trollette who huddles up near a fire, and then stretches forth to tease the guys, it shows intention and character in all these things.

In gaming animations, I don’t know how many indie developers obviously don’t know these important concepts to make their animations have energy and come to life, so this is a vitally important lesson for everybody to watch if they are serious about game development.

Principles of Animation

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MGGA – Welcome to the ‘Second Semester’ – S2L1

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Welcome back to Make Gaming Great Again.

Last ‘semester’ was a bit of an idea, to see if I could start a game development channel on YouTube and BitChute and see if people thought it was valuable. While YouTube certainly has me in some kind of algorithm wilderness, BitChute has over 2000 views and gets more popular every single week I check its stats.

The most important lessons of the first semester is – don’t be afraid of coding, just learn the definitions and practice. Don’t be afraid of art, just use tutorials and get better, then start characters and caricatures from scratch to further your skills.

The whole 10,000 hour rule is all about learning, practicing what you learn, and then trying things and experimenting. If anything, this is the most important thing I think I could have taught anybody in the 24 videos for ‘Semester’ 1 – learn, practice, share and experiment.

This ‘semester’, we will be learning some more advanced things for sure, but it still comes down with learning, practicing, sharing and experimenting.

First, we will learn the principles of animation – 12 things you need to learn to bring your creations to life, be it 2d or 3d animation.

Second, we will learn Blender by creating the solar system. I also recommend you learn Blender Guru’s blender basics tutorial group, because I will teach much of the same stuff he is teaching, but you will be doing something different from what I am doing – he shows you how to make some donuts and a cup on a table, and I’m showing you how to create the Solar System, with the exact same lessons – something called lateral learning.

Third, I will be teaching you coding again through a new coding game that I just learned about. It has 11 levels, each with a more involved coding solution – perfect for practicing and gaining skills.

Thanks for the support and welcome to my ‘second’ semester, making games great again!

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Blender Updates

As I have stated, I have been working with Blender over the past month and a half. It is a remarkably powerful program – and it’s free. I am working on creating a project to create the solar system, which is how I am going to show you the basics of Blender.

This render is of the Earth, fully textured, with an environment texture for the star fields around it.

This is the planet from a different camera angle, with some asteroids in the backgrounds, barely seen.

Here is the solar system without proper light, but the creation of the asteroid fields using particles.

This is the Earth, the moon and the Space Ship I am going to show you how to model in improper lighting.

Here is the Earth, which is very dark – due to improper lighting.

This is the Earth, with just materials, with a couple of planets in the background.

This is the MAGA ship.

This is the MAGA ship without engines and without blasters.

Some wisdom from Carl Sagan about how small we are.

Here’s some more wisdom from Carl Sagan.

I started this meme after the MAGA covington event!

The original planet placement, with all planets, with just the Earth selected, the tiny little orange dot.