MGGA – Principles of Animation 4 – Animation Types – S2L12

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Principles of Animation

Today’s episode is on animation types. There is two types of animation. The first is frame by frame, where an animator starts from the starting drawing and then animates some kind of zany sequences that goes all over the place.

The second is pose to pose, which is more used in the game development companies, because computers do the heavy work – you just need to pose the character at certain frames and let the computer blend the different poses frame by frame itself – which every animation program does – from Flash to 3d programs like Blender, 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4d.

We examine what is best for what kind of game and situation, and how the process can go all wrong, like we saw in Mass Effect : Andromeda – with waddle walkings, tired faces and so many weirdness, caused by MoCap aninmation, which is frame to frame animation a computer is interpreting as movement – because computer AI is our retarded autistic cousin trying to understand human behaviour – it needs humans before and after to make it look right.

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