MGGA – Principles of Animation 11 – Solid Drawing – S2L32

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Principles of Animation

As you experiment with both Blender and drawing, there will be some realizations that you will realize and start working towards. First, blender only knows how to make straight lines. It doesn’t do curves with each edge. So by drawing things as straight lines, you can create drawings that should allow you to easily transfer your characters from a 2d screen to a 3d screen.

And once you master characters, environments can be similarly changed into the same kinds of line art and recreated in Blender as well – just bring in a picture and then start modelling each component based upon lines you see in the picture.

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Blender Updates

As I have stated, I have been working with Blender over the past month and a half. It is a remarkably powerful program – and it’s free. I am working on creating a project to create the solar system, which is how I am going to show you the basics of Blender.

This render is of the Earth, fully textured, with an environment texture for the star fields around it.

This is the planet from a different camera angle, with some asteroids in the backgrounds, barely seen.

Here is the solar system without proper light, but the creation of the asteroid fields using particles.

This is the Earth, the moon and the Space Ship I am going to show you how to model in improper lighting.

Here is the Earth, which is very dark – due to improper lighting.

This is the Earth, with just materials, with a couple of planets in the background.

This is the MAGA ship.

This is the MAGA ship without engines and without blasters.

Some wisdom from Carl Sagan about how small we are.

Here’s some more wisdom from Carl Sagan.

I started this meme after the MAGA covington event!

The original planet placement, with all planets, with just the Earth selected, the tiny little orange dot.