MGGA – Introduction to Caricatures

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Wow, we’re finally done it. We’re at the end of the first phase of Make Gaming Great Again, ending our introduction series of the basic skills and concepts of game development. In this episode, I look at how to create caricatures of people and bring them to life, an important art skill to master.

When you do caricatures, you have to think about the person you are caricaturing. You need to learn the mannerism, their physical characteristics, and their personality. As an example, since I have a caricature of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in my game as PM JT, the name is a caricature that he seems like some surfer dude/ski dude here in Canada, he’s informal, but virtue signals his support of causes like the LGBT community, so his ski jacket is rainbow coloured, exemplifying this guy who is way out of his element as he leads a nation.

Caricatures are fun little elements that can bring lots of things to life. We see them every single day with caricatures of all kinds of public figures and they are an important part of democracy, keeping public figures in check if they go too far, be it Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau or Anita Sarkeesian.

For the rest of the month, I want you to keep on going through my channel, thinking about and working on a game idea, because in February I’m going onto the Blender and I’m going to teach you how to create 3d art for your video game. 3d games sell better than 2d games by far, if they are done right. So while you are doing that, go to Blender Guru’s channel and start learning some 3d art with him, so next month you will be able to create a scene where a space ship flies through the solar system which is also animated.

Thanks for all the support you have show me by coming to my channel to learn game development, helping to Make Games Great Again.


MGGA – Drawing a Character From Scratch Part 3 of 3

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Drawing a human body can take practice, and sometimes you don’t have it right. No worries though, with digital art, it is only a few clicks of a mouse or a flick of your stylus to erase what you find wrong and redo it.

Remember, the face ratio is 50/50/50 – halfway down the face is the eye line, halfway down that is the nose line, and halfway down that is the mouth line. Once you have your face all proportioned, the body falls right down from the face.

At 2 head lengths, a woman’s breasts are seated. The chest starts at about 1.25 heads down, and goes to 2.5 heads down and is 2 heads wide, including the shoulders. The hips are 2.25 heads wide and start at 3 heads down and go down to the 4th head down.

Arms are about 2.5 heads tall, and start at the top portion of the chest. Legs start half way down the Hips, at about 3.5 heads down, and go down to the full 7 heads tall character height.

After you have that skeleton in, feel free to draw in a sketch of the character to get everything looking natural and then ink the character in a add the proper colouring.

So ends our lessons on drawing a character from scratch. From here you should be able to draw any character you want out of your head. Just keep on practicing. Have patience, you’re not going to be perfect. In fact Vincent Van Gogh would destroy 90% of his paintings before he had one he was proud of, so if it takes you 9 tries before you get a character right, don’t worry.

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MGGA – Drawing a character from Scratch, part 2 of 3

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Once you understand the basic ratio of the face – 50/50/50 – halfway down the face you get the eye line, halfway down that you get the nose line and halfway down that you get the mouth line, you can start drawing characters from different angles.

All you need to do is make a new layer in your drawing tool, and block out those lines and then start angling the face in the way you want, side profile, 45 degree angle, slightly tilted.

I’ve included brand new drawings and tutorials on the drawing heads folder on my facebook group, so if you want to go there and download them that will help you out like it helped me out.

Next week, I will finalize drawing a character from scratch, looking at how to draw a full body character from different angles.

Thanks for watching and Making Games Great Again.

MGGA – Drawing Characters from Scratch

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Procreate for iPad – ($13.99 cnd but it’s worth it)

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This is the first of three episodes on how to draw a character from scratch. The most important aspect of drawing a character is the face. We’ve all heard these ideas before – the Eyes are the mirrors of the soul, and ‘90%’ of communication comes from our body language.

Most people are extremely intimidated by drawing faces, but once you learn some basic techniques, drawing faces becomes a process that is easily done. First, find the kind of face you want to create, looking at the base faces that I’ve provided in the Facebook Album I’ve linked. The common facial types are in two files for male heads and female heads. Once you select it, just a quick drawing over that base on a new layer and drawing the base lines – 50% down the face for the eye line, then another 25% for the nose, and half of what is left for the lip line.

After that, draw in the details, using the other references, to block in the nose, the eyes and the lips properly to give your character the essentials to show emotion, desire and interest that conveys what you need to our players to feel a connection with that character.

Once that is done for the base emotion on the face, you should start video taping and acting out this character’s reactions to the things that will happen in the game and use those as references to really convey every possible emotion the character will face and draw the facial differences over and over again. All you need to do is duplicate the first face and then erase and redraw the emotions on his face.

The next step is next week, drawing the character from all the different possible angles using the base layers, showing the eye line, the nose line and lip line to reveal the character from all kinds of different angles.

The next week after that, we will learn how to draw a full body character from different angles to convey more character.

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Introduction to Female Drawing

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MGGA – Introduction to Humanoid Drawing

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Procreate for iPad – ($13.99 cnd but it’s worth it)

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There are some similarities between drawing men and drawing women. First, the basic rules that similar between men and women. Both men and women are about 7 heads tall, and their shoulders and chests are 2.5-3 heads wide. That’s where the similarities end, women’s waists are narrower being 2 heads wide, and the hips of the woman is as wide as their shoulders, so women are more curvy than a man.

In this lesson, we have four tutorials from drawing hub, two that I saved before the tutorials got updated, and two updated tutorials. So if you want to spend time drawing each tutorial 10 times each, you can get all kinds of practice on it.

I always recommend a pencil tool in painting programs to draw before you go onto pen tools, because the pen tool needs to be very precise to look right, where a pencil tool can be drawn over to make look right, a pen tool looks messy if you do that.

After you get enough practice on both the male drawing and the female drawing, take a try at using the pen tool in your drawings. It can be frustrating at first, but after time will get better at it.

Thanks for watching and making gaming great again.