This week in Make Gaming Great Again, Feb. 10th, 2019

I had both a good and bad week last week. While I want to focus my efforts on this channel on my projects of making GamerGate Trolls and creating video game tutorials and I hardly ever talk about my personal life, I feel a bit of a need to get this off my chest.

While the work part is going pretty well, I am hardly keeping it together personally. My mom has dementia. She sees people in TV as family members. She can’t do much of anything anymore, and in the past month has proved she can’t even take care of herself anymore. And the support workers who come to her home 3 times a week, IMO, aren’t even helping!

This week, in particular, has been completely shitty – a soup I made the last time I showed up, I show up every Thursday, wasn’t even put away – that’s how bad my mom’s condition is – soup on the stove for an entire week, and her helpers couldn’t even be bother to put in in the fridge or dump it for being on the stove for too long!

I’m the only one who helps mom, so it’s completely disheartening. I hope we can get her into a nursing home soon, because trying to manage what’s going on with her, while creating my video game and game development videos for all of you is getting way too overwhelming for me. But I will go on.

Despite all of that, I am still managing to create a very fruitful channel – almost 3000 views on BitChute right now. I can’t believe it. That keeps me going guys. It puts a smile on my face, because every single week I am doing better than the week before. I am so very thankful every single one of you are coming to my lessons and watching them.

This week, I will be starting my first blender lessons – about 15-20 minutes long, showing you how to maneuver around the scene, how to manipulate the objects and how to change the viewport settings – getting you ready to jump into creating with Blender.

Of course, I will continue to create a video on Virtual Coder, focusing on For Loop levels this video, and anticipation for the Principles of Animation. With some ideas I’ve been thinking of, it will improve the flow of my videos a heck of a lot, so expect them a bit faster, not that much faster, but a bit faster.

Thanks for your support to make gaming great again!

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