This Week in Make Gaming Great Again, Feb 17th, 2019

Well, things are going pretty amazingly. First, finally on Valentine’s day, Exclusively Games went online. I don’t know how many articles I have read from there. It’s awesome to finally have a place where we can just kick back and read some stuff on games, and discuss them without social justice in them. It’s perfect and everything I expected.

For all my supporters, thanks for helping me break 3400 views on BitChute. Yes, my little grassroots, lets develop video games together, channel is going for over 4000 views by the end of this month. This is far more than I expected. Like I say, share these videos with everybody you can who is interested in learning the whole of the game development process.

On GamerGate Trolls, I started to really get things done – By mid next week, I will have Trolly’s face done. When I get it done, I will change my channel portrait to the new 3d Trolly, and a final time when I actually do the texturing of Trolly. By the end of next week, I will have Trolly’s body completely modelled.

The Game Design Manual didn’t get much work done, because I was super busy trying to help my mom this week. She was doing much better, for anybody who might be wondering, but each week has it’s highs and lows because she is losing herself.

Remember, help me get my account out there for anybody in your circle that is interested in game development, including journalists who have recently lost their jobs and need to Learn to Code.

Thanks for making games great again!

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Welcome back to Make Gaming Great Again.

Last ‘semester’ was a bit of an idea, to see if I could start a game development channel on YouTube and BitChute and see if people thought it was valuable. While YouTube certainly has me in some kind of algorithm wilderness, BitChute has over 2000 views and gets more popular every single week I check its stats.

The most important lessons of the first semester is – don’t be afraid of coding, just learn the definitions and practice. Don’t be afraid of art, just use tutorials and get better, then start characters and caricatures from scratch to further your skills.

The whole 10,000 hour rule is all about learning, practicing what you learn, and then trying things and experimenting. If anything, this is the most important thing I think I could have taught anybody in the 24 videos for ‘Semester’ 1 – learn, practice, share and experiment.

This ‘semester’, we will be learning some more advanced things for sure, but it still comes down with learning, practicing, sharing and experimenting.

First, we will learn the principles of animation – 12 things you need to learn to bring your creations to life, be it 2d or 3d animation.

Second, we will learn Blender by creating the solar system. I also recommend you learn Blender Guru’s blender basics tutorial group, because I will teach much of the same stuff he is teaching, but you will be doing something different from what I am doing – he shows you how to make some donuts and a cup on a table, and I’m showing you how to create the Solar System, with the exact same lessons – something called lateral learning.

Third, I will be teaching you coding again through a new coding game that I just learned about. It has 11 levels, each with a more involved coding solution – perfect for practicing and gaining skills.

Thanks for the support and welcome to my ‘second’ semester, making games great again!

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This week in Making Games Great Again – Jan. 27th, 2019

Since last Friday/Saturday, I’ve had one really wild ride. The MAGA kid, working on the newest episodes for Make Gaming Great Again, the world on GamerGate Trolls. I’ve had a really busy week, my first week back from vacation. Well, I got what I wanted to get done – the first three Blender lessons recorded, and a bunch of other lessons all scripted out. I’m changing my format a bit – adding a Syllabus to each lesson – telling you what we are going to learn today. Some of them are simple, and others – like Blender, are going to be really complex.

Some of the Blender videos are going to be over an hour long, but you will gets lots of practice in making something amazing when we build the solar system together.

If you didn’t realize that we all live on a planet represented by that little orange dot, well now you do. Life is too short and the planet is too small to do anything but do our best to help each other.

Here’s a render of the planet – not perfect, because it just uses materials, and the moon needs to be behind the planet as well, not in front of it.

I’m putting all of these lessons together so people don’t have to spend 40k on an education to get into animation or get into game development. Every single time you share this post, or one of my posts, you are going to help someone who is thinking about game development save money by not going to college. I want kids, like the MAGA kids, to know about my work and produce video games, with conservative messages in them – fighting off socialism and the authoritarian left. That way, the hacks that use to work at Buzzfeed are responding to us, running for their safe spaces, instead of always responding to them.

We need to take back our culture, and culture is defined by the media is consumes. We need to create a more balanced media, in movies, TV shows, games, video games, books and anything that educates and entertains.

You can help me do that by reminding this post today on your social media account, commenting and up voting it. And the people who consistently help me, and sending me wires on Minds, I will make sure you get all kinds of perks – including streaming the game on Minds through the gathering P2P streaming feature that is in beta right now!

On my game front, I’ve almost got the main villain all drawn up. I’m not going to give away who the character is right now, that’s going to be the big twist in the game. Over the next couple of months, I will be working on character after character – drawing full character sheets and fleshing out the character information – but I expect I will be able to start working on 3d characters fairly soon – I should have all the Blender lessons recorded within the next couple of weeks, which means I will focus on GamerGate Trolls characters by following other blender tutorials that I will put up before the next semester.

I’m more than half way through with the world section – writing that is. After that, I am going to do some concept art on the areas. You’re going to just love how I am going to do the Corrupt News Websites area – you will definitely just burst out laughing!

I can definitely see a story brewing up in my mind – how the game will work, the visuals involved. It’s going to be hilarious.

Thanks for supporting my channel and making games great again!

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